Against the flow!

We could definitely gain creativity, if we just went against the flow of stream, as it has positive impact to turn us from consumers to productive. But if we go with the flow of stream, it means we want to stay in our comfort zone, and never think to get out of it, in this light, we will always stay as consumers not productive.

Our minds is about to switch off from its purpose, we have to believe in our mind. So make your own way and enjoy life.

Creative malice!

No, No, No!

Creativity by hiding their ” hate ” to you, Oh malicious, don’t you know you’re burning yourself. Don’t you know ” hate ” shortens life, therefore it takes you far away from happiness.

You must believe that joy and happiness exist under these clear words ” being able to love ( others ) what you love for yourself.”

My question!

How do you guys manage malicious individuals who show love and respect only in front of you, but at your back, they’re something else.

I would love to hearing your answers in my comment section below!

Thanks for reading.

It is just “click”

Just click ” SAVE ” to beautiful memories, and ” CANCEL” to get rid of the negative past to have a brighter future, instead of going into spiraling loop of depressions, and keep decreasing and increasing distances from the center point. But finally, you achieve nothing but getting worse. Forgetting is a great way to make replacement for old one by making no space for trash. You know what?! If you constantly do that, your brain will become full of happy moments, consequently, you will be busy in remembering it with a smile in your face, it will make others wonder how strong you are! whereas no time you may get to be sad.

Remember, keep deleting your passive old times until your memory becomes full so your brain later will find no space to save bad things anymore. Practice until you make it a habit.

Thanks for reading.


It is incredibly amazing to see those people with a sharp mind are using a golden technique by expressing and covering much in few words. Those like to highlight the important points and hate long explanations. I can figure out, they have sort of a rare merits in their personalities. In addition, brief and concise forms are their natural behaviours. Let it alone for those who gained it beyond years are totally amazing.

One word or two words are enough to let you understand.

The years we spend # poem

We put plans

We work hard for those plans

We spend many years for achieving it

And then we spent those years

But the main question

Did we really achieve?’

Not yet

Oh My God

Not yet

It is true

Now wait

We got too old

Look behind

What you have built?’

Still nothing


What you waiting for?

Go ahead and act on small things first

Do your effort that suits your abilities now

Step by step

Look higher and higher

Now, don’t let the years of your life pass easily

Dramatically, you will have it

It will take time I know

But make it happen now at least for little things

Don’t waste time, it is enough!

Happiness with small things you achieve

It is great work though

Hopeless no

Disappointed no

You still better than everyone else

You don’t believe it

No, you have to believe it

If you believe it, wonders will happen




Small tree takes time until it gives you though

Yes, it takes time but it gives later

We never lose our hope in a tree

Sooner or later

It will give us but until it is completely grown

this is How it is

But you need to give for the tree some of your care

Pay little attention for the years you spend

Just give some care too

Your age is important

Every single day we spend is important

Sad when look behind and see nothing

Don’t wait for that moment

What it passed never come back

let it Stick in your head like a glue

It is done

Thank for reading this random free verse.

The Detours And Your Final destination.

By one way or another when you live in developed country, you will have to see updates happens in its roads on daily basis, due to the large number people who already had cars including tourists who want to visit the country either for business or enjoying as well as new labours who have been hosted by the country to work in it as soon as they come to the country, they directly apply for a driving license, after they obtained it, they directly rush for buying a car sooner for making their life easier. And then, the country starts putting up new strategies and rules for making an easy living for those who came and the original citizens of the country itself. While executing the new strategy for constructing a new roads, you will encounter sort of like DETOURS, therefore this action is definitely a must until they have done from building it.

Now, Here the obstacles are to begin, traffic jams, getting your workplace late by staying long hours in your car, because the destination you take, there would be a lot of them going the same direction. Actually, this feeling is so boring. You will begin to think how to set up your own strategy to avoid being late to your job or spending long hours inside your cars while you go to any destinations you intended, one thing will come the first place in your mind is waking up early, this solution indicates your mind works well.

So take this image and putting it into your life’s needs, goals and whatever you want to achieve it. As a result, You will think how to find out new ways or tracks that takes you on straight to your goals. Upon this, you have to omit something so called DETOURS. Within the real journey of life we might pass through stages we could enjoy in it but we probably think we have to leave it away, it is like going to be wasting of time of our life that it won’t get back again. So we feel like we have to jump over the detours, I guess I know we will feel like we are losing valuable stuff but it sets us free later on. I believe that we can not make things we enjoy go easily but the at the end, we have to SACRIFICE sometimes for that golden goal that took us so long for achieving it. in a nut shell, SACRIFICE AND OUR DECISIONS are pretty important that leads us to final destination we dreamed for.

Wish you the very bright in your life. And thanks for reading.


Do not imitate anyone in your life, imitation is a kind of switching off the capability in your mind from creativity.

It is hard when you work so bad on something, and try to create your own way to turn out bad to better. And easily, someone comes and steal your technique and function it on his field.

But no problem, find new ways and dig deeper until you discover your road, and make others who are unfamiliar to it, make it their own way after you. Thats how you leave a great mark to be remembered.

Thank you for reading.