You never minded anything

I gave you indicators about what I need

but you were not smart enough

tell me, what should I do?

I did everything possible

I Knew , you knew but you ignored

I studied your face’s symptoms

It tells me you know

So why you keep ignoring

you are so smart in cheating

being honest with your emotions No

You chose

I chose

leave and never come back

Anyway, I did not feel comfortable with you






10 thoughts on “Uncomfortable

    1. Oh Tatjana, Hello my dear🙋‍♂️, you are one of the best followers in my wp web, but I believe we are more than followers, thank you for your constant visit through this humble page. Yeah, Everything is Alhamdulilah good. But I just wanted to refresh my web again as long as I have not posted for so long. What kinda beginning to refresh my web, right? 🙂. Thank you so much for caring, I hope you are the same. Have a great day my dear👍

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      1. It’s a very expressive poem that reveals a lot. I guess when we write, we always want to make an impact and make others think. I believe being involved in someone’s work means a lot more than collecting numbers and likes. So, welcome back😊!


      2. Thank you for positive reaction about my previous comment. That is really what you always deserve. Every word I said it, I meant for you so well. Thank you for the good wish dear Tatjana. But telling you that we will have lockdown again for three days including the first day of Eid which it will be sad for us for seeing that thing happen again. Thank you so much, my dear, so kind you are. Wish you a good days always.

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      3. Better to have a lock down than to have gatherings where people would kiss and shake their hands with tens of people. No people means more maamoul for you😊! Enjoy the beautiful weather.

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      4. No people mean no maamoul and more saving, mean in saving in the fisrt hand, energy from doing it. and in the second hand, which it is the most important thing is money😂

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