Aim of university education is not only to help graduates get better jobs! 

Some people believe the aim of university education is to help graduates get better jobs. Others believe there are much wider benefits of university education for both individuals and society.
Discuss both views and give your opinion.

We have two groups of people have different point of views, the first group believe the goal of university education is to support graduaters for having suitable jobs, and the second group believe that there are enormous of advantages when completing higher education either for matures or community. Therefore, I will discuss here the two perspectives in details as following;

First of all, the first group who find out that continuing up university education gives more opportunities for obtaining jobs which it relates to the field which they have studied at the universty. Recently, students are aware of selecting what to study in the university, as each student has different interest in such field. For example, some students go through labour market requirments, so that they study a field which it is possibly to be paid more wages in the market, which it has also constant vacancies to avoid unemployment features. However, they look for a workplace where they can achieve comfortness and relaxation environment. In addition, they like to work in an environment where open minded people work. As it could be counted as self advantage relates to the person himself or herself only.

And the second view, there are a group of people believe that finishing university eduation, it will be there a kind of mutual benefits for individuals and the society as well, because a country needs to have different professions in different fields. For example, it is important that the country should have doctor practioners whicg it is an essential part that it should be existed in it, when people got sick, they will have to visit the doctor to diagnose one’s case and prescribe for them the medicine to be cured from a certain type of disease. In addition, community requires teachers to teach other pupils. However, when graduaters focus only to study specific fileds, certainly it will cause lack of professions in the society. As a result, we can see some organisations have shortage of employees, they can not find people to work with them. It really happened in some countries with the ministry of education, they could not find teachers to hire them, because there no one apply for it due to the weakness of salaries.

I think, education does not involve individuals for achieving their goals only, but the society has to have a balance between all majors to fulfill needs of society for the best of the conutry.

In brief, it is very necessary to make a parallel in professions for the purpose of having a better society not only to look for self interest, because we are part of the community, we should take care of this point.

Words are stronger than sticks and stones to break bones! 

Hold you breath, and count to ten before saying anything to a certain person.

When you need to talk to someone, think of what are you going to say for them. Because words if go out of your mouth, it will not come back again, it could hurt them, if you say something wrong, even you don’t mean that, but people don’t understand that you said that spontaneously. So it will be there passive consequences over you, words could break bones more than sticks and stones! 

Finally, we are responsible of what we say, we have to be aware in selecting the word before uttering it.

School and parents have an integral role to train children about recycling of waste items

Almost everyone agrees that we should be training children to recycle waste to save the Earth’s natural resources. Some believe that it is parents who should teach their children to recycle waste. Others argue that school is the best place to teach do this. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

We have two different perspectives who should train immature for recycling waste . On the one hand, people believe that children need to be taught by parents how to save the enviroment in part of natural resources. On the scond hand, others argue that immature should learn it while attending school. Actually, both sides have vital role for increasing children’s awareness with regards to natural resources.

To beging, children grow up on things that they have learnt during childhood, either by their parents or at schools. As a consequence, we tend to believe that children should learn these basic things in life about how to save the enviroment from destruction by reducing waste items. Teaching them how to segregate materials according each concept. For example, parents who care about how to have a clean environment, they should have a different container to each category, such as; one trash pin for empty glass bottles, and one for plastic containers, and other for metal items. In this process, their awareness about recycling waste will be increased, they can also watch them if they throw in the right area. In case, they did not pin it in the right place, they would inform to take it out and throw it again into the proper container. In addition, parents should enlighten them about the benefit of recycling of waste, and passive consequences which it may lead to climate change in the future , if we would not be aware about waste, informing them that it could be resued again by companies to make it again, so that it can be used by human in the future, as it will help avoid global warming. Knowing, parents should encourage their children not buy unnecessary items to alleviate from wastage.

While school has an essential part in turning children to the right direction. As It should have courses included to its curriculum about the nature, and how to protect it from devestating. It can add clear pictures to the course about recycling of waste. Furthermore, it should increase awareness of children and teaching them about how unnecssary items could affect earth’s nature. However, education has power in affecting on children’s mind to have positive thoughts toward earth, and what kind of methods or strategies can be taken to avoid climate change in the future.

In brief, schools and parents should have perfect tactics to children guidance, and the benefits of recycling waste.

Government should give money to creative people who work in arts! 

Some people think that the government should give money to creative people, such as artists and musicians. To what extent do you agree?

There are a certain number of people believe that government should invest money to art, therefore, i disagree with this statement. I will come with details as following;

On the first hand, government should have make a balance between arts and other parts . As it should classify things as per the importance. For example, science is the most inportant field that conutry should take care about. Creating methods by using science field to helps us to improve the enviroment of the country. It was mentioned that there are scientists, they have come with inventing devices which it can support to clear air pollution which it results from fossil fuel. Unfortunately, their ideas have not been supported to invent it. However, government must have set an eye for them because they can be counted as creative people as well. So keeping a proportion of money to be invested for them is a good idea. So it has to work to adopt their inventions for the future for getting better situation and enviroment. In addition, if it did not work on them to take them as advantage, undoudtedly, their thoughts and ideas would be burried forever. As a consequence, there will be a reason for leaving the origin country. As a result, the country will lose them as well. However, government should make a balance, not by giving attention only on art and ignoring other important sides.

On the second hand, arts are also an essential area, so making another proportion of money investment to this domain, it would motivate artists and musicians to do something for the country, As they can be counted as talents people. In addition, arts play an integral role  in reflecting the image of the country. Therefore, it reflects about traditions of the country and its civilisation.

In brief, making a balance between both sides will assist the country from losing them in future. As a result, they might be a useful asset. Notably, it should not take care of one part, and neglect anothor part.

Aid to poorer countries 

It is a moral duty of developed countries to provide aid to poorer countries. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of aiding poorer countries?

Aid is a pure moral task of developed contries to provide it to poorer conutries. Therefore, i will argue here pros and cons of aiding poorer conutries as following;

On the first hand, aid is a positive thing that it could be provided to help weak countries, which they have a short of medical staff, and modernized equipment to supply them. For example, one of the most famous organisation which it works in aiding, it is red crescent organisation which it has a lot of members around the world. It works to save people health either from nature disasters such as; earthquake, and floods, or wars. In addition, the source of this idea is western, and the greatest thing that it has covered non western countries as well, it was marked by red crescent symbol to protect them during wars. Notably, this symbol is sticked behind medics team’s jackets, or in ambulances, so that they can be recognised easily. Furthermore, this organisation has offered full assistance to give treatment to serious injuries, and recollcate them to safer places in the country. It has also provided free ambulances to serve poorer countries. As well as it has employed a professional team to provide the help perfectly. Knowing, medics team should be neautral regardless, race, religion, language, and sex.

On the contrary, medics are exposed to dangerous situation, and it is poosible to be killed during catastrophe. As a result, it will be there a kind of loss for the number of medics during disasters.

In brief, aid is the best method to help poorer countries to survive from death. However, aid does not stand only on medics, but it could be food, and medicines supplying.

Getting married before finishing school or getting a job will be a bad choice!!!

It is argued that getting married before finishing school or getting a job is not a good choice. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is discussed that getting married before ending school education or having a job is not a good choice. Therefore, I will discuss in details why it is not a good option to get married before before being ready to marriage as following;

First of all, there is a great link between education and obtaining a job. It is necessary to youngers to finish their education before going a step ahead. Nowadays, a certain jobs of  labour market requires education certificate as proof for getting employed, however, youngers with no certificate will encounter some difficulties in finding the job, hence it will be limited chances open for them. In addition, finishing study will support them to be adapted according to life condition, as they may learn through it the meaning of true life. So no need to be in hurry to marry, as a consequence, they might be a lot of liablites over your shoulders.

Furthetmore, you can not marry, if you are not fully adapted to further situations. A successful marriage requires a little time to plans after your graduation, and getting a good job in the labour market, which it may help to cover your expenditures after marriage. To illustrate, there are a lot of reports show in middle East that people who have not finished their education become jobless, although they got married, they found a different of complicated issues and obstacles which it led to divorce consequently.

