A dialogue (time Vs. goal)

Goal: Hello my dear time.

Time: Hello my dear goals.

Goal: how is it going?

Time: I am great, as usual, I do my cycle in life. How about you, Goals?!

Goal: So do i, but I am trying to reach my purpose, the only problem I have is you-time, not having enough time, I am afraid to be age and achieve nothing.

Goal: so let’s have a deal with you, Time!

Time: ok, goals! let me know your deals.

Goal: I need to stop your cycle for a while, until I complete my needs.

Time: hhhhh! Are you crazy?! How could you ask me this weird question. Ha?! I will do my job as i was created for thats why my name will always be time. You understand?!

Time: If I followed what you said to me, everything would be destroyed, and mess will be in every corner of the world, so I am the only thing remained in the world true. By the way, if you achieved your goals, you will leave me away, as people do to each other. In addition, let me remind you, this will never ever happen to be in human’s control.

Goal: please, my dear time, let me have this dream to come true.

Time: No, it can’t be as you wish. So be smart, and learn how to save your time on beneficial things, or you can go through stuff that it suits your needs, so that you can be faster for achieving your goals.

Goal: it seems you right, time. honestly, I have not thought the way you did. It must be there something wrong behind wasting you-my time,

Time: yeah! now thankfully, you got it

Goal: yes, thank you- time for your advice, I will be more productive from now on.

Time: one more thing, just plan, and arrange well, for sure that will lead you to be in the right track on time.

Goal: thanks again, dear!

Time: bye

Goals: bye