Do not steal someone’s life! 

Everyday, we hear a different story from all parts of the world. There are many people are getting stabbed or shot, after that they died due to these reasons like race issues,  color of skin and religion. What are the advantages could be behind this! Why they are killing innocent people. Why did children ge stabbed while they are going to schools, or work. What did children do for them to be stabbed. Life is so tough! 

However, you are not allowed to end one’s life. It  is extremely prohibited. As you must think thousands times before you do this. 

Finally, what are the benefits that you will get after you did! At the end you lose everything in life, family if there is. As a result, you will be imprisoned until you become rotten. And now, are you happy with this?! 

Do not steal someone’s life, by commiting like these rotten behaviours. You are not allowed at all. 

Welcome to peaceful world! 

Teachers can be replaced by computers 

As computers are being used more and more in education, there will be soon no role for teachers in the classroom.

Due to technology revolution, we can discover that techears can be replaced by computers locally and globally. As there may be no roles for teachers at schools, teaching could be done online. 

In the modern ages, we can find adrastic change in padegodgical means around the world. So pupils can get an access to learn through internet means. But we can not ignore the role if teachers is very important to guide students to be on the right track. For example, mistakes or bad behaviours can be reinforced by teachers guidance to tun into right way. However, computers will be an useful asset, if it is used in proper way. For instance, in Japan, it is one of countries that function learning via internet methods. There are a few schools in it providing teaching through online tactics. It was so successful in functioning it professionally. Whereas, a survey from online ministry of education education in Japan showed a good number of students have graduted from schools with excellent grades, as they followed market jobs with accredited certificate stamped by the ministry. 

However, we believe computers could play an essential part in education. But there will be a kind of passive returns to the country. For example, people who hold a degree in education, what they can do with it, as computers have been replaced by teachers. In connection with this point, the number of unemployment in this field would be increased apparently. So government should be able to make parallel in it.  It can work to provide them different chances to work with their field. Otherwise, it can specify a number of schools without online teaching. So that they can work in it. 

In brief, computers have advantages and disadvantages at the same moments. So teachers play an important role to be appeared physically in the classroom. As a result, they can watch their behavioural situation and correct them in case, if they are mistaken. On the other hand, this aspect is not available in online teaching. 

Obesity can affect not only adults but to children as well

Modern children are suffering from the diseases that were once considered to be meant for adults only. Obesity is a major disease prevalent among children. What are its causes and what solutions can be offered?

We thought first, that ailment could be accompanied by elderly ages. But nowadays, we can see it from different perspective. Immatures have a chance to have a certain type of diseases such as obesity. As it is the principal issue that it could happen to children. So, i will exaplain in details effects and stick here some suggestion in how to tackle this problem. 

On the one hand, this phenomenon started from technology point. Whereas, we believe that technologies have become an essential part in our life, as it has brought a number of benefits to us, but it also created some passive prospects. Hence, it has influnced on us by causing obesity not only to adults but to children as well. When children overuse these means, it will affect on them respectively. For example, Computer games or other methods like tablet, so that they can download games on it, and play with it. While they are playing many hours with it, they will become obese. So the less movement during day due to games playing. The more will get a kind of obesity. So getting one’s fat is one of the most dangerous diseases ever. There a report came out from medical journsl from USA in 2006 showed, when children spend numeric hours in playing games, they will have more opportunity to get fat, which it will affect on their health in the future. However, obesity might lead to digestive stomach problems, and heart attack even if they are in early ages. For this reason, when they became adults, they will encounter like these diseases. 
On the second hand, unless schedules have been organised by parents, they would get chances for getting more fat. As it should be there a kind of surveillance done by their familly regularly. There was a study analysis issued from health commuinty for controlling obesity from sweden showed. The pecentage of obesity to children has been dropped to 50% in 2008 compared to 2000-2006. And that’s virtues return to their  parents with benefits. Lastly, this strict control is useful way to derease from the proportion of one’s gets fat. Besides, teaching immature about how to array their hours during the day. In addition, making exercises will help them to avoid it. So they can be more healthy, and full of energy alike. If they do exercises. 

In brief, technology and computer are not that much bad, if they use smartly. Otherwise, it can develop their mental stages in process of growing. In addition, it can eradicate them from ignorance to become educated a well as brain can work properly due to the huge number if strategic games whichbit is available in computer networks. 

Studying International language in English-speaking countries 

Nowadays, more and more foreign students are going to English-Speaking countries to learn the “international language – English”. It is undoubtedly true that studying English in an English-speaking country is the best way, but it is not the only way to learn it.Do you agree or disagree with the above statement?