On the contrary, people who completed their education, they found their future open for them. As a result, they have gotten a successful relationship, as they arrange everything in advance.

In brief, getting married before finishing studying will affect on you negatively in the coming days. Therefore, it will no be a good idea to marry before finishing your study and getting a job. As you have to be completely adapted for next situations.

Ideal supervisor 

What are some important qualities of a good supervisor?

There are several points that it should be in the positive supervisor.

To begin, supervisor are not only involved in getting salary specifically. But they must be wise and intelligent enough to manage their teams, ideal superviors should be. Fisrtly, they should be creative in creating strategies to be followed in the companies. Secondly, they must be initiative, as they should not wait until they will be ordered what to do, so they have to finish their work perfectly before leaving the workplace. Thirdly, they should also be self motivated toward the job, as they could be an example for the other employees who they work with. They have to avoid a kind of routine while doing their job. Or else, it’s invetable, they will get bored from the job easily. Fouthly, ambitious supervisor work hardly to track good positions in the company, for this reason, other individuals will strive to reach higher position, once they see their supervisor were promoted in the company. Fifthly, they should have the ability to solve problems and creating other solution alternatively. Sixthly, another point could be added to supervisor qualities which it is attention to details aspect, as it may help them develop the system of the company that they work in. Lastly, fairness between all the staff that they work with. To be more specific, they must neutral away from gender, race, religion, and nationality.

In brief, supervisors must wise and smart in dealing with their colleagues. In addition, Positive supervisors would support the development of the company itself, and the other employees themselves. Notably, the successful supervisor has respect by his staff due to mutual cooperation between each other. As they work hand in hand as family, as a result, it has built a kind of trust between each individual.

Punishment is not necceasry for children to learn the difference between right and wrong! 

It is important for children to learn the difference between right and wrong at an early age. Punishment is necessary to help them learn this distinction.To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

What sort of punishment should parents and teachers be allowed to use to teach good behavior to children?

It is neccassary for immatures to recognize what is wrong and what is right at beginning of their life. Punishment is important to assist children learning this distinction. Therefore, i disgaree with this statement that children needs to be punished at early ages, so I will explain in details as following;

To begin, immatures need some support from their parents to guide them into the right direction. Parents’ guidance would reinforce them to turn mistakes down. Hence, punishment will not that efficient solution to recorrect children’s faults. We can say that parents should increase immature’s awareness by controlling  them, and enlighting constantly. When parents start seeing bad action comes from them, they must immediately inform them that it is wrong and directing them into the right direction. Whereas, Setting an eye on children negative behaviours frequently, it would help to take it off from children minds. For example, we usually  encounter that children start to learn “lies” from school mates, as a result, we believe that children are being affected by the environment. It is undeniable that environment plays an essential role to change their behaviours from positive into negative, so here parents should begin to watch their children about whom have been with outside. As a consequence, they must advise them to be away from those negative friends. 

Furthermore, physical punishment to children will not help at all, because you hurt them, unfortunately, they will lie over again to you escaping from punishment which you use against them. Notably, teachers and parents should function a good method to alter passive attitude to positive one by following some tactics. On the first hand, teachers should ward good behaviours by giving rewards, if children change their passive behaviours like increasing 10 marks annually added at the end of the semester, or giving them nice pens for the good things that they have done, as result of that, they start to feel grateful. On the second, parents could provide rewards to their children as well, if they notice good behaviours come from them.  So rewards could be like taking them to Zoos to watch real animals, or other leisure place. Or buying for them a kind of video game, or computers which they can use it for studying and playing games alike, or giving some for buying whatever they like. So they will act positively, so they will have the proudness for that. 

In brief, physical punishment could not reinforce passive behaviours, but it will make them lie over again to escape from punishment. As result, it will be developed into worse. 

Wealthy nations should share their wealth to poorer countries 

Should wealthy nations be required to share their wealth among poorer nations by providing such things as food and education. Or is it the responsibility of the governments of the poorer nations to look after their citizens themselves?! 

Rich countries should provide assistance to poorer nations by supplying things like food and education. Or governments should be responsible about its habitants. 

Actually both sides have intergral role in developing poorer conutries. So wealthy nations should cooperate with poorer countries in putting some solutions and rescources to prevent things which it may lead to poverty. For example, richer countries instead of providing them basic needs all the time, which it will be consumed and run out later due to over consumption by human themselves, they can think about alternative resources which it may help them to improve their countries. For example, building companies in the country would be an advantage to support poorer country to eliminate from austerity which they encounter it constantly. In addition, wealthy countries may invest their money to bulid schools and universities, so people can work in it and get monthly pay salary, which it may survive them from the pain of poverty. As a result, both parties can obtain mutual benifits. 

However, developved nations have high technology equipment and devices, which it can be shipped to undeveloped countries, so that they can rely on buidling their conuntry and working in improving it. For example, for education, they can supply them different kind of computers. Also, labs’s materials can be provided for them. In addition, they may send construction’s equipment, so that they can build companies and schools for education purpose. As a consequence, teachers will be employed and other professional may find a job to work in a company which it might suit their qualifications to bring money. 

In other way, undeveloped nations will be more productive, as they will have mutiple opportunities such as; exporting local brands to developed countries and getting money as an alternative. 

In brief, wealthy nations should give a hand to poorer conutries in cooperation with the government to eradicate poverty. In addition, strategies and plans can be set precisely to avoid poverty in a country. 

Man-made Zoos should not be exist in the 21st century 

Some people think that man-made Zoos should not exist in the 21st century. Do you agree or disagree?

There are enormous number of people think that Zoos shoule be removed in 21st century. I disagree with this statement. I will explain in details as following why it shoud be there these kind of Zoos.

First of all, Zoos are the best plac that people go there. In addition, it’s the place where people may go to refresh their mind and relieve soul. Furthermore, there are a lot of animal lovers like watching a real one to recognize it. Nowaday, we believe that families could take their children to Zoos for having fun while watching it in the real face, so that children could get known with species of animal.

However, we tend to believe that there are numeric channels in the modern age, it could be watched by TV, as it shows how animals live and cope in the ecosystem naturally. For example, there is national geogrphic channel, it represents all kind of animals about how they live all over the world. Although media covers these things, but it still a little bit different from watching in the real world. Also, it can be scanned view internet channels such as; UTube web, it has multi channels which it shows different types of animals. However, it will be more interested if it is being watched in the real face. Notably, we believe that there are some countries do not have real animals in their country, for this reason, it has been built Zoos for them, as it will be as a means for leisure time, where people can spend their free time in it. In addition, there will be advantages of being these Zoos available, therefore, people could take them out of isolation to public places to relax from the pressure of life, even they will have chance to know other new people and making a goid relationship. 

In brief, although technologies have covered species of animals to be watched online or TV, but it still different from watching it on the real face. In addition, viewing it via this technology will be boring on daily basis. 

Professional management 

Some people think that the only way to have success in business is to have a unique product.What factors, do you think, influence the success of a company?
There are a group of people believe that success of a certain company involved of having a unique products. However. I do not think that success comes to this point.

To begin, there are mutiple points could be built over successful company. Firstly, the structure of the company is very important to be organized well. To clarify more, each staff should have a strong communications between each other. Secondly, having an excellent team would help the company for growth. Furthermore, experience individuals who have good experience in such areas would increase the profit of the company and its success. As they have a strong relations with other customers outside to market their products. Lastly, if one company look for success, they should treat their teams professionally as a family, because they are integral part in the company, they are the backbone of the company. So success does not involve on monopolising one product to one company. If so, failure will happen apparently. 

There are lots of compnies focus only on monoplising products to achieve success. Unfortunately, they fail at the end. They rise the cost of products, as a result, people stopped buying it. On other words, it has failed and led to loss. Even they shut down due to the loss which it has happened for them. It is invevitable that companies with no plans, as they look for obtaining success only, they will lose their customers in the market. They should be aware about all the other parts, which it might consolidate success in the distributing their products. So professional management knowledge about strategies could assist for success. 

