Get Active!!!

Doing something is almost always better than not doing anything. If we fail, it is Ok, no worries Of course, we know 100% that doing something could lead to mistakes,but mistakes are a part of life. It’s how we learn. Without mistakes, we would never get better and reach our determined destination. So don’t worry about those. Just do something. Get off your butt😉. and get active physically, or active by taking steps to accomplish something.

But be careful, i did not mean to wear Nike or Adidas’ shoes for fitting your feet to make you ready for healthier running. 😉


Positive people

People whom we work with, they have a big impact in our life either bad or good.

When we surround ourselves with people who work harder, we would change ourselves to be like them accordingly. It is important to have peers in a job who push you succeed, if you found them, hang them around, never try to lose them just keep them.

As for me, i have worked in different environments from retail business to education department in my country, it relates to governmental sector. as i dealt with different kinds of mentalities. In addition, i met people with full of disappointments, but i never hear for what they say, i act like a deaf, silent, because if interacted with them, i will be infected by their diseases, it is human’s nature, you can be infected spontaneously with no awareness of that. But now i work with kids-little boys, having fun all time, i love that feeling when i see the honesty and the innocence appear on their face, and even they dont know how to lie, they always say the truth whatever they say, i believe them , as well as when they show their love to you, and they say “i love you ” i dont know what the type of feelings i get when i hear that word from them. However, be careful of being talkative with those kinds of sick minded people, you might get their negative thoughts and be like them either as i mentioned earlier, it is human’s nature to get infected easily. In that light , i go to my job and stay focused for what i am going to do in a hand for the day since morning until the end of my duty, i try as much as i can never share my decisions with others, if my work requires to work independently. By the way, i look to things from angles not only one, i even can look to harder tasks to easier.

Kid’s trust 



How beautiful to get the trust from young people the same way you get it from little kids.


When kids trust you, they will never have any doubts that you are going to take them to the wrong direction, so when they love you, they will give you love because this is what they all have. Consequently, they will always feel more comfortably towards you, as they will be more careful to keep what bothering you away. Therefore, they will be ready to hide their eyes by a piece of cloth, and hold your hand with an open heart. It is like when you tend to give them a present and you request them to cover their vision, and ask them to open it when you are done from preparing the gift for them. You know why they closed the eyes when it is requested , because they absolutely know, you will take them to the right direction. In addition , they will not get bothered if you ordered them to hide their eyes, but they will keep smiling and the happiness covers all of their face, because they know that you are going to hand them a surprise to make them happier, all of that come from a trust which they have given it to you.

While most of the adults are getting things wrong, they will never think positive, even you are their friend, they think “trust” is just a concept they hear about, but they dont think this word is a practical concept, that we should work on, so why we are friends, if we dont give the trust for each other the same way when children give it to adults.

Finally, if we know what trust is meant for, we will sort out many problem. in addition, we will be closet to each other. Life with no trust, it is like a fire when it burns everything.

Peace, Hussein Allam

Self talk!!!

Don’t be a quitter, and quit whenever the going gets tough.

When it happens to you, just remember a great achievement which you have done it in the past and got congratulated by people. By this means, you will be able to have the strength to face everything, recording nice and big achievements into your notes, it will give a tremendous positive results and know how to finish things via your experience from the past which you passed on. On this way, it gives the motivation of proving to yourself to achieve what you have set out to achieve.

So, shut off the negative self-talk which it always tells you to stop, it could occur when you are in pain, and your mind get filled with negatives and then it overwhelms you to stop again. Hence, you have to maintain a positive self-talk and let your mind focus on success only. Just imagine how you will feel after you finished the task successfully. However, don’t be easy for giving up towards your future, do the impossible and go beyond your limits.

Finally, i am going to share you something through my experience. It is all about state of mind, if you convince your mind that you can do something, you will do it. But if you can not do it, just deceive your mind that you can do it and then you will do it though. It is just alteration process, change negative with positive, i know it is not an easy task, but with practice you can adapt accordingly.

Remember! Pain is temporary but glory is forever. And everything in life that is worth something requires hard work to achieve it. Many things seem are impossible to achieve, but they are actually not. So it requires a lot of efforts so that it can be done. Get out of the comfort zone, nothing is easy, but if you believe it, then you can achieve it.


