Boost your CV 

To begin, we just say, once we need to continue high degrees of academic fields like studying “master or Phd degrees” to boost our CV. But we conclude that after, we finish the academic graduation. I am coming to find that getting a job becomes impossible. Furthermore, graduaters search for job posts to claim a job, but unfortunately, they could not find a job related to their field, so it is extremely disheartening. 

Consequently, they across from city to city, and country to country, but they do not have opportunities to work in their domain. Notably , number of graduters are worries of not having a job after graduation. 

However, they will be obligated to work with another fields. For example, they go through sales, retails business, and working in hospitality  places as a house keeping, or stewart for washing households stuff. Ultimately, they jump from academic fields to another profession fields. We believe that working in any different position is not a shame. But the shame is, while you are setting at home, and you request a job. Hence, job will not come to you on a golden plate and knock your door, which it does not make sense. 

It is not bad, if you start with a low level salary in different field rather than your origin field. Make sure, more chances are coming to you at the right and at the place as well.

In brief, all you need, it is just to have a patience. So no need to become despair for nothing and making things into worse from nothing. Believe me, everything will come on the right time. Do your best only, positive results will be fruitful. When you feel, it is ready, you will harvest it. Just believe on yourself. And “DO YOUR BEST”


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