Recently, There are an enormous number of adults prefer to study English abroad to western conutries which it is the mother of this language.  So i agree that learning it from the source of native speakers, it is the perferct way to acquire it correctly. However, it is not the only method that you can obtain it. i will explain here in details as following. 

Due to the development of technology merits in the world. There are a growing number of people have inclination with full of statisfaction for going to study abroad English Language for achieving it perfectly. As a result , It has been used by large number of people. As it can be counted as business and technology language as well. I will put a prime example, There are many schools located in Dubai. So HR recruitments prefer to hire Arabs who hold a bachelor from English speakers countries. So that they can ensure better education and learning pure language in their country. As they think that those who graduate from western countries, they are the most professional in using it. We believe that in UK  or America provide high standard techniques included in their systems. As they have functioned a developed equipment stuff. In addition, those who have studied, they have the ability to produce the word pronunciation purely and perfectly alike. While they were there, they have interacted with native speakers, as they got more experience in functioning it. So their scond languaged will be developed unconsciously during their staying over there. 

To sum up, we believe that English language can be learned in home country. But it is much better to be learned in English countries to ensure high level of English proffeciency. Furthermore, i could mention, that we can take an adavantage from those who hold western certificates, so that , they will be an asset in the country instead of going to study abroad. But we can not deny that interaction in native conutries is something useful. In addition, it will consolidate to learn the language professionally.

Offenders after serving the first punishment 

Many offenders commit more crimes after serving the first punishment. Why is this happening, and what measures can be taken to tackle this problem?

In the modern world, there are a number of crimes happen around the world. Which it has been committed by human. Consequently, They will be imprisoned in jail for a period. So, there have been recorded different cases. That people who committed crimes against human or other types of offensive conditions such race issue, killing, robbery. After realsing them, they will become more offensive. So here details and how it can be resolved. 

First of all, criminals are everywhere in the world. It can not be tackled easily. As it takes time to decrease it. In addition, it needs to be studied carefully with hard work. We somtimes feel. That punishment is not a good technique to solve problems. As Criminals require a kind of support and cooperation to direct through the correct path, they need to be treated proffesionally with their cases. When they get prisoned for over a period with regards to their committed crimes, they may be mixed with other criminals who have bad thoughts about life. So the possibly of breaking rules would be increase, it means that Government did not solve any issues. Instead of correction, they might be destroyed. Hence, they will have mutual passive thoughts bewteen each other. For example, there is a study in Germany. It shows, while it was taken disciplinary action against like punishment for offenders, the percentage of building passive mentalities will increase dramatically due to experienced criminal who are in the prisoned. 

However, government should use proper methods instead of punishment. They must deal ethically. As a restult they still human. On other words. For example, segregating as per crime rate. It can encourage to learn sorts of jobs, while they are at the prison. Furthermore, educating them with different courses. To be more specific, once they learn such a proffessional work, after they got released, they will look for job. So keeping them busy with thinking about work and how to learn new skills, it will take them away from doing bad deeds. Moreover, it can provide to put them on rehabilitation cells. So that they can spend years in it, while they are in it. They will have the ability to be taught other fields related to market jobs. 

To conclude, crimes can be tackled, if we convert punishment to something positive. Offering for them opportunities to learn new skills. In addition, they can give them the chance to correct themselves instead of wasting years in jails. Besides, they can have benefits while they are out of prison. However, neglecting them will increase crimes in countries. 

Studying abroad

More and more students are going to another country for higher education. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

In recent years, we have noticed that there are a number of students prefer to studying abroad to studying in their home country. As they need continue their higher education in such foreign universities. But we believe that there will be adavantages and disadvantages while taking decision to continue education outside of the country. So i will illustrate the details as following. 

Nowadays , there are a growing number of youngsters choose to study abroad for getting, as they are supported by their parents financially. So they stay there for about four years, it depends on bachelor degree level.  Hence, those adults go through this method, as they believe that, there may be more opportunites while they come back to home country. For example, in Dubai, there were enormous number of people get hired who had western degree with excellent salary package and other incentive included to one’s package. For this reason, they found that there are more adavantages if they had studied abroad. While companies can also have advantage for employing, students who had studied abroad, they think, that they had more experience compared to people who had local ceritifate. Undeniable, that students who studied outside of the country, that they have been developed well in education sides. 