Trash truck

There are some people when they are in a bad mood, they talk to you politely, even they are full of disappointment, full of anger, and those type of people whom we should respect and deserve our respect. While others are like trash truck, they try to drain it on you. Be careful, to be that trash truck and throw it in your home, streets, and your colleagues. Because you are not the only one in the whole world has this garbage, there are a large number of people have what they have. And it is enough!!!!

Listening is an art

When it is hard to talk…

It is up to us to listen…

There was a one lady called 911 after she felt that there was a strange entered her home in the midnight. During the call, one of the policemen has picked up the call, and she ordered Pizza with pepperoni. Therefore, the officer answered “mom you are calling the wrong number” she repeated the order again, “i need to order pizza with pepperoni”. Asked her” if is there any something threat your live” and told her to answer by ” yes or no only” she said ” yes and see you soon” as a result, he asked her ” to act normal” as he is going to check around any police officer near by her home immediately. And she ended the call.

So listening is an art, we have to develop our listening skills, as it is going to help us solving a lot of problems. During that conversation, look how the officer has managed the situation without going to deep details and understood her. I think, we have to learn how we could go through this situation and managing it as well in our daily life!


They say that silence is a sign for accepting other people’s opinion.

As for me, No! It should not be like that, your hand five fingers’ are not equal by its size. So the size of each finger of your hand is different from one to another. Hence, this would be applied on human thoughts, people are not the same by thoughts. In that light, if someone tend to say his opinion, and other party might keep silent, but we should not judge that he accepted it. Smartly, other individuals refuse to share their ideas, even you said right, they might have different perspectives, so they might not agree for what you have discussed it.

Finally, silence is not always a sign for accepting. It could be refused but they don’t want to tell, because other stupids comprehend it differently that you are against them something like that. Or they might not have the enough words to convey it to you nicely.

Please, you don’t force them to accept, make them free to say if they want only.

Inner sound

A: are you ok?

B: yes i am completely ok.

B’s inner sound: no i am not ok, i am too tired.

B: what about you, A?!

A: I am ok too.

B’s inner sound says: i wish, i could be like A

A’s inner sound says: i wish, i can feel like you when i am ok.

This is the truth unfortunately, we act like we are ok. but actually, we don’t. At the end, they are equal by results.

But keep it in mind, to whom we love, we can feel them. Even they did not say the truth to us. Look, how our beloved ones do not want to share us their pain to avoid disturbing us. As a result, we lie on each other.

(The Holy Land)in Madaba-Jordan

In the 4th century AD a sanctuary, mentioned by the pilgrim nun Egeria, was built on Mount Nebo (Fasaliyyeh in Arabic) to honor Moses, possibly on the site of an even older structure. The church was finished by 394 AD and had three east apses flanked by funerary chapels on the north and south sides.
In the 6th century, the church was enlarged and transformed into a basilica with a sacristy and new baptistery (whose surviving floor mosaics date from c.530 AD). Soon the church was the heart of a large monastery and pilgrimage center that would thrive for nearly six centuries.

The site was abandoned by 1564 and remained mostly neglected for several centuries more. Finally, in 1993, the site was purchased by the Franciscans, who excavated and restored the area. On March 19, 2000, Pope John Paul II visited the site during his pilgrimage to the Holy Land, planting an olive tree next to the Byzantine chapel for peace.

Today, Mount Nebo is an active Franciscan monastery, the headquarters of the Franciscan Archaeological Institute, and a popular stop for pilgrims and tourists alike.

mosaic madaba mapinside St George Church madaba jordanKnown as the ‘City of Mosaics’ Madaba is famous for the 6th century Byzantine mosaic map of the Holy Land. A 25 x 5 meter masterpiece made of over 2 million pieces. The map shows holy sites, hills, valleys, towns and cities as far away as the Nile Delta! The map is on the floor of the modern St George Greek Orthodox Church which is built on the site of an older 6th century church.

