Extra Something can change your life

I can believe that there are many successful individuals do things what separates them from the average. I have just read a short story about a farmer and his two sons; so I am going to write it here for gaining some benefits while reading it , it is really simple and inspiring story, therefore,  you will change your life when you just dive deep to understand it. here we go:

A certain farmer had become old and ready to pass his farm down to one of his two sons. When he brought his sons together to speak about it, he told them: The farm will go to the younger son.

The older son was furious! “What are you talking about?!” he fumed.

The father sat patiently, thinking.

“Okay,” the father said, “I need you to do something for me. We need more stocks. Will you go to Cibi’s farm and see if he has any cows for sale?”

The older son shortly returned and reported, “Father, Cibi has 6 cows for sale.”

The father graciously thanked the older son for his work. He then turned to the younger son and said, “I need you to do something for me. We need more stocks. Will you go to Cibi’s farm and see if he has any cows for sale?”

The younger son did as he was asked. A short while later, he returned and reported, “Father, Cibi has 6 cows for sale. Each cow will cost 2,000 rupees. If we are thinking about buying more than 6 cows, Cibi said he would be willing to reduce the price 100 rupees. Cibi also said they are getting special jersey cows next week if we aren’t in a hurry, it may be good to wait. However, if we need the cows urgently, Cibi said he could deliver the cows tomorrow.”

The father graciously thanked the younger son for his work. He then turned to the older son and said, “That’s why your younger brother is getting the farm.”

from the story we can conclude that successful persons are initiative and do go beyond the limitation, they do not do just the job but they do it right and complete unlike those most people who they do only what they are asked like exactly what it had happened for the older son in the mentioned story when he just followed the instructions, whereas the younger brother was enough initiative and intelligent, as he got out of the comfort area, and started turning everything around until he got something good. therefore, his initiation was fulfilled reason that pushed his father to let him handle it. bear it in mind, that most importantly, those who become successful initiate, they reach out to people, ask questions, and turning a lot of ideas until they come with stunning ideas, which it will lead to an effective applications in their life.

In connection with that story,  i would like to add one more thing to,  you know                    “serendipity” lol , I just remembered one of a plenty questions that i have been asked by the interviewer when i intended to work in their organisation as an outdoor sales man lol, the interviewer asked me ” are you aggressive?” i flinched why i have to be aggressive and offensive for this job, i think i have to be polite with my potential customer in increase the sales and hit the target, I then hold a loud laughter inside myself  Ha Ha Ha. head back to the question, i answered him”yes”, i remember that i tried all the way to convince them to hire me for the job, i turned every idea in my mind, and kept trying to run away of that question, after i got lost between my ideas which it was rounding in my mind, i came out with “initiative” Ha Ha Ha, but i explained them how should be a sales person an initiative person and why he should be like that. Oh my God, the interview took so long done from it, i finally got hired for the job after a conversation went for so long,  but you know, it was so worthy to work with them a good reputation, and well established company in the market has. but now to remind you, that i am not working in sales field anymore.

in conclusion, are you initiator? you absolutely can be. but if not! one thing is for certain ” life is not going to wait for you”

so sorry for getting too long in this piece, but it is really worthy to read.

thanks for reading.


Ideal supervisor 

What are some important qualities of a good supervisor?

There are several points that it should be in the positive supervisor.

To begin, supervisor are not only involved in getting salary specifically. But they must be wise and intelligent enough to manage their teams, ideal superviors should be. Fisrtly, they should be creative in creating strategies to be followed in the companies. Secondly, they must be initiative, as they should not wait until they will be ordered what to do, so they have to finish their work perfectly before leaving the workplace. Thirdly, they should also be self motivated toward the job, as they could be an example for the other employees who they work with. They have to avoid a kind of routine while doing their job. Or else, it’s invetable, they will get bored from the job easily. Fouthly, ambitious supervisor work hardly to track good positions in the company, for this reason, other individuals will strive to reach higher position, once they see their supervisor were promoted in the company. Fifthly, they should have the ability to solve problems and creating other solution alternatively. Sixthly, another point could be added to supervisor qualities which it is attention to details aspect, as it may help