Teachers can be replaced by computers 

As computers are being used more and more in education, there will be soon no role for teachers in the classroom.

Due to technology revolution, we can discover that techears can be replaced by computers locally and globally. As there may be no roles for teachers at schools, teaching could be done online. 

In the modern ages, we can find adrastic change in padegodgical means around the world. So pupils can get an access to learn through internet means. But we can not ignore the role if teachers is very important to guide students to be on the right track. For example, mistakes or bad behaviours can be reinforced by teachers guidance to tun into right way. However, computers will be an useful asset, if it is used in proper way. For instance, in Japan, it is one of countries that function learning via internet methods. There are a few schools in it providing teaching through online tactics. It was so successful in functioning it professionally. Whereas, a survey from online ministry of education education in Japan showed a good number of students have graduted from schools with excellent grades, as they followed market jobs with accredited certificate stamped by the ministry. 

However, we believe computers could play an essential part in education. But there will be a kind of passive returns to the country. For example, people who hold a degree in education, what they can do with it, as computers have been replaced by teachers. In connection with this point, the number of unemployment in this field would be increased apparently. So government should be able to make parallel in it.  It can work to provide them different chances to work with their field. Otherwise, it can specify a number of schools without online teaching. So that they can work in it. 

In brief, computers have advantages and disadvantages at the same moments. So teachers play an important role to be appeared physically in the classroom. As a result, they can watch their behavioural situation and correct them in case, if they are mistaken. On the other hand, this aspect is not available in online teaching. 


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