Jordan is committed to restoring and preserving it’s mosaics, you can see how this is done by visiting the Mosaic School in the Archaeological Park and Museum. women restoring mosaicspromised land view mount nebo jordanAlso in the park are the remains of several churches and a 6th century mansion, all with more outstanding mosaics.

Close by is Mount Nebo, believed to be the burial place of Moses. It was a place of pilgrimage for early Christians and the first church was built here in the 4th century. Stand at the top of the mountain as Moses did when he first saw the Promised Land and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Jordan Valley, The Dead Sea, Jerusalem and Jericho.

Have a look on the attached photos;-

Monut nebo summit to the south;/

Memorial of Moses;-

Church on mount Nebo;-

A look to the dead sea from mount Nebo;-

Inner design for the church on mount Nebo

Tell your children the truth

Never let you children grow up on something nothing exists, so that they can grow healthily, telling them the truth will support them for understanding life concepts much better. As the result, they will know how to deal with life. As telling them fakes and lies will destroy them and affect their future passively.

However, building their character will require the courage from you by informing them everything about life, because that will reinforce their abilities to accept life. 

Finally, be the best model for them, as children do what they learn. 

Don’t forget one thing, children imitate. 



It is stupid to satisfy all people about all things, in the purpose of having them as friends, we have to go against what’s wrong by avoiding saying YES all the time. And standing right next to the right side. when it comes to me, i do not worry when i have enemies in my work or any other place at all. Having had enemies is aprrove for you that you are such successful person.

I have heared someone talking about people who have a character one day. I saw it much interesting, i could believe for what he said ” a man with character, he has enemies” but ” the man with no character is loser” as i could believe totally for what he said at that time. Therefore, i noticed while my working journey abroad and in my country alike,  that successful people mostly get struggled from those jealousy colleagues at work who are around and so close to them , they always create traps to let them fall in it. It seems, wherever you go, you may find individuals have these concepts ” i do not want to see others better than me” as for me, when i see those kinds of people, i pay attention for everything i do, i try to avoid making mistakes, if i did a mistake, i will report it directly to who responsible about me, because if i hid it, any of my oppenets will report it. Hence, i keep everything visible. Opponents their wish to find faults by watching you all the time, and then report it, so make advance decision and you yourself report it before they do it–be faster than them for reporting this, because managment may understand it passively, and will try to fire you by any chance, so BE CAREFUL. and finally, your oppenets will take your position after you got fired. After all, these struggles and fights that successful people may see daily in the purpose of taking their position at the company.

In brief, the way to maintain your success by being always straight and clear. It is the way how you can defeat them.

Straight path. 

When we try to keep ourselves away from problems, we try to do that as much as we can. But it seems problems are the one coming to us. Although we are walking in the straight path.  I do not know why do people like to create problems for us even we did not do anything for them. Therefore, this is the only question that i could not find an answer for it.

Honestly! If you guys encounter like this situation, How would you deal with it?

May almighty God gives for us the strength to face it. And put up a limit for these stupidity.

Wadi Rum-dramatic sandstone in Jordan 

Wadi Rum is a protected desert wilderness in southern Jordan. It features dramatic sandstone mountains like the many-domed Jebel Um Ishrin, and natural arches such as Burdah Rock Bridge. Many prehistoric inscriptions and carvings line rocky caverns and steep chasms, such as Khazali Canyon. The natural watering hole of Lawrence’s Spring is named after British soldier Lawrence of Arabia, who allegedly washed there.

As for me, i like camping, watching sunset, and hiking the dunes of Wadi Rum😉👌

Whereas, we can find that there were a lot of fimls were filmed here in Jordan here we go;-

  • Lawerence of arabia.
  • Red planet
  • Passion in the desert
  • The face-rock climbing
  • Krrish 3
  • Prometheus
  • May in the summer
  • The last days on mars
  • Transformers( revenge of the fallen)
  • The martian and so on. 

Please, see the attached photos of wadi-rum in Jordan.

Random thoughts!!! 

I got random thoughts and do not know how to begin? But i will try to be within the circle while writing.

If you see a wrong situation, will you take an action?! People with healthy mind would answer by YES! i would take an action for eliminating this epidemic from happening again, not only a simple one,  but i will go through the hardest punishment against someone who break any rules of the policy.