In brief, companies should not concentrate on having exclusive products, in turn to achieve its advantages, whereas, there are other sides need to be taken into considertion. 

Attention !Each moment could be new life

Do not be sad or depressed, if you are alone, remember, that you are not only one alone in the world, there are a lot. If you get sick in a certain disease which it is so tough, and it is not easy to be cured. Remember that you are not the only one who has this in the world. 

Be happy as much as you can, being sad all the time will not change anything in life, life will go on. Our life will not stop in the death of someone close. So put on mind” each moment could be new life” pause…. And take a deep breath and start a new life. 

Everyday, we say goodbyes, and everyday, we say welcomes. Do not be panic. it’s human’s nature. We will always ecounter these types. So with short span of time, it will become normal to you, until you will be addicted in it. You will realize that gradually. 

Many people spend their money on personal staff , so we have to be wise when spending it

Many people spend a lot of money on clothes, haircuts, and beauty products to enhance their appearance. Some people think that it is a good way to spend money, while others think that there is a better way to spend it. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Recently, there are enormous number of people have large expenditures on fashionable things, so they buy a lot of personal stuff such, skin care, hair care, and body care items. Hence, they believe that this is the only way to take of their appearnance. In contrast, other people believe that there is a better way to spend their money on. Therefore, i will explain in details the two sides as following;

On the first hand,  those people who believe that spending money on personal items, they see that it is the best way to spend their money on. In my opinion, it is not bad that much bad if you care about your appearance to keep looking good. I beileve that it is very important to have such a brilliant personality, but you need to make sure to be in the average level, so buying lots of personal items which you do not need to use, it will be useless, as a consequence, it will be a kind of wasting money. Notably, sometimes, we find body care products, it affects on our skins which it may cause an allergy disease. So when buy it, we do not pay attention to side effects, which it will happen to us. Undoubtedly, overusing these staff will affect on our heath, so it will not only be the matter of spending money, but it will go beyond that, as it may destroy our skin. For example, Hair care products, like Gel, there are a lot  of people have been affected while using this material, which it contains on chemical ingredients, it may help to increase the infection of head’s fur, as it may consolidate to hear fallen, whereas there are thousands of people who got bold due to using these chemical hair care products. 

On the second, there are a lot of people who are wise in spending their money, they save money as much as they can for the future, they see buying leisure items for personsl care use is rediculous. To be more specific, they have priorities for spending, so they know where they spend their money and what to buy. For example, there is a lot people would like to spend money on useful things, so they preserve money to be spent on education, and other households staff, or any other important things. 

In brief, being wise in spending money is the best method to follow in your life. In addition, we have to have a full control of our money, or else, it will be counted as waste, so we have to organize everything according to its priorities. 

Reducing traffic depend on reducing the need for people to travel from home to work, shopping, and education 

     The only way to reduce the amount of traffic in cities today is by reducing the need for people to travel from home for work,education or shopping.To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    The only solution to decrease from traffic in cities is by decreading the use of cars for human to travel from one place to another, either for education, shopping or work. I completely disagree with this statement, so I will mention in details as following;

    To begin, public transportation or private cars are the most important means to relocate people to the required direction, as we can not reduce traffic effects by restricting people from using their cars to move wherever they want. In this way, it does not make sense. So government should take a radical action to avoid heavy traffic. For example, building more highway, and tunnel would stimulate to solve this phenomenon, So that people can shift to their directions comfortably. To illustrate, Dubai is a principal example, there are a lot of people come from all over the world to live and work in Dubai, as a result, cars have been used hugely by individuals, so it has worked on updating its route constantly to avoid congested roads. It has also a driverless train built over the ground, people use it, it can take humans to their work quickly, whereas each train comes every Five minutes on each station, in that light, individuals prefer to use this method instead of using their own cars to reach their requested place on time. 

    As a consequence, the less congested roads will be rised positively, so everything was arranged in plans to have more comfortable streets. In this  case, they will have roads free from obstacles. 

    In brief, reducing the amount of traffic does not depend on reducing the need of people. So it should be there solutions, it can be taken into consideration to avoid traffic such as; constructing new tunnels, building new highways, and expanding the existed streets by making it bigger. 

One simple mistake 

One simple mistake you may make it , people will forget all good, you have done for them. Sometimes, a simple mistake can not be erased, but it needs a special paint to remove it. How hard if we could not find that special paint, whereas this paint is not available everywhere , and the hardest thing that you do not know from where you can buy it. 

It is like, people do not give a chance to recorrect this mistake. 

I believe that mistake is the only way that I can move forward for growth. My motto is ” in every mistake, there is a potential for growth” 

Mistake is not end of life, what it’s done, it’s done. 

Children are being exploited for beggary.!

Children are being exploited all over the world, for beggary, found in harmful factories and in unhealthy situations.

Recently, immatures are being used for different advantages by their parents either for beggary or working in companies as they were found in a miserable conditions. So I will explain in details how children are being exploited by parents.

To begin, there are a lot of children were found working in illegal age in companies, as they were forced to work in difficult jobs for the purpose of gaining money to their parents. Unfortunately, most of the children who were found in these cases, their fathers addicted on drinking alcohol, cocaine, and other type of drugs. So immatures are being treated brutally in different situation. To illustrate, in Egypt was found enormous number of children working in illegal age, as they were deprived from going to school by their fathers to bring money for them in the purpose of buying alcohol items. Furthermore, the ministry of labour has registered hundreds of children work in mechanic workshop for fixing cars, as they carry heavy equipment which it will affect on their bones in the future. So children who are being caught reported that “they live in harsh situations in their home”, they are unable to continue their life normally like the other kids, as they have a dream to go back to continue their education at schools. In addition children who were oppressed by their fathers, they found that they suffer from critical health conditions. 

However, father’s children who were found in these situations are practising passive habits, as they were not aware of anything, their concentration that children must only bring money for them. They do not care of their children health. Sadly, individuals were reported that they sleep in the street. “Whereas their cover is the sky and their mat is the ground”. How sad is that. Life becomes brutal where there is no a kind of pity and mercy. 

In brief, community should be aware about the consequences of this phenomenon, in addition, it could be decreased by putting a strict rules which it comes from government. 


Nowadays many people are diagnosed with anorexia. What are the causes of this? What can be done to improve the situation?

Nowadays, there are enormous number of people are exposed to anorexia. Here I will explain in details what are the causes and providing some suggestions to reduce from it as following,
So there are number of people are diagnosed with anorexia disease. Reasons could result from aspects. Firstly, cigarette’s smokers suffer from this effect. When they smoke more, their inclination to food become less, as a result, they will become slimmer due to having cigarettes, so it could be a reason increase from the percentage of acidity in the stomach, which it will lead to anorexia. Secondly, having caffeine drinks on empty stomach will affect unfoubtedly. Lastly, eating oily foods will also present another problem to stomach as well. For example, there is doctor specialised in internal medicine said that ” most of people who are diagnosed with anorexia effect, they smoke too much, in consequence, it will lead to block their inclination to food due to acidity increased in the stomach.”
Furthermore, this phenomenon is not a permanent issue, as it could be treated by taking some medicine, as it can be prescribed by doctors to patients and following a few structures to eradicate it easily. So patients should pursue the given prescription which it was given by the concerned doctor, in this case, patients will be able to reduce from anorexia. Another solution could be suggested, eating vegetables and fruits could decrease from anorexia, it can turn the stomach to work into normal condition.
In brief, individuals who suffer from anorexia must control themselves by avoiding bad habits. Anorexia is very dangerous phenomenon, as it will be a reason for losing weight, in turn i will weaken the system immune in the human’s body. Consequently, numeric diseases may encounter them. 

Balance between education, health, sports and theaters.

Some people say that the government should not put money on building theatres and sports stadiums. They should spend more money on medical care and education. Do you agree or disagree?

