Teacher’s pain

One of the hardest job all over the world is being a teacher, because you give your students all what you have, you provide them all what they need, you teach them reading, writing, and how they can talk, or even it goes beyond education, they give them love and care and treat them as one of their children too. in spite of all that they disrespect you in return. Teachers were born as givers, they don’t wait for favours from their students because they teach them.

Although, teachers teach them how to write , read and speak, students become rude for teachers. Tools are used in an opposite way by students instead of they write compliments and thankful letters for their teachers, they insult them by writing gross words in piece of papers and leave it in the middle of nowhere until others find it and open it and read what’s inside it, after that piece of paper take a round between all students, and finally it reached the final destination which it is the teacher and then the teacher picked it up to read what’s in it too, as a result he was shocked but he did not appear his physical impressions to his pupils, because these shits should not influence him by any means, because one of the important aspect should be available in teachers is self confident, as his personality mustn’t shake in front of them, they must stand tall and be proud either, if weaknesses got known by the students, will happen what’s not expected, as students will know how to exploit them and manipulate with their nerves whenever they need to waste teacher’s energy when enter the classroom and this is the challenge, it should be taken seriously and end this problem from its roots to avoid it from happening once again.

Look! How it is, teachers teach children writing style but at the end their students fed them up and use it against them. So look for what they do, it goes against teachers their writing in an offensive way. Is this should be the way how it is.?!

Is this teachers’ rewards that they should get it from pupils in return?!

Wait! Teachers don’t wait for sort of like gifts or something like that, but lovely words as thankful letters are enough to be written for them for keeping them energised.

Finally, teacher’s fuel is beautiful written words, or even to be said verbally for them not written only.

Unreliable Sites!!

This is so ridiculous when reading some pieces from professional network sources and surfing through internet. Finally you get what you are looking for, and then you start reading a number of articles, and got convinced about what professionals have said in their articles. Later, we contemplate about their words, after few days, you need to go deeply through the specific topic you were searching for.

Accidentally, your eyes fell off on another sources, you keep reading and then you found out the content contradicts what you have read it via reading previous sources which it relates to another professional writers.

Internet has tremendously negative impact on our lives, and it could be an even the worst place, we rely on if we go read articles from unreliable networks, because if you get influenced and your mindset programmed for what they have mentioned, it is not easy to change your habits and eradicate the negative energy you gain from that sources unfortunately. That’s why before we think to make some searches for what we need and begin to read. Wait and ask yourself if this source is trusted or not!! Do some researches about the author for where he or she belongs to. And then you can build your thoughts and your assessment from viewers while reviewing their comments about the same article that you wish to read. Or you can go through other searches from different sites to get information about the author.

What it has happened to me is that I read an article someday and I then decided to make other searches for self knowledge in a certain study. damn! I later got shocked that what i have read in the past few days compared to wha i read today, it was all contradicted. At the beginning, i was happy because i obtained what i wanted, but i am now upset, because i get a little chaotic.

In a nutshell, you may know what i have encountered and it could be even familiar to all of you, but just wanted to share you this to remind you again about such a type of this situations. My advice, do a research about the author if trustworthy or not, if a trustworthy persons , go for reading their articles and enjoy reading it

Thanks for reading.

a person can never understand the culture of a country unless they speak the language.

Some people think that a person can never understand the culture of a country unless they speak the language.
Do you agree with this opinion?

There are enormous of people believe that a person can never understand the culture of a country, if he/she don’t speak the language. Therefore, I agree with this statement, I will argue in details about it as following;

First of all, language can be counted as a method to people for transferring mutual discussion and ideas between each other, however we can not live naturally in a country if we don’t know its language, in addition, that we might have passive consequences while dealing with other individuals as well as we will not be able to adapt in a country in different situations, hence we believe in recent days that a large number of people prefer to travel to another countries either for studying of working due to the unemployment which it exists in their country, in this case, one’s has to learn the language before leaving his original country, so that they can have the ability to adapt in as per the culture requirements, furthermore, knowledge of country’s language is an essential for individuals to learn it.

Notably, there are a lot of matures faild to reach their destination goal, because they don’t know the mother language of a country that they need to move into it. For example, there are people tend to shift to Germany for settling over there, unfortunately, they don’t know the language, as a consequence, they found a numeric of difficulties, such as not finding job, even in simple jobs’ tasks like stewart in a restaurant, I believe that they can not work in an organisation without knowing the language, because how they can work in a place that they don’t know the language of it. However, language is basic aspect to have known it, so that they continued their work naturally, in addition we believe that there are a lot of persons left their country to work western countries, but they lost many chances, as a result, they have come back to original country, we believe that they spent a huge amount of money to cross miles seeking for job, but they lost a lot of chances due to their disabilities of talking the language of concerned countries. In the modern age, there are a number of countries request Ielts or Toefl for traveling procedures for example USA, and UK, as individuals can’t travel or apply in the embassy without completing the test’s requirements successfully, this one is approved by the embassy for English proficieny, and after they have done, they can continue to next steps to file up an application for the concernd embassy. In addition, this procedure is applied on education, if someone wants to continue master, BA degrees, and Phd.