Because if we dont take a strong action, people will do it one more time, cosequently it will spread and you then will not know how to deal with it, as well as it will go bigger and bigger. Why?! Because there was not taken any acitions seriously and no penality has been taken against the people who made the mistake.

I am one of those who are straight and being so clear while talking, i dont talk with puzzles. Make a foggy conversation. It is just straight and clear to transfer the message to the concerned person. I am really so strict person. I can not pass everything easily, as i have to go through a deep observation through things, not normal stuff but on things when i really feel kind of responsiblity on it.

However, ignoring is a good way to comfort yourself for temporary moments only, but later you will find that you destroy everything because of those who break the rules–i mean in rules, it is just in general in any fields of works. Mess will increase and it will be harder to organise it again. It is like doing your stuff on the way you like, and you have forgotten that it must be there a policy and rules that we should follow.

I hope, it was not random, and this piece of writing is totally clear.

I finally have attached a photo contains a message in it. Feel free to ask me, if you are unable to read it what’s written in the attached photo of my post. Note;-this photo was downloaded from Pinterest! 

Mint tea & Turkish coffee are so popular in Jordan

Turkish coffee and mint tea
. These two beverages, which I enjoyed countless cups of each during my day in my country either at home or work , made my day even more enjoyable.

Turkish coffee
, which is served thick and muddy, is spiced with cardamom and you’ll find it at restaurants, street food stalls, and gas stations. There’s also Arabic coffee, but Turkish style coffee is more popular in Jordan, and I like it better because it’s stronger.

Mint tea
, which is often just black tea poured into a cup with a few fresh mint leaves in the bottom, is a typical after meal drink.


Losers are divided into two parts;-
The first part;- think without performing.


The second part;- perform without thinking.

No growth in performance can be seen, if you could be classified within the two parts. As a result, performances need actions with executions and not only talk. Talking is easy for us to do it. But actions are hard to find who apply it. In my point of view, performance can be measured by our acitions.

In a nutshell, I am going to get full of hearing empty conversations. But I am hungry to see actions.


Popular Drink In Jordan

Lemon mint juice is a popular drink in Jordan and throughout Jordan’s parts that includes lots of lemon juice, blended with mint, and ice, and can range from extremely sweet, to barely sweet at all. The lemon should be so strong that it makes you squint a little on your first sip, and the mint complements the strong lemon sourness so well.

The lemon mint you can find whereever you go in Jordan, as this drink is a little on the sweet side for me, i dont know for you it might be either sour or sweet, you can judge after you drink 😁but it is very good, and very refreshing.😋⛹️


4 lemons, plus slices for garnish

3 limes, plus slices for garnish

1/3 cup fresh mint leaves

3/4 cup superfine sugar, plus additional if desired, divided

8 cups cold water


Squeeze the juice from the lemons and limes over a strainer into a glass measuring cup (about 1 cup of juice).

In the bottom of a tall pitcher, use a wooden spoon to gently mash the mint leaves with 1/4 cup of the sugar. Add the strained juice; stir well to dissolve the sugar. Add the cold water and the remaining 1/2 cup sugar to the pitcher; stir well to dissolve the sugar. Taste for sweetness and add more sugar, if desired. Chill before serving.

Serve poured over ice in tall glasses garnished with lemon and lime slices.
Enjoy it! 😉

Heart relief  

if you look for heart relief medicine, then accept what God has written for you. all things have been written to you by God. if you accept it, you will always feel in a perpetual happiness.

So accept it. Do not complain a lot. As a result, you will always be tired from things that you do not have. Acceptance is the full satisfaction on everything we have.

Recipe for heart medicine as following;

  • Acceptance
  • Full satisfaction
  • Don’t complain

Mix together, you will get happiness ready to serve you. 