There are a group of people say that government should not invest all the money on creating theaters and sports stadiums, as they should invest more money health divisions and teaching areas. I totally disagree that a large amount of money needs to be invested in health care department, and education only, so I would mention here the details why?

For the mentioned above, government should make a kind of Balance between the two sections. For example in Qatar, government authorities have provided a specific money for each sector, they strive to make it equal, whereas, a huge amount of money was invested in building stadiums. It means, they care about sports part, as it plays an integral part in the country, as it’s population have some hobbies such as; football, basketball, and other kind of sports. In addition, it has equipped by the highest technology devices like cameras,big screens and clean grounds, it was adapted for players professionally. Notably, people have the right to make it available for them. With regards to theaters are built massively in several locations in the country, whereas there are some people have talents to be actors and performing it on the stage, as it has a principal role in reflecting the tradition of the country, therefore,  this part should not be negelcted. To be more specific, there are a number of people are obsessed in watching movies. 

On the second hand, education and health divisions  are essential parts, it has highly developed and expanded in each district of the country to reach people’s satisfaction according to individuals’ demands particularly.

To conclude, government should make a balance between all sides which I have mentioned it above. As it should be developed and studied well. 

A number of people who earn extremely high salary

In many countries, a small number of people earn extremely high salaries. Some people believe that this is good for the country, but others think that governments should not allow salaries above a certain level.Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Nowadays, there are a numeric number of conutries offer high salaries to individuals, whereas there are a number of people this way is beneficial for the country, while others think that governoment should restrict high salaries to go under a specific level, it needn’t to go over that limit.

On the one hand, there are a number of companies provide an excellent salary package to its employees. Hence, this is not bad to give a larg amount of money to staff. For example, i was told by one of my friends that there was a company in KSA has replaced one employee who worked in the top managment, as his salary was in average level no that much, so the company decided to replace him by someone else who has more experience than him, furtheremore, it had offered him a good package to work in its company. So this man had graduated from Western university in marketing field, he has worked hardly to increased company’s profits. In addition, he had provided a good strategies to market their products out of the region, intead of being their items to be distributed in local districts only. For this reason, the company gave him that good salary due to the improvements which he brought to it. On other words, he deserved this sakary, isn’t it?! 

On the other hand, the idea of salary should be limited, it is not fair. Whereas, there are a lot of people deserve to get salary in a large scale, some people work a hard work, at the end, they should be rewarded for the achievement which they have done it for the adavantage of one’s company. Other benefits that they may bring to their companies. In addition, other difficult professions need a good a salary to be paid for them, as a result, it will encourage them to do harder and solving complicated issues and putting a good plans to sort out a different problems at work. 

In brief, putting a rule to specify the salary level is not successful one, as it will affect the employees who have a proffesional experience in different fields. 

Fast food and health problems 

In some countries an increasing number of people are suffering from health problems as a result of eating too much fast food. It is therefore necessary for governments to impose a higher tax on this kind of food. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?
There are some countries are being addicted from eating fast meals, which it causes health problems to human. So government should take an immediate to reduce from this passive habit, by increasing taxes on fast food companies. Therefore, I agree with this point, and I will explain in details as following;

Nowadays, fast food restaurants has dominant impact around the world, hence people stop cooking due to spending many hours at work, as they do not have time to cook at home, so they prefer to eat ready meals from restaurants. Notably, they extremely know about the consequences which it may happen to them. For example, pizza hut company introduces a different kind of ready meals which it contains on high cholaries, which it will lead to obesity, and increasing from the proportion of cholestrol in blood. As we found a recent studies from health community in UK that there are enormous number of people have been addicted on eating this unhealthy food, as it showed those kind of people had a digestive problems in their stomach, therefore, the percentage of acid was increased for them. 

So, government has vitale role by increasing levies on fast food companies to reduce from this effectiveness. I tend to believe that decision is right to be taken against them to secure human’s health from being destroyed. 

In brief, fast food should think by including a healthy food added to their menu, as result of avoiding loss of profits and it’s customers alike. However, it should not have looked to their advantages only, as they have to work to reach customer’s satisfaction, in this case, each customer will be satisfied with their service, and what kind of food they present to customers. 

Pressure of life 

Sometimes, you meet people for the first time , and you got strange feelings for being comfortable when you talk to them. They share what they have deep inside of themselves. As they share you , and you share them! Thus, You can feel what kind of pain they hide, but they do not really want to tell you about it. At the end, you can read their eyes how much they suffer from the pressure of life. And here your role become to support and listen to them openly so that you may reduce from their depression and sadness as well. So when you get the same feeling, they will be standing right there to support you to take it away. 

Spontaneous mistake 

Do not always create excuses to yourself, whereas a successful man who learned from mistakes of others. Why you need to wait until you fell in a deep hole, and you will not find anyone can give a hand to help you out of it. So before you go to to make a mistake, THINK in advance about the cosequences that it may come over your head. Unfortunately, there are some people recognize their mistake late, so they fall in a lot of problems. However, you have to know that there are two kind of mistakes, on the one hand, people who commit a fault spontaneously. And on the second, people who commit mistakes deliberately. For the first part , they are possible to learn from their faults, and they will try to avoid it in the future. While the other part could be counted ignorance, they do not know where is the right direction. As a result, they will fall in a lot of troubles, which it may lead to destruction of one’s life.

Consistency Vs Inconsistency

Some people prefer to spend their lives doing the same things and avoiding change. Others, however, think that change is always a good thing. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

There are some people who spend their entire life on doing monotony jobs, as they like to be stable without looking for change. While, others believe that change is the best way to go over better stages in life. So, i will explain in details the two perspecives by provding some examples to clarify the points as following; 

On the one hand, people who believe change is a good thing to do to jump to another step a head. It is true. Hence,  inconsistency in a ceratin condition with advance management , it would help you to improve your life better either in your practical life or professional life. In addition, we can see in our naked eyes, that people who strive to change, they are really successful in managing their life professionally. For example, there is one guy his name was Feras, his profssion was a English teacher at one school in Jordan, he decided to change his life way by following his dream goals, and his wish was to become professor in such a university. As a result of this, he registered in the university of Jordan to continue his studies in master desgree, after finishing this level, he got promotion in his current position by offering him to be as pedagogical supervisor in the ministry. After that he registered again in the universty to continue his education in Phd degree with linguistics field. So after he had achieved high ranks between his colleagues, he got employed by the university itself, therefore, he left the ministry of education in the purpose to be as professor reaching his goal dream. As he told me that” it was step like turning point in his whole life”. Whereas, there are other a lot of successful stories relates to other individuals in the real world. In that light, i tend to believe that changing is something useful in case if you have a certain goal in your mind. 

On the second hand, doing a routine job, it will not change anything, you are going to be at same level ” frozen” in the same position. So Individuals who follow consistency, they mostly suffer from getting higher positions in their professional life. Therefore, they do not have a look for the future, in this case, they will be exposed to failure. Through my experience, for example, sales executive matures, they keep stuck at the same position for a long time. So they do not search for a methods to support their background in sales. Whereas, there are many courses could be taken to achieve higher positions. Nowadays, there are sort of cousrses could be given by different institutions in the country to salesmen to develop their skills in sales, in case to get promoted in their current job, either in salary or position. 

To sum up, we believe that change is a good way for better life, if it was well managed by people in advance. However, changing could affect  others if it was not studied well. So, it will be like sailor who has set ship to sail in the sea without goal. As a result, it will lead to unwanted goals. 