In brief, language plays an integrate part in a country, if you don’t speak it, you will encounter some difficulties, as it will lead to failure.

TV is good and makes more enjoyable! 

Some people believe that watching TV is good and makes life more enjoyable; others, however, think it is a waste of time. Do you agree or disagree? Give your own opinion.

There are a number of people believe that watching TV is something good and it makes life more interesting, while others counted it as a waste of time. I totally disagree with this Statement, therefore, I will explain in details why watching TV is important nowadays.

To begin, watching TV is one of means that makes people know about what is happening around them not just locally but around the world though. For example, there have been some channels introduce news about other countries such as; CNN, and BBC, these two are presenting daily international news from all the world. As it updates people about the progress of  countries, either economically or culturally. In addition, it gives opportunities to people to recognize traditions of other people.

However, it can’t be counted as waste of time, TV might be used to distribute education in Histroy as well. Furthermore, it has provided some special programs for children’s education, it could be like cartoon programs, as it encourages immature to adapt with the outside atmosphere.

Additionally, Some channels might build the thought of children to improve their ability needs in such fields. However, there are a number of channels have integral part in distributing people’s opinion to the world, so that other individuals could take it as advantages. Whereas, there would be special programs to develop mom’s ability about how to take care of their immature by sharing other people’s experiences alive via TV.

In brief, channels have more advantages than disadvantages.

Aim of university education is not only to help graduates get better jobs! 

Some people believe the aim of university education is to help graduates get better jobs. Others believe there are much wider benefits of university education for both individuals and society.
Discuss both views and give your opinion.

We have two groups of people have different point of views, the first group believe the goal of university education is to support graduaters for having suitable jobs, and the second group believe that there are enormous of advantages when completing higher education either for matures or community. Therefore, I will discuss here the two perspectives in details as following;

First of all, the first group who find out that continuing up university education gives more opportunities for obtaining jobs which it relates to the field which they have studied at the universty. Recently, students are aware of selecting what to study in the university, as each student has different interest in such field. For example, some students go through labour market requirments, so that they study a field which it is possibly to be paid more wages in the market, which it has also constant vacancies to avoid unemployment features. However, they look for a workplace where they can achieve comfortness and relaxation environment. In addition, they like to work in an environment where open minded people work. As it could be counted as self advantage relates to the person himself or herself only.

And the second view, there are a group of people believe that finishing university eduation, it will be there a kind of mutual benefits for individuals and the society as well, because a country needs to have different professions in different fields. For example, it is important that the country should have doctor practioners whicg it is an essential part that it should be existed in it, when people got sick, they will have to visit the doctor to diagnose one’s case and prescribe for them the medicine to be cured from a certain type of disease. In addition, community requires teachers to teach other pupils. However, when graduaters focus only to study specific fileds, certainly it will cause lack of professions in the society. As a result, we can see some organisations have shortage of employees, they can not find people to work with them. It really happened in some countries with the ministry of education, they could not find teachers to hire them, because there no one apply for it due to the weakness of salaries.

I think, education does not involve individuals for achieving their goals only, but the society has to have a balance between all majors to fulfill needs of society for the best of the conutry.

In brief, it is very necessary to make a parallel in professions for the purpose of having a better society not only to look for self interest, because we are part of the community, we should take care of this point.

Teacher’s Character 

Unfortunately, Most of the teachers follow one system in teaching methodologies which we call it “mimics” as a consequence, teachers complain why students do not interact in the class effectively. So if you go beyond this question, you will find a multiple answers. Firstly, you have to look for better techniques in teaching time, specifically, in these materials; science, English, history, math, and computer science. Scondly, make a qiuet atmosphere in the class, not by making a brutal character among pupils, as result, they will get scared of you, notably, there are a number of teachers try to create powerful attitude in the class to achieve respect, in way that they try to make them fear from their teachers. Thirdly, show your kindness to your students in turn to botain respect, because not all students may get scared of you if use a brutal character in the class , they will make you suffer more undoubtedly. Lastly, try to explain each lesson precisely by making it simple and easy to understand, be initiative, and creative, in that light, children will listen to each single word, you utter in the class, as a result, they will interact with you positively, if they comprehend the lesson. Whereas, there are some signs, for example, students will create such a mess within the class in case if they did not understand what you are saying. so that they may disturb and interrupt you while you are giving them lesson explanation. In addition, advance preparation of your materials at home, it will help to control pupils, so that they can act smoothly in your class. If you do not follow the structures which i have mention above. If you do not follow a modern way in teaching , so no need to ask yourself, why students do not interact in your class. Keep in mind that ” I do not force you to use these techniques, but it really  helps you, if you take it into consideration”. 