Scoring an invitation 

The best food is eaten in a Jordanian home. Ask around, and I’m sure you’ll have no problem scoring an invitation.
Whereas, tourists when they come to Jordan they get warmly saluted by Jordanian citizens. The best helpful neighbours you could find in our country..
One day, i was working in one of Carrefour markets in the capital of Jordan–Amman. While i was doing my duty in the store. I saw an American customers ( man and his wife ) were looking for certain type of betty croker to buy, as they get lost between aisles i guess because of the way of our merchandising is a bit different from their country in the way we display categories of our items in the store- or may be the difference involves in lay outs.
After they bought their items and finalised the transaction in the check outs point in the end of the store, they came back to me talk about something they really need to know about the process for how to return a phone due to manufactured faults which they bought from a mobile shop in Amman. They asked me if they can return it or not because they are new to the country, and they dont have much information about. And i then assisted them by giving right the information that they need. As a result, we became a friends by accident, after we know each other very well, they asked me about if they can eat Mansaf at my home and this food is a traditional famous dish in Jordan. I directly arranged this for them as per their request, and mom cooked it and i then invited them to have it. In addition, i identified my family for them, they were very happy in knowing my family memebers. By the way, Mansaf is mixed by youghurt, rice and meat.
So people in Jordan are very happy to serve other people from other countries. Jordan is known by its humble, and generous people. As they are ready to help people who they know or dont. Let it alone, many ancients location you can visit in Jordan plus awesome souveiners you can buy it for yourself as momentum.
At the end, I will be so gald to arrange single posts very soon and talking about our ancients places either religious or historical types in Jordan.

Warm water 

Never mind for how long you warm the water, but it does not mean that the hot water will not turn down the fire.

So i mean, how much complicated the problem is, we are able to solve it, just by using our wisdom. In all ways and shapes we can find a way for solving every problem we encounter. Hence, all we want is just to keep our eyes widely open and get up.

All in all, Don’t give up, you can handle it. Yes you can, we all know that nothing is impossible.

Round Table in a cafe shop

I was sitting alone in a cafe shop nearby of my area as the time was in the after noon. At the same cafe, there was a man sitting in a table next to mine, he was also alone. Suddenly, he came towards me and asked me for a permission if he can join me on the table. And i then allowed him to sit with me.

Later, he looked at me and started talking about how tough life goes with him! I started listening because i know sometimes we need to share negative things with others to release the pressure which we get from our daily life. Although, sometimes i could not find a person to share with my own passive stuff to reduce my stress. But inspite of that i kept listening. While interacting with him, i found that guy is a sincere person, as he does not look like he has a black heart — trust me if you find a person talks from all heart about his personal issues– you will find him/her honest and sincere: And i then energized him with postive words to let him throw away his passive issues , and i told him just to keep going a head in his life normally becasue these things could happen to anyone. So he was impressed by my discussion to him, as a result i got a positive response from his end, because he was glad to sit with me.

However, We continued up our converstaion for 20 minutes and then he thanked me warmly and left the location….

Finally, we as human need each other sometimes, so do not keep yourself isolated, knock all doors, finally you will find the right person to share with whatever you want..
Earth without human is nothing , it is like heaven without people is useless.

I would say.. do not be shy and ask around, i am sure you will have no problem by being welcomed by someone else who you do not know. 

Start off by making your bed!!

If you wanna think to change the the world, start off by making your bed. So in this case, if you were able to arrange your bed wisely. You would get simple positive thoughts, that you will resist and achieve better opportunities, so when you have this feeling, you will notice that you can overcome the difficult tasks during the day. As a result, your bed will be a reason to consildate that tomorrow is better after you encountered such a bad day.

If you were not able to arrange a simple thing like your bed, you will always be in troubles. So start your day by doind simple things and if you did it, you could do complicated tasks esaily. Finally, it will motivate you that nothing is difficult.

I don’t want you to be a superman, just be simple and think positive. 



If you are not famous, people will not listen to you, but if you are celebrated person, you will find lots of people are being inspired. And we can also notice in the comment box a huge number of great comments in their comments area. Why? Is it because he/ she is famous. 
In brief, if you are not  famous, people will never try to listen to you. And if you are not celebrated writer, no one will read your works.

Keep moving forward, my Friends!

Nowadays, some heads are used for hair cutting!! 

What you waiting for???

Just leave it away and think  differently. How many times we encounter problems in our life. For sure a lot. Some of it we can tackle it and others no. So for problems which we can’t resolve it, why we need to wait for so long until we sort it out? And at the end nothing can be achieved and nothing changed or improved. You see, is not it too funny?