Teacher’s Character 

Unfortunately, Most of the teachers follow one system in teaching methodologies which we call it “mimics” as a consequence, teachers complain why students do not interact in the class effectively. So if you go beyond this question, you will find a multiple answers. Firstly, you have to look for better techniques in teaching time, specifically, in these materials; science, English, history, math, and computer science. Scondly, make a qiuet atmosphere in the class, not by making a brutal character among pupils, as result, they will get scared of you, notably, there are a number of teachers try to create powerful attitude in the class to achieve respect, in way that they try to make them fear from their teachers. Thirdly, show your kindness to your students in turn to botain respect, because not all students may get scared of you if use a brutal character in the class , they will make you suffer more undoubtedly. Lastly, try to explain each lesson precisely by making it simple and easy to understand, be initiative, and creative, in that light, children will listen to each single word, you utter in the class, as a result, they will interact with you positively, if they comprehend the lesson. Whereas, there are some signs, for example, students will create such a mess within the class in case if they did not understand what you are saying. so that they may disturb and interrupt you while you are giving them lesson explanation. In addition, advance preparation of your materials at home, it will help to control pupils, so that they can act smoothly in your class. If you do not follow the structures which i have mention above. If you do not follow a modern way in teaching , so no need to ask yourself, why students do not interact in your class. Keep in mind that ” I do not force you to use these techniques, but it really  helps you, if you take it into consideration”. 

Think positive 

You do not need to negelect others by any other means, they might be better than you in other things. Be positive, whereas there is no place for negative people between positive people. Stinky behavours have hardly been liked by human. It is not me who says this, but it is human’s nature requires that. If you look at yourself that you do no commit mistakes, and you are superior than them, you will be totally wrong. So it’s time that you have to turn things into the right direction. Or else, you are going to lose who are around you. ” if you think positive. So this way, it will help you relieve mind and soul” 

Beware! Internal promotions to current employees. 

Some people think that only staff who worked in a company for a long time should be promoted to higher positions. Do you agree or disagree? Give your opinion and examples.

There are enormous number of people think that employees who serve for a long period in such company, they should solely get the promotion to higher positions. So i agree with statement. And here, i will discuss in details as following; 

First of all, it is necessary to companies to promote people into higher positions within their current employee. Hence, there will be a kind of motivation among employees inside company, so employers will show a value of their workers who work in the company. Individuals who deserve peromotion, in particular, thise who are hard workers, honest, and loyal to the organisation which they are serving in it. 

Furthermore, internal promotion to its employees themselves will reinforce them to work harder, as they will show their intergrity to the organisation which they work in it. So comapnies who follow internal promotion policy, they are more successful in in making their staff more productive, compared to other companies which they hire new people with higher positions from outside the company, to illustrate more, there is a study, it came out from employees’s rights protection community in France, it showed that companies who follow external promotion by hiring new workers with higher positions. As a result, it affected on existing staff, who serve for a long time in the compnay, as they became less productive. However, neglecting their current employees will encourage them to leave one’s comany as soon as possible to search for better companies. 

In addition, in case, if their existed staff stay in a company who have external promotion, they will show their passion against their company, as well as they may be disloyal. 

In brief, following internal promotion would help in sloving a number of problems, which organisations may encounter it in the future for the characteristics which i have mentioned it earlier. Notably, this technique will help companies from losing their employees, whereas    New staff need to be trained as well, even they have a good expereience in such field, while current employees know much better than new hired staff. 

Anxiety in modern societies 

Stress is now a major problem in many countries around the world.What are some of the factors in modern society that cause this stress, and how can we reduce it?

Anxiety is currently a principal problem in many countries. Therefore, there are some of the aspects in the modern society which it led to create this phenomenon around the world. So i would present here the causes as well as following other methods to decrease it. 

To beging, Stress is a complicated issue around the world, it can not be diminished easily. Whereas, each part of the world would be stress, it is due to the pressure of life demands. Hence, There are a number of people are getting invovled by stress. For example, human could get stress from the enviroment, and the way that they live. One of the examples is pollution, there are a certain of individuals can not have the ability to resist polluted air which it might be produced either by cars or companies. For this reason, anxiety will be developed between people. In addition, there would be the source of noisy’s accompanied by cars, as a result, it could lead to sleeplesness in the late hours of night. 

In reference to the point above, there are also another effect for creating worries such as; congested roads during the rush hour in the morning, which it happened in Australia, China, Japan, and Dubai. Those people could count congestion is like a phobia which it will increase from the amount of stress undoubtedly. So they stuck in traffic for many hours in the day, as they reach their workplcae late, therefore, it may result a kind of struggles between employees and boss. 

However, it might be reduced by recolating stressed people to live in villages, it can be a good choice for tranquility seekers. In turn, to find a solution to reduce stress and worries, which they encounter on daily basis. 

In brief, anxiety in modern societies can not be eliminated easily, as it is a complicated issue, it helped building a psychological conditions in human’s nature. Other technologies’ facilities are being expanded. Otherwise, it will be faced constantly. 

Violent games 

Children today play very violent games. This must be the reason for the increase in violence and crime in most major cities of the world.

What are your opinions on this?

Nowadays, there are a growing number of immature have been influenced by playing harsh games which it may lead to crimes finally. Notably, it can happen in most cities of the world. 

To beging, there are a growing number of immature have been addicted by playing games which it is related crimes and violence either on computer or other means like playstations, and nintendo. So tough and rough games, it might move children from imagination to perform it in the real world. It is undeniable, that it will affect on children’s behaviours in the future. In that light, they will possibly bulid wrong concepts in their mind. 

On the one hand, there are a lot of harsh games can be played online which they can access to  connect with other people to play around the world. For example Trigger Down, and Devil’s Ride and so on. When individuals play these kind of games, it will be a reason to affect on children mentally undoubtedly. Hence, they will start to apply that on the real phase. Wheras, there are a number of children have commited when they grew up. To be more specific, for example, in Australia, there is one child his name is philip , who took his father’s gun secretly, and wrapped it in his school bag. And at school time, he commited a crime by killing his classmate at school. 

On the other hand, individuals are being influenced when they play these games. As it is easy to gamers to be affeced psychologically. Furthermore, there is a medical report posted in psychology care community journal in Sweden shows that they received multiple of complicated conditions in immatures’ mind, as it was really hard to turn them into the right way. However, they succeed in solving many cases professionally. 

To sum up, it is inevitabe to say that growing crime scenes among children were connected with these games. Noting, bloody games’ sketches will affect on gamers. For this reason, child’s emotion may be destroyed while watching it. Furtheremore, parent’s surveillance play an integral role in guiding their children what to play, in turn to decrease from this phenomenon. Therefore, limited access to tough computer’s games or internet will eradicate from this issue. 

Plastic Face 

Unfortunately, we always suffer from those people who have double face. As they act in front of you something, and at your back something else. So They stab you behind, they pretend that they are honest to you.  but they are fake.. actually, they need to use you as an advantage, finally, once they are done from you, they will take it and throw away. So they follow one concept ” I wanna use you only for one’s best”

First impression is the last impression

First impressions are important. Some people think that doing well in interviews is the key to securing the position.

To what extent do you agree?

There is a catch word ” first impression is the last impression “it is known mostly by all people in the world. We believe that the interviewees are being asked a number of questions by the interviewer with regards to certain job in specific field. Upon that, I agree that the most important thing in the business’s interviews is the first impression which you left after an interview. As if you acted well in it, they will hire you undoubtedly. As it is very important to know that interviewers have multiple choices in choosing the right person, there are an enormous number of people applied for the vacant position before you. I am coming to explain here in details why it is important the impression as following. 

To begin, there are many well established companies post vacancies for different positions in recruitment websites, and recruitment agencies as well. As a result, they will receive a huge number of applicants who apply for advertised vacancies. Furthemore, you have to put in mind that it is not only one who apply for jobs. However, you have to prepare well before you attend the interview, in case of you were being shortlisted for the first interview. As you have to go through comany’s profile via internet, and collecting some information from its website, so that you can perform well in the interview. In addition, you must wear a proper formal suit, because of the first impression is important.
Furthermore, if you have prepared well for the interview, the more chances would have come to you. For example, There is a prime example for explanation, one of my friend who work currently, as HR head department said to me. ” hiring is the most difficult job to do, because you need to hire the right person, it takes days to process, if you hired the right person, they can be a useful asset in the company”. He said that ” he has encountered numeric of applicants who have applied to a certain position with low experience, adding that had also interviewed people with strong experience, but their appearnce does not fit for the vacancy, as they look mess and disorganised.” Notably, self confidence in interview attendance is essential, such as; shake hands before you set, smile, and setting in a good way, in way that you make your backbone in straigt shape, as these thing consolidate the hiring process, it can help to success in the interview ultimately.
To sum up, advance knowledge about company’s profileand wearing a proper dress are keys to hunt the job. Whereas, the more your performance was good, the more opportunities will come over you. 