On the contrary, people who had studied abroad, they might create problems in employment process among adults. For example, those who had graduated from local univeristies, they usually encounter low income of monthly pay. As they have few opportunities for getting hired. Consequently, the number of unemployment people would increase daramatically. As they may intend to leave their home country to search for job. Because they feel like, they have been neglected in their country. As a result, one’s country will lose numeric skilful workers. Particularly, those who are experienced and well educated. For example, in Sudan, there are a number of human immigrate to gulf countries to look for job, due to limitation of job vacancies in their home country. In consequences, they can not wait to stay without work, as they need to have a source, so that they can rely on it. In addition, they have many liabilities like families and children at their back waiting for a source to live their life naturally. 

In brief, in spite of studying abroad will be there more benefits, but it will present obstacles in employment and immigration factor would be increased. 

Mobiles phones have transformed the way we live

The increase in mobile phone use in recent years has transformed the way we live, communicate and do business. Mobile phones can also be the cause of social or medical problems. What forms do these problems take? Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of mobile phones? 

Nowadays, people depend largely on cell phones. Despite using mobiles will be beneficial for business communication. But it still has some bad effectives, which it goes back to users. In addition, it may create social struggles and ailment as well. So i will argue here the pros and cons of cell phones. 

Recently, there are enormous of people believe that cell phones would help them. As it has solved their problem in so many cases. Specifically, people who stay far away of their bussiness as well as their family. They can keep on touch with them via this means. In addition, phones have merits like text services, as they could function it by doing other communication instead of calling conversation through ths apparatus. For example, there is one busniess man , and his name is Jack Philip the owner of Iffco company in dubai. He was doing managment by his device while he was away of the country for family business. Moreover, he was answering calls for urgent reasons. In opposite, he was following up his business and checking each single point about what is happening in the company when he is out. Whereas, there are a number of people who travel out of their home country for studying. And others who get abroad for working. So they will always be in touch with their family or parents. Hence, these people prefer to be constantly updated about their family conditions. So, this device helped a large number of people. It was a reason for problem decreasing. 

On the contrary, mobiles could be an issue for presenting social broblems and other medical aspects. Cell phones would create health diseaes. Hence, there are a number of people who are being addicted of mobile using. As a result, it may increase the pecentage of making cancer in brain. in addition, ear problems. There are reports posted in health journal in UK. As it showed people who peresistently use cell phones. They were exposed to cancers in brain cells and ears impaired alike. Whereas, a study shows that people who overuse these devices, they could fall into love relation suspense. There was a family had problem with their duaghter, as she was caught by making a relationship with mature. As that mature had a previous criminal records. Whereas, her family have not known him before. Although, family’s daughter was immature which it led to illegal relation. In addition, it might be a victim without her parents guidance. 

To sum up, cell phones have pros and cons. We use these mobiles in good things, it will return to us with better things. So mobile phones have a positive purposes, if we use it in positive way. 

Pros & Cons of having a car 

Some people claim that there are more disadvantages of the car than its advantages. Do you agree or disagree? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having a car.
There are a number of people believe that people who own cars have more cons than its pros while using it. So, i agree with them. Furthermore, i will explain in details as below.
First of all, advantages of of having car that cars can take people wherever they want. Nowadays, people look for a way to be more comfortable. As, it is easy to collect them to places they needed. For example, instead of using public transportation, they prefer to using their own cars to shift them from home to their workplace on the right time. Instead of spending long hours for waiting in the bus station until the proper bus to pick them up. In research survey came out from public transportation services, it showed that people who use their own cars, the can be at their workplace on time. Whereas Another example, human choose to own cars for the purpose of emergency. If there is any urgent case, they will see their available at anytime. As there are enormous of people who suffer from public services unavailability during late hours in the night. In this case, they would the encouragement to have a car to avoid like this issue. 
However, there are large number of people complain from roads congested during the day. As, in particular, in the rush hours which it happens in the morning. Whereas, there are a number want to be in their workplace on time. So, people who have private cars are the reason of road congestion. For example, RTA “road transportation authority” company prevail, that the principal of causing this passive effect came from those who own cars. Currently, they are studying to reduce from this obstacle. As in recent research happened in Australia. There were proofs shows that. The more people convert to use their own cars, the more of air pollution would increase gradually. Which it will lead to global warming. 
To conclude, it is beneficial to to have a car. But we believe that owning cars to road congested and air pollution at the same. So using public services as alternative, it would help to decrease from the proportion of polluted air, and road congested all to gather for the purpose of keeping a kind of balance on earth.