Some people have their own thoughts and principles. Don’t be so optimistic that you can change them someday. So no need to keep staring at the problem and be much surprised waiting for finding a solution to it. Just think of it ! Even you need to inform them for what they are doing is wrong, but inevitably, they have never satisfied. you know why because they have their own satisfaction for doing their own stuff. As a result, we have just wasted our time.

Finally, the hardest thing ever is that you can’t change anyone personality. So be cool and move forward.

People use their head for hair cutting and unfortunately, they forgot what it is there inside their head. I guess, it could be there what we call it? May be—a brain. 

Children’s Satisfaction

Hello my dear valued fellows,

How are you? 

I am back you know it’s already weekend😉

Hope you have such a wonderful weekend☺️

When children has one dollar only, they got satisfied about what they have,  when you need to give them more money, they will not take it, as a result, they will tell you ” it’s enough”.

I hope to reach that children’s full satisfaction.

Leave letter ✉️

Dear valued fellows,


I would like to inform you that I will be on leave for a while, as I have to focus on other parts of my life. Therefore I will be so busy. But make sure I will be reviewing your posts via my personal emails in the weekend from every week.

All of you guys have such a wonderful blogs, I was really enjoying reading it from time to time, hence, I don’t know how to have the patience for keeping myself away from your precious posts. In addition, your posts have enriched me from knowledge and learnt from it a lot of things, hope you guys so have you! I am so upset, but it’s life judging us to follow other urgent matters.

In brief, thank you so much to the support and cooperation which you have given it to me, it’s much appreciated, guys! Keep writing👍

Gunna miss you guys, good luck to all of you🙂

Warm wishes

Hussein Allam 🙂

Over trust

Over trust is the main reason for failure.

you have to expect what it’s not expected.

You have to measure the person you deal with.

If you are unable to build expectations beyond your thoughts, you may get passive consequences.

In Brief, if you can’t  measure and expect to a person, it is ok! Then no need to reveal your  secrts to anyone be mysterious, until days discover to you who is that person who you are dealing with.

Thanks for reading!

Multi personalities

Don’t change who you are to satisfy other people.

Just be as you are, so people will like you.

However, Don’t make of yourself multiple copies, as per psychological diagnoses showed that these kind of people suffer from a certain disease called by “mutli-personalties.”

If you still have that way “You might lose the way how to get home.”

World is the scientist

You know where is the ignorance part existing?!

When you say it’s enough I experienced and learnt everything in life. So That’s the abstract meaning for ignorance. As you can’t say that you reached the privilege rank when there are a lot of stuff still unknown to you.

World full of things that we still don’t know about. World is the school that we learn from it day by day.

In brief, world is the scientist.!!!!

Calming Philosophy 😌

Hi guys!

It’s actually taken from another website, and I loved to share with you here guys. Just found it stunning, and motivational one, as I don’t usually like to take things or posts from other people, because I have my own styles in writing. Therefore, I shared it so that other people may take it as advantage and get benefits.

Here we go with the steps!
Calming Philosophy 😌

1. Acknowledge that all emotions come from within
2. Find someone you respect, and use them to stay honest
3. Recognize there is life after failure No failure, no growth
4. Read purposefully, and apply your knowledge
5. Challenge yourself to be brutally honest
6. Reflect on what you spend the most time on
7. Remind yourself: you weren’t meant to procrastinate
8. Put the phone away and be present

9. Remind yourself that time is our most precious resource
Thank you

Jordanian Cuisine (part 6)

Hi my dear fellows!

How are you?!

I am going to discuss for post today about Osmaliyeh, .Halawa (Halva), Barazek, and Dates. As this sweets are part of Jordanian Cuisine.🙂👍


If you are not a huge fan of sweets, I Am sure that you will enjoy “osmaliyeh”. Osmaliyeh is shredded phylo dough filled with rosewater cream and topped with crushed pistachios with touch of sweetness.😋

2.Halawa (Halva)

From the Arabic meaning sweet. A breakfast side or sweet-by-itself made of honey- or sugar-sweetened tahini sesame paste and infused and topped with a variety of bits, including pistachio👍😋.