Boost your CV 

To begin, we just say, once we need to continue high degrees of academic fields like studying “master or Phd degrees” to boost our CV. But we conclude that after, we finish the academic graduation. I am coming to find that getting a job becomes impossible. Furthermore, graduaters search for job posts to claim a job, but unfortunately, they could not find a job related to their field, so it is extremely disheartening. 

Consequently, they across from city to city, and country to country, but they do not have opportunities to work in their domain. Notably , number of graduters are worries of not having a job after graduation. 

However, they will be obligated to work with another fields. For example, they go through sales, retails business, and working in hospitality  places as a house keeping, or stewart for washing households stuff. Ultimately, they jump from academic fields to another profession fields. We believe that working in any different position is not a shame. But the shame is, while you are setting at home, and you request a job. Hence, job will not come to you on a golden plate and knock your door, which it does not make sense. 

It is not bad, if you start with a low level salary in different field rather than your origin field. Make sure, more chances are coming to you at the right and at the place as well.

In brief, all you need, it is just to have a patience. So no need to become despair for nothing and making things into worse from nothing. Believe me, everything will come on the right time. Do your best only, positive results will be fruitful. When you feel, it is ready, you will harvest it. Just believe on yourself. And “DO YOUR BEST”


The threat of nuclear weapons maintains the world peace. Nuclear power provides cheap and clean energy. The benefits of nuclear technology far out-weight the disadvantages.

Nuclear is modern science in the development countries. So we believe that nuclear can be used as alternative clean source instead of fossil fuel which it is used by human around constantly. In contrast, other countries can use it in creating advanced weapons, which it leads to threaten other countries by destroying human-kind and plants while using it. In the following essay, i will discuss that nuclear outweigh positive sides than its negatives.

First of all, it can be used as alternative resources which human can depend on it instead of wasting and burning fossil fuel and coal. As a consequence, fossil fuels will increase air pollution as well as global warming will be developed gradually. When human go through nuclear energy by using it to function cars, which it can work on electricity will help to diminish from polluted air and global warming as well. Hence, nuclear energy is much better to enviromen than consuming non renewable resources. It is interesting to note, this renewable energies are cheaper. To illustrate more, there is a study in USA authorities show that they are working currently on dereasing taxes on renewable resources, so people can convert to this energy than non renewable powers. 

On the contrary, nuclear is one of the methods can put the world on risks. If there is sny single mistake, it may happen in functioning it. It may destroy the lands. For example, Hiroshima and nagasaki had affected plants and humankind. So far, it is still being a reason in poisoning human genetics and plants at the sane time due to radiation which it comes out from the effected parts. notably, it had been killed thousands of people with severe of explosion nuclear radiation moreover, plants have never been grown so far. In addition, it is undeniable, that dominant countries can dominate weaker countries to occupy them, as they are ready to exploit it as advantage to kill people and dominate their conutry. The misuse of it will create destruction instead of getting benefits of it undoubtedly. 

In berief, we believe nuclear’s advantages can outweigh its negative sides. As if it is used in proper way. Although, it can create risks to countries, but it create a kind of peace between populations and its habitants alike. As a result, peace will spread around world. 

Learning new things while you are abroad 

Travelling is the best way to obtain experience from it. As a result, you can interact with others smoothly and learning from them a lot. 

In addition, you can learn about time managment, as you can know the value of time. Morever, you will learn how to be self independence, so you can depend on yourself by doing everthing thing alone. 

Although, travelling abroad is a good way to learn new things, but we believe, that we will have to pay a cost at the same time. 

Complaining is not a useful habit 

Why you always complain?! 

Once, you are complaining from things happening around you, you had a bad feelings and thoughts towards a certain thing. You do not need to complain about it, or even, it is not necessary to think about it at all. If you think much deeply over it, you will get more complicated, and tired of it. 

Furthermore, when you complain to people, it will become useless, because they will only listen to you. So they will show sympathy only, but actually, they can not do anything to you. Now, isn’t it usless to do this?! They will tell you “ooooh man, we are sorry to hear that”. But we believe, that there are very few numbers of people will give a hand of cooperation, however complaining is not a good way to help you, you can not depend on people . so you should stop it as soon as possible, as you have to put a limit for this by saying ” no , i will not complain anymore” 

Finally, complaining will let you to go one step back instead of going ahead, so never think, it will take you to one step ahead. So, wake up and do the needful against whatever you need in life. So ambitious people never stop in one destination, they resist on progressing until final breath of their life. 

Complaining is not a good a habit, you have take it off. 

Fresh graduaters are without work 

World becomes up and down! How come companies can request an experience from fresh graduate. Totally, This is not fair. Fresh graduaters knock the doors of companies for the purpose to get hired. But unfortunately, they get refused, because they do not have an experience from such field. 

Most of the graduaters are jobless. This issue is a big deal, and it needs to be taken into consideration. So Youngsters are spending a number of years to get a certificate from universities. However, they face an issue that companies, they will not hire them. As a result, they become depressed due to hardness for finding a job.

HR recruitment should help them to sort this problem out. For example, no matters, if they start with low monthly pay salary, as it is much better than keeping them out of work. In this case, they can be an asset in the company in the future. Whereas,they will be able to develop their skills as well as their salaries package would be increased gradually undoudtedly. 

In addition, Government should make a deal between companies to make employment exhibition yearly for fresh graduaters to decrease from unemployment percentage of fresh graduaters particularly.  

Nowadays, graudaters are worries in how to build their future after graduation, as they get frightened from the coming days. For the mentioned solution above. It is a good strategy to be followed to avoid this matter from developing into worse! 

Do not steal someone’s life! 

Everyday, we hear a different story from all parts of the world. There are many people are getting stabbed or shot, after that they died due to these reasons like race issues,  color of skin and religion. What are the advantages could be behind this! Why they are killing innocent people. Why did children ge stabbed while they are going to schools, or work. What did children do for them to be stabbed. Life is so tough! 

However, you are not allowed to end one’s life. It  is extremely prohibited. As you must think thousands times before you do this. 

Finally, what are the benefits that you will get after you did! At the end you lose everything in life, family if there is. As a result, you will be imprisoned until you become rotten. And now, are you happy with this?! 

Do not steal someone’s life, by commiting like these rotten behaviours. You are not allowed at all. 

Welcome to peaceful world! 

Teachers can be replaced by computers 

As computers are being used more and more in education, there will be soon no role for teachers in the classroom.

Due to technology revolution, we can discover that techears can be replaced by computers locally and globally. As there may be no roles for teachers at schools, teaching could be done online. 

In the modern ages, we can find adrastic change in padegodgical means around the world. So pupils can get an access to learn through internet means. But we can not ignore the role if teachers is very important to guide students to be on the right track. For example, mistakes or bad behaviours can be reinforced by teachers guidance to tun into right way. However, computers will be an useful asset, if it is used in proper way. For instance, in Japan, it is one of countries that function learning via internet methods. There are a few schools in it providing teaching through online tactics. It was so successful in functioning it professionally. Whereas, a survey from online ministry of education education in Japan showed a good number of students have graduted from schools with excellent grades, as they followed market jobs with accredited certificate stamped by the ministry. 

However, we believe computers could play an essential part in education. But there will be a kind of passive returns to the country. For example, people who hold a degree in education, what they can do with it, as computers have been replaced by teachers. In connection with this point, the number of unemployment in this field would be increased apparently. So government should be able to make parallel in it.  It can work to provide them different chances to work with their field. Otherwise, it can specify a number of schools without online teaching. So that they can work in it. 

