You need to look old in the purpose to handle great position in a company. 

It seems that people think that great professional  person involves in age. The more old, the more experience. Okay! I believe, that old people have a huge experience. But is it a must to hold a higher position in such reputed organisation? Although, we believe that young individuals have worked harder for achieving higher position as well as their qualification will give them the permission to work in some positions for a company. But organisations are looking for elder people to handle such great position unfortunately. And this is wrong in all words. 

However, we can see that youngers are encountering problems while going to an interview, after interviewees attend the interview physically, the interviwer will get surprise because of their early age to handle the position. as consequence they will reject him/her due to her/his early age for the position- they think directly about age and they forget the qualification which it may make the job suitable for him/her. As we know that youngers are eager to take the responsibility after they got hired. But when employees get rejected, they feel disappointed. As a result, the ambition which they have, it will be lit off gradually. 

Now, Should i look old to hold an important position in a company? 

Start off by making your bed!!

If you wanna think to change the the world, start off by making your bed. So in this case, if you were able to arrange your bed wisely. You would get simple positive thoughts, that you will resist and achieve better opportunities, so when you have this feeling, you will notice that you can overcome the difficult tasks during the day. As a result, your bed will be a reason to consildate that tomorrow is better after you encountered such a bad day.

If you were not able to arrange a simple thing like your bed, you will always be in troubles. So start your day by doind simple things and if you did it, you could do complicated tasks esaily. Finally, it will motivate you that nothing is difficult.

I don’t want you to be a superman, just be simple and think positive. 



If you are not famous, people will not listen to you, but if you are celebrated person, you will find lots of people are being inspired. And we can also notice in the comment box a huge number of great comments in their comments area. Why? Is it because he/ she is famous. 
In brief, if you are not  famous, people will never try to listen to you. And if you are not celebrated writer, no one will read your works.

Keep moving forward, my Friends!

Nowadays, some heads are used for hair cutting!! 

What you waiting for???

Just leave it away and think  differently. How many times we encounter problems in our life. For sure a lot. Some of it we can tackle it and others no. So for problems which we can’t resolve it, why we need to wait for so long until we sort it out? And at the end nothing can be achieved and nothing changed or improved. You see, is not it too funny?

Some people have their own thoughts and principles. Don’t be so optimistic that you can change them someday. So no need to keep staring at the problem and be much surprised waiting for finding a solution to it. Just think of it ! Even you need to inform them for what they are doing is wrong, but inevitably, they have never satisfied. you know why because they have their own satisfaction for doing their own stuff. As a result, we have just wasted our time.

Finally, the hardest thing ever is that you can’t change anyone personality. So be cool and move forward.

People use their head for hair cutting and unfortunately, they forgot what it is there inside their head. I guess, it could be there what we call it? May be—a brain. 

It is so weird!!!! 

People from a single simple conversation get so upset, they want to fight without even going through in any way trying to sort it out. 

This is so stupid when we see adults fight and hit each other without thinking about further consequences. Do you think we are not able to absorb the situation for preventing it from happening. Yes we can but if we want.

However, I do not know why people become brutal. I do not know What they are eating though? ! I think the reason is the type of food they eat it. 

Positive Criticism

Criticism is a useful tool can be used for improvement ones character. 

I could say that lots of people get angry if they got critisized by someone. As a result, they leave you away without further notice. They do not even explain why they blocked you on facebook though😄. When I memorized what I did for them, suddenly I remembered that I critisized them one day in something . Why is that for😅? That’s only because I only said my point of view. 

Look! Criticism is a great technique for improving ourselves character. So without this aspect, we can see ourselves perfect. 

Finally, we need to know with whom we deal before uttering any criticizes. As narrow minded people feel that it is against them passively. igonarnts are really everywhere, they think friends are enemies for them✌️. 

Without Criticism can’t live, because I can use it as an advantage for going a head.