3. Barazek
Barazek is served in every restaurant and sweet shops in Jordan but originally it is a syrian crispy butter cookie covered in toasted sesame, honey and pistachio. This cookie is very popular in the Levantine region and often eaten with coffee or tea.😉

4. Dates

Date is a type of sweet fruit that comes from Date Palm. The thousands of palm trees around the desert of Jordan results in great varieties of dates, from blonde to dark to the almighty Majdool date, the king of all dates.
In Jordan, you can find Dates in all kinds of form – in the dessert, eaten for snacks as dried fruit (also makes for an excellent souvenir to bring home), and even as juice.👍

Thank you for reading.

To be continued….lol 😂

Sunshine Blogger Award 

Thank you so much, Updownflight! i have been nominated by Updownflight for this award and that’s was totally unexpected and super Awesome!!! for the nomination. So Please check out her blog. You can read all about her thoughts and opinions, about birds, and life, she has very interesting posts in her blog site . It’s all beautiful and based on reality. By the way, just Informing you that my nominee’s have also such a wonderful blogs, so check it out , you will love it too.
Award Rules:

1.) Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.

2.) Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.

3.) Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.

4.) List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.

My nominees;
Answering updownflight’s question:

1. What is your favorite part of the day, and why?

Evening, it’s the time that I feel free, hanging out with a few friends.🍿

2. If you could choose any career and be successful at it, what would it be?

In retail business – food industries, it is the place where I can find a room for growth fast. Knowing I have experience in that field around 8 years. 

3. What is your absolute favorite piece of music? Feel free to post a video link, if available.

Je t’aime Lara fabian.🌺

4. Do you prefer reading poetry or prose?

Prose is easily to be understood, as it doesn’t need that much decorations and the language is typically straightforward, in addition, prose are contained on ideas arranged as sentences and then into paragraph. 👍

5. What food dish are you particularly good at making?

I am good on making fried fish, which it is easy to be made, while i was working abroad, I was focusing on that dish as it was not taking that much time while cooking it. 😋

6. If you wish to share, please describe your favorite photo, painting/print, or other art piece.

Nothing specific sorry 😇

7. When you were a kid, what was your favorite to?

UNO playing cards😄. Hope that days come back to play it again 🙂

8. What subject did your favorite teacher or professor teach, and why were they your favorite?

English subject, prof! He was so kind with us, and every lesson was explained clearly by him and if we have many questions to ask, he wasn’t got nervous, he was answering it all pleasantly.🙂 as he was honest while teaching, I felt that because he was covering everything in the lesson.
9. Where is the most beautiful place you have visited in your life?

Dubai is an open country where different cultures live in there. architectural buildings’ designs are so impressive as well.👍

10. At what age did you discover your first love?

Not yet ☺️

11. When did you realize you loved to write?

In 2012 😄
11 questions for the nominees:

Which part of the world you live?

What’s your favorite colour?

What’s your real name?!

What is the best dish of desserts you like mostly?!

If you have millions of dollars what are you going to do with it?!

Do you smoke?! If so why😄

What is your background?!

Do you like reading novels?! If yes what is your favorite novel?

Are you 24 hours online on WordPress site?

Jordanian Cuisine (part 5).

Hello fellows,
Hope you are doing well.
Hussein Allam is here again🙂, all i am writing about today for the following dishes Musakhan, Kofta Bi Tahini, Maqlupa, Kanafeh, and Hareesah. As a continuation for the previous series ( part 1-2-3-4) and now, let’s talk about the series 5, I guess it will be something different, as have to include some of the delicious desserts which it is the most popular dishes in Jordan.
Let’s go;😉.

1- Musakhan
Musakhan is a Jordanian and Palestinian dish of slices of bread, chicken, heaps of onions, fragrant spices like allspice and cinnamon, and lots of olive oil. The ingredients are stewed together until the onion, chicken, olives, and bread are fall apart tender and the spices have blended and harmonized. While the spices have a sweet tinge to them, the actual dish is not sweet. But you will enjoy it 100% percent for sure.