In brief, computers have advantages and disadvantages at the same moments. So teachers play an important role to be appeared physically in the classroom. As a result, they can watch their behavioural situation and correct them in case, if they are mistaken. On the other hand, this aspect is not available in online teaching. 

Obesity can affect not only adults but to children as well

Modern children are suffering from the diseases that were once considered to be meant for adults only. Obesity is a major disease prevalent among children. What are its causes and what solutions can be offered?

We thought first, that ailment could be accompanied by elderly ages. But nowadays, we can see it from different perspective. Immatures have a chance to have a certain type of diseases such as obesity. As it is the principal issue that it could happen to children. So, i will exaplain in details effects and stick here some suggestion in how to tackle this problem. 

On the one hand, this phenomenon started from technology point. Whereas, we believe that technologies have become an essential part in our life, as it has brought a number of benefits to us, but it also created some passive prospects. Hence, it has influnced on us by causing obesity not only to adults but to children as well. When children overuse these means, it will affect on them respectively. For example, Computer games or other methods like tablet, so that they can download games on it, and play with it. While they are playing many hours with it, they will become obese. So the less movement during day due to games playing. The more will get a kind of obesity. So getting one’s fat is one of the most dangerous diseases ever. There a report came out from medical journsl from USA in 2006 showed, when children spend numeric hours in playing games, they will have more opportunity to get fat, which it will affect on their health in the future. However, obesity might lead to digestive stomach problems, and heart attack even if they are in early ages. For this reason, when they became adults, they will encounter like these diseases. 
On the second hand, unless schedules have been organised by parents, they would get chances for getting more fat. As it should be there a kind of surveillance done by their familly regularly. There was a study analysis issued from health commuinty for controlling obesity from sweden showed. The pecentage of obesity to children has been dropped to 50% in 2008 compared to 2000-2006. And that’s virtues return to their  parents with benefits. Lastly, this strict control is useful way to derease from the proportion of one’s gets fat. Besides, teaching immature about how to array their hours during the day. In addition, making exercises will help them to avoid it. So they can be more healthy, and full of energy alike. If they do exercises. 

In brief, technology and computer are not that much bad, if they use smartly. Otherwise, it can develop their mental stages in process of growing. In addition, it can eradicate them from ignorance to become educated a well as brain can work properly due to the huge number if strategic games whichbit is available in computer networks. 

Studying International language in English-speaking countries 

Nowadays, more and more foreign students are going to English-Speaking countries to learn the “international language – English”. It is undoubtedly true that studying English in an English-speaking country is the best way, but it is not the only way to learn it.Do you agree or disagree with the above statement?

Recently, There are an enormous number of adults prefer to study English abroad to western conutries which it is the mother of this language.  So i agree that learning it from the source of native speakers, it is the perferct way to acquire it correctly. However, it is not the only method that you can obtain it. i will explain here in details as following. 

Due to the development of technology merits in the world. There are a growing number of people have inclination with full of statisfaction for going to study abroad English Language for achieving it perfectly. As a result , It has been used by large number of people. As it can be counted as business and technology language as well. I will put a prime example, There are many schools located in Dubai. So HR recruitments prefer to hire Arabs who hold a bachelor from English speakers countries. So that they can ensure better education and learning pure language in their country. As they think that those who graduate from western countries, they are the most professional in using it. We believe that in UK  or America provide high standard techniques included in their systems. As they have functioned a developed equipment stuff. In addition, those who have studied, they have the ability to produce the word pronunciation purely and perfectly alike. While they were there, they have interacted with native speakers, as they got more experience in functioning it. So their scond languaged will be developed unconsciously during their staying over there. 

To sum up, we believe that English language can be learned in home country. But it is much better to be learned in English countries to ensure high level of English proffeciency. Furthermore, i could mention, that we can take an adavantage from those who hold western certificates, so that , they will be an asset in the country instead of going to study abroad. But we can not deny that interaction in native conutries is something useful. In addition, it will consolidate to learn the language professionally.

Offenders after serving the first punishment 

Many offenders commit more crimes after serving the first punishment. Why is this happening, and what measures can be taken to tackle this problem?

In the modern world, there are a number of crimes happen around the world. Which it has been committed by human. Consequently, They will be imprisoned in jail for a period. So, there have been recorded different cases. That people who committed crimes against human or other types of offensive conditions such race issue, killing, robbery. After realsing them, they will become more offensive. So here details and how it can be resolved. 

First of all, criminals are everywhere in the world. It can not be tackled easily. As it takes time to decrease it. In addition, it needs to be studied carefully with hard work. We somtimes feel. That punishment is not a good technique to solve problems. As Criminals require a kind of support and cooperation to direct through the correct path, they need to be treated proffesionally with their cases. When they get prisoned for over a period with regards to their committed crimes, they may be mixed with other criminals who have bad thoughts about life. So the possibly of breaking rules would be increase, it means that Government did not solve any issues. Instead of correction, they might be destroyed. Hence, they will have mutual passive thoughts bewteen each other. For example, there is a study in Germany. It shows, while it was taken disciplinary action against like punishment for offenders, the percentage of building passive mentalities will increase dramatically due to experienced criminal who are in the prisoned. 

However, government should use proper methods instead of punishment. They must deal ethically. As a restult they still human. On other words. For example, segregating as per crime rate. It can encourage to learn sorts of jobs, while they are at the prison. Furthermore, educating them with different courses. To be more specific, once they learn such a proffessional work, after they got released, they will look for job. So keeping them busy with thinking about work and how to learn new skills, it will take them away from doing bad deeds. Moreover, it can provide to put them on rehabilitation cells. So that they can spend years in it, while they are in it. They will have the ability to be taught other fields related to market jobs. 

To conclude, crimes can be tackled, if we convert punishment to something positive. Offering for them opportunities to learn new skills. In addition, they can give them the chance to correct themselves instead of wasting years in jails. Besides, they can have benefits while they are out of prison. However, neglecting them will increase crimes in countries. 

Studying abroad

More and more students are going to another country for higher education. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

In recent years, we have noticed that there are a number of students prefer to studying abroad to studying in their home country. As they need continue their higher education in such foreign universities. But we believe that there will be adavantages and disadvantages while taking decision to continue education outside of the country. So i will illustrate the details as following. 

Nowadays , there are a growing number of youngsters choose to study abroad for getting, as they are supported by their parents financially. So they stay there for about four years, it depends on bachelor degree level.  Hence, those adults go through this method, as they believe that, there may be more opportunites while they come back to home country. For example, in Dubai, there were enormous number of people get hired who had western degree with excellent salary package and other incentive included to one’s package. For this reason, they found that there are more adavantages if they had studied abroad. While companies can also have advantage for employing, students who had studied abroad, they think, that they had more experience compared to people who had local ceritifate. Undeniable, that students who studied outside of the country, that they have been developed well in education sides. 

On the contrary, people who had studied abroad, they might create problems in employment process among adults. For example, those who had graduated from local univeristies, they usually encounter low income of monthly pay. As they have few opportunities for getting hired. Consequently, the number of unemployment people would increase daramatically. As they may intend to leave their home country to search for job. Because they feel like, they have been neglected in their country. As a result, one’s country will lose numeric skilful workers. Particularly, those who are experienced and well educated. For example, in Sudan, there are a number of human immigrate to gulf countries to look for job, due to limitation of job vacancies in their home country. In consequences, they can not wait to stay without work, as they need to have a source, so that they can rely on it. In addition, they have many liabilities like families and children at their back waiting for a source to live their life naturally. 

In brief, in spite of studying abroad will be there more benefits, but it will present obstacles in employment and immigration factor would be increased. 

Mobiles phones have transformed the way we live

The increase in mobile phone use in recent years has transformed the way we live, communicate and do business. Mobile phones can also be the cause of social or medical problems. What forms do these problems take? Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of mobile phones? 

Nowadays, people depend largely on cell phones. Despite using mobiles will be beneficial for business communication. But it still has some bad effectives, which it goes back to users. In addition, it may create social struggles and ailment as well. So i will argue here the pros and cons of cell phones. 