Boost your CV 

To begin, we just say, once we need to continue high degrees of academic fields like studying “master or Phd degrees” to boost our CV. But we conclude that after, we finish the academic graduation. I am coming to find that getting a job becomes impossible. Furthermore, graduaters search for job posts to claim a job, but unfortunately, they could not find a job related to their field, so it is extremely disheartening. 

Consequently, they across from city to city, and country to country, but they do not have opportunities to work in their domain. Notably , number of graduters are worries of not having a job after graduation. 

However, they will be obligated to work with another fields. For example, they go through sales, retails business, and working in hospitality  places as a house keeping, or stewart for washing households stuff. Ultimately, they jump from academic fields to another profession fields. We believe that working in any different position is not a shame. But the shame is, while you are setting at home, and you request a job. Hence, job will not come to you on a golden plate and knock your door, which it does not make sense. 

It is not bad, if you start with a low level salary in different field rather than your origin field. Make sure, more chances are coming to you at the right and at the place as well.

In brief, all you need, it is just to have a patience. So no need to become despair for nothing and making things into worse from nothing. Believe me, everything will come on the right time. Do your best only, positive results will be fruitful. When you feel, it is ready, you will harvest it. Just believe on yourself. And “DO YOUR BEST”

Teachers can be replaced by computers 

As computers are being used more and more in education, there will be soon no role for teachers in the classroom.

Due to technology revolution, we can discover that techears can be replaced by computers locally and globally. As there may be no roles for teachers at schools, teaching could be done online. 

In the modern ages, we can find adrastic change in padegodgical means around the world. So pupils can get an access to learn through internet means. But we can not ignore the role if teachers is very important to guide students to be on the right track. For example, mistakes or bad behaviours can be reinforced by teachers guidance to tun into right way. However, computers will be an useful asset, if it is used in proper way. For instance, in Japan, it is one of countries that function learning via internet methods. There are a few schools in it providing teaching through online tactics. It was so successful in functioning it professionally. Whereas, a survey from online ministry of education education in Japan showed a good number of students have graduted from schools with excellent grades, as they followed market jobs with accredited certificate stamped by the ministry. 

However, we believe computers could play an essential part in education. But there will be a kind of passive returns to the country. For example, people who hold a degree in education, what they can do with it, as computers have been replaced by teachers. In connection with this point, the number of unemployment in this field would be increased apparently. So government should be able to make parallel in it.  It can work to provide them different chances to work with their field. Otherwise, it can specify a number of schools without online teaching. So that they can work in it. 

In brief, computers have advantages and disadvantages at the same moments. So teachers play an important role to be appeared physically in the classroom. As a result, they can watch their behavioural situation and correct them in case, if they are mistaken. On the other hand, this aspect is not available in online teaching. 

Studying International language in English-speaking countries 

Nowadays, more and more foreign students are going to English-Speaking countries to learn the “international language – English”. It is undoubtedly true that studying English in an English-speaking country is the best way, but it is not the only way to learn it.Do you agree or disagree with the above statement?

Recently, There are an enormous number of adults prefer to study English abroad to western conutries which it is the mother of this language.  So i agree that learning it from the source of native speakers, it is the perferct way to acquire it correctly. However, it is not the only method that you can obtain it. i will explain here in details as following. 

Due to the development of technology merits in the world. There are a growing number of people have inclination with full of statisfaction for going to study abroad English Language for achieving it perfectly. As a result , It has been used by large number of people. As it can be counted as business and technology language as well. I will put a prime example, There are many schools located in Dubai. So HR recruitments prefer to hire Arabs who hold a bachelor from English speakers countries. So that they can ensure better education and learning pure language in their country. As they think that those who graduate from western countries, they are the most professional in using it. We believe that in UK  or America provide high standard techniques included in their systems. As they have functioned a developed equipment stuff. In addition, those who have studied, they have the ability to produce the word pronunciation purely and perfectly alike. While they were there, they have interacted with native speakers, as they got more experience in functioning it. So their scond languaged will be developed unconsciously during their staying over there. 

To sum up, we believe that English language can be learned in home country. But it is much better to be learned in English countries to ensure high level of English proffeciency. Furthermore, i could mention, that we can take an adavantage from those who hold western certificates, so that , they will be an asset in the country instead of going to study abroad. But we can not deny that interaction in native conutries is something useful. In addition, it will consolidate to learn the language professionally.