2.Kofta Bi Tahini

Kind of similar to shish kebabs, just in a completely different form, kofta bi tahini is a dish that includes a bottom base layer of minced kebab (or kofta) meat, flattened out into a patty, topped with thin slices of potato, doused in a thick tahini sauce, and then baked.

The meat on the bottom is like a base of sausage, that wonderful parsley flavored minced meat. If I didn’t know the white thick sauce all over kofta bi tahini was tahini, it is “sesame paste” looks like creamy sauce , because it is so rich and creamy. But instead it has a slightly nutty taste, and it is not nearly as heavy as a dairy based sauce.

3. Maqlupa
Along with mansaf, maqluba is another favorite taste for me🙂 Literally translated at “upside down” 😄 and here it’s called ups and downs because maqluba includes meat or chicken on the bottom, rice, and spices, all cooked together in one pot. Once the dish is ready, the pot is flipped over onto a big plate or communal tray, so the rice stays on the bottom, and the meat or chicken is left on the top. Maqluba can be garnished with parsley, fried pine nuts or other types of nuts, and slices of lemon.
The rice, since it’s cooked with meat or chicken, takes on a lovely broth flavor kind of like chicken rice (if you eat chicken maqluba), and the meat or chicken becomes fall apart tender from the long cooking process. You can really enjoy it in Jordan by eating it together with Arabic salad, the freshness of the cucumber and tomatoes really complemented the rice and chicken.

Of all the Jordanian sweets kanafeh is the most popular sweets between all Jordanians and tourists as well because it is so unique and included an interesting combination of ingredients and textures. This dessert is popular throughout the Levant, especially known in Palestine and Jordan.

Cheese is the most noticeable of ingredients in kanafeh, which is paired with either noodles or semolina, drenched in a sticky rose scented syrup, and topped with a pinch of ground pistachios. The cheese on the bottom tastes similar to mozzarella, while the top crust is crunchy and gooey.

5. Hareesah
If you are a huge desserts fan or sweets eater, You will love eating constantly. However. desserts are a big part of the cuisine in Jordan, and there are huge shops dedicated to just serving desserts.

One of the many common and widely available Arabic desserts in Jordan is hareeseh, a sweet made with semolina, coconut, cream, sugar, yoghurt, and almonds, all baked until golden brown. Hareeseh is prepared in bar form, kind of like the size and density of a brownie (although nothing like it in taste). It’s a very sweet dessert, and has a slight floral taste to go with the grainy texture of the semolina.
To be continued….
The last series are on the way to be finished, have a patient.😄
Hope you enjoyed reading it.
Thanks .


Leave what it holds you back, your depression, sadness, angriness, worries. 

All of these are obstacles which it is trying to stop us from moving forward. If you want a successful life, you have to believe that life is not all the time sweet, hence it must be there bitterness. Come on, it does make sense, pain exists in our life without pain, we would not be able to taste happiness. 

However, enjoy your moments of life, as we live in a limit time, remember that pain will not exist permanently, but it is just a temporary emotions, and it is going to be vainshed. So no worries if you hit the wall, but you have to worry in case of if you hit it and stopped, try always to go beyond the wall a little bit, and make your dream comes truth. 

Finally, why you worry when you stop, you should not be. Because if you stop, that’s your limit, and you have done your part. 

Note: i know that i said that you need to go beyond the wall, but if you stop, it does not mean you committed a big mistake. I mean! Why not if you still have the ability to go further. 

Filthy Friends

Don’t get saddened when your friend has left you alone, make sure that you are the king and those who left you, they are filthy nothing else, and they are looking for filthy like them. As they don’t deserve you as well.

However, not all of your friends are the same with their kindness, that’s why you don’t need to make a strong relationship, try to keep it on surface relationship. So when they leave you, you won’t feel that much in pain. in that light, you will be able to control your emotions towards that person. And be selective while choosing such a friend for whom you want to be with. Our life is not a game anymore. Consequently, It all comes by experience, make sure that you are not bad, but you became much be careful when choosing your friends due to your previous relationships.

Finally, nothing is worthy to feel sad on, live your life, and make it beautiful. Awesome friends are there, but it takes time to happen.