Recently, there are enormous of people believe that cell phones would help them. As it has solved their problem in so many cases. Specifically, people who stay far away of their bussiness as well as their family. They can keep on touch with them via this means. In addition, phones have merits like text services, as they could function it by doing other communication instead of calling conversation through ths apparatus. For example, there is one busniess man , and his name is Jack Philip the owner of Iffco company in dubai. He was doing managment by his device while he was away of the country for family business. Moreover, he was answering calls for urgent reasons. In opposite, he was following up his business and checking each single point about what is happening in the company when he is out. Whereas, there are a number of people who travel out of their home country for studying. And others who get abroad for working. So they will always be in touch with their family or parents. Hence, these people prefer to be constantly updated about their family conditions. So, this device helped a large number of people. It was a reason for problem decreasing. 

On the contrary, mobiles could be an issue for presenting social broblems and other medical aspects. Cell phones would create health diseaes. Hence, there are a number of people who are being addicted of mobile using. As a result, it may increase the pecentage of making cancer in brain. in addition, ear problems. There are reports posted in health journal in UK. As it showed people who peresistently use cell phones. They were exposed to cancers in brain cells and ears impaired alike. Whereas, a study shows that people who overuse these devices, they could fall into love relation suspense. There was a family had problem with their duaghter, as she was caught by making a relationship with mature. As that mature had a previous criminal records. Whereas, her family have not known him before. Although, family’s daughter was immature which it led to illegal relation. In addition, it might be a victim without her parents guidance. 

To sum up, cell phones have pros and cons. We use these mobiles in good things, it will return to us with better things. So mobile phones have a positive purposes, if we use it in positive way. 

Pros & Cons of having a car 

Some people claim that there are more disadvantages of the car than its advantages. Do you agree or disagree? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having a car.
There are a number of people believe that people who own cars have more cons than its pros while using it. So, i agree with them. Furthermore, i will explain in details as below.
First of all, advantages of of having car that cars can take people wherever they want. Nowadays, people look for a way to be more comfortable. As, it is easy to collect them to places they needed. For example, instead of using public transportation, they prefer to using their own cars to shift them from home to their workplace on the right time. Instead of spending long hours for waiting in the bus station until the proper bus to pick them up. In research survey came out from public transportation services, it showed that people who use their own cars, the can be at their workplace on time. Whereas Another example, human choose to own cars for the purpose of emergency. If there is any urgent case, they will see their available at anytime. As there are enormous of people who suffer from public services unavailability during late hours in the night. In this case, they would the encouragement to have a car to avoid like this issue. 
However, there are large number of people complain from roads congested during the day. As, in particular, in the rush hours which it happens in the morning. Whereas, there are a number want to be in their workplace on time. So, people who have private cars are the reason of road congestion. For example, RTA “road transportation authority” company prevail, that the principal of causing this passive effect came from those who own cars. Currently, they are studying to reduce from this obstacle. As in recent research happened in Australia. There were proofs shows that. The more people convert to use their own cars, the more of air pollution would increase gradually. Which it will lead to global warming. 
To conclude, it is beneficial to to have a car. But we believe that owning cars to road congested and air pollution at the same. So using public services as alternative, it would help to decrease from the proportion of polluted air, and road congested all to gather for the purpose of keeping a kind of balance on earth. 

Unknown Neighbours

In cities, an increasing number of people do not know their neighbours. There is no longer sense of community.What do you think are the causes of this problem and suggest methods to solve it?

Nowadays, there are growing number of people do not have relations between their neighbours. In adition, they keep them selves isolated with no social matters in one society. Therefore, i will expalin here cons and providing some solution for this phenomenon.
First of all, due to life demands and its pressure, human became so busy by working from ten to twelve hours in a day. Even, they do not have time to spend with their children themselves. However, internet is also a reason for keeping disconnected with each other. The development of internet has created so many social medias that people can depend on to keep in touch with others. For example, they use facebook for chatting, as they spend long hours on it. So in this way, it could be a bad effects on human nature. Furthermore, they prefer surfing internet and knowing what it is happening around the world by electronic news. So this reason may lead to keep people isolated. But it is very important that people should be connected with people in their community. It is one of the methods that people can relieve themselves from the pressure of the day. We precisely know, when people stay at home for long period, it will increase stress for them. As well as some problems might happen between children and parents. Besides, children need to be more sociable. in case, they play outside home, so that they share thoughts with other immature like them. By this technique, they will be more creative in the community and can grow healthily. 
Moreover, the soultion is governoment, it can play important role in eradicating this passive issue. For example, it can construct parks, so that people will be able to go out, and gathering togather. Parents automatically can talk to each other about their life matters. Therefore, children spend leisure time by plaing with their neighbours’ children. There is another prime example, government can encourage retailers to build malls. So people can make their shppoing. As a result, people will sponeoutously know their each other. 
In breif, building parks and malls will improve the communication between neighbours. As it will be highly appreciated.

Global warming

Global warming is one of the most serious issues that the world is facing today.What are the causes of global warming and what measures can governments and individuals take to tackle the issue?
Earlier, nature has been influenced by negative aspects, which it is caused by human. I will illusterate what are the causes of global warming and how it can be solved by government and habitants alike. 
On the one hand, Global warming has become a big issue in all parts of the world. Every country suffers from this catastrophic pehenomenon. So causes could happen accordingly. Firstly, non renewable resources users are responsible to create these effects. For example, human invented cars working on fuel, despite getting benefits from it, but it will be harmful by increasing the proportion of air polloutions. Secondly, people depend constantly on these non renewable resources will decrease fuel flow in the future. Whereas, these recources migh be vanished. Lastly, deforestation is a reason to increase global warming. When people overexploit in using it, it will dramatically affect on increasing it to the highest point. 
So, government has an integral part on putting a limit to tackle this issue. For example, it could include such courses into schools, and universities as well. In connection to this point, people will learn about the importance of keeping balance on earth for the purpose of avoiding global warming on the coming years. As it could encourage citizens to use renewable resources to diminish polloution on earth. As a result, it can increase taxes on cars which it functionts on fossil fuel, and decreasing levies on electric cars ” hybrids”, so people will have the encouragment to purchase these kinds of cars. While people who work on cutting trees must undergo to punishment by increasing taxes levels on them. In this case, they will try to take it off this habit. Hence, they will slowly convert to renewable resources. 
In breif, educating people about harms of global warming will support to diminsh from using non renewable sources. Furthermore, increasing levies on cars which it works on fuel. It will convert human to use hybrids as alternative. 


People advise you to go through the straight path, they start teaching you about ethics, but they do not really apply it themselves.!

Basically, when you watch them what they do, you see something different of what they have said, as you see them doing bad behaviours and wrong things, how come, they guide you and advise you to the right direction, and they don’t follow the right way. !!! 

Why do they do that?! 

It Takes Courage – and Maybe Some Tulips

In The Corner

I cancelled my appointment with Dr. Singh on Wednesday.  I just didn’t have the guts to find out how I was doing.  You’d think that I’d be used to it by now – once a month appointments.  Nope.  Every visit is tough.  No – that’s not right.  It’s not the visit that is tough – it is having courage to go to an appointment that is tough.  Afterall, I’m given the verdict of “you are doing well” or “your cancer is back”.  Either way, I trust my doctor.  I have faith in her.  That’s not really the issue.  I think it’s just finding out that the tiny plans that you may / may not have made for the upcoming week/ month/ summer may change.

Dr. Singh’s office called that very afternoon I didn’t show.  So, what did I think?  “This can’t be good.  Why is she so desperate to see…

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The worst thing ever 

The worst thing ever is that when you discover later that people like you for their advantages. If they need something from you, they will be around showing their kindness to you. Finally, when they got it, you will not see them, they will go away. Suddenly, they will apear again, if they need anything. So they do the same mechanism repeatedly until the end of their life. It is their natur, it can not be changed.