Unreliable Sites!!

This is so ridiculous when reading some pieces from professional network sources and surfing through internet. Finally you get what you are looking for, and then you start reading a number of articles, and got convinced about what professionals have said in their articles. Later, we contemplate about their words, after few days, you need to go deeply through the specific topic you were searching for.

Accidentally, your eyes fell off on another sources, you keep reading and then you found out the content contradicts what you have read it via reading previous sources which it relates to another professional writers.

Internet has tremendously negative impact on our lives, and it could be an even the worst place, we rely on if we go read articles from unreliable networks, because if you get influenced and your mindset programmed for what they have mentioned, it is not easy to change your habits and eradicate the negative energy you gain from that sources unfortunately. That’s why before we think to make some searches for what we need and begin to read. Wait and ask yourself if this source is trusted or not!! Do some researches about the author for where he or she belongs to. And then you can build your thoughts and your assessment from viewers while reviewing their comments about the same article that you wish to read. Or you can go through other searches from different sites to get information about the author.

What it has happened to me is that I read an article someday and I then decided to make other searches for self knowledge in a certain study. damn! I later got shocked that what i have read in the past few days compared to wha i read today, it was all contradicted. At the beginning, i was happy because i obtained what i wanted, but i am now upset, because i get a little chaotic.

In a nutshell, you may know what i have encountered and it could be even familiar to all of you, but just wanted to share you this to remind you again about such a type of this situations. My advice, do a research about the author if trustworthy or not, if a trustworthy persons , go for reading their articles and enjoy reading it

Thanks for reading.

19 thoughts on “Unreliable Sites!!

    1. You hit it so well, thats what we have to really do, checking the original source before we turn the point from conscious to subconscious mind, if our minds were built on wrong concepts, it will be hard to reprogram our mind later, it will be perplexed to sort it out! Thank you a lot for standing for my point. Updownflight, i am glad for visiting my blog once again, and you do well though 😉

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  1. So true……..we shouldn’t allow people to feed us without checking what in the pan.
    But ,sometimes I wonder if people subconsciously fall for some facts because it is more convenient for them.

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  2. This reminds me of the joke “It must be true, I read it on the internet!” The joke obviously points out that you can’t trust anything you research on the internet unless you get corroboration. This is a big problem for doctors. Their patients arrive thinking they must have disease X because they think their symptoms match. In actuality, they have another or no disease, at all!

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    1. Hhhh, i could find the same thing when symptoms appear on some people, they rely on internet to diagnose themselves. It is enough reason to create for themselves a kind of phobia. As a result, it will different from one to another. You said it right, dear mainepaperpusher, thanks for leaving your point of view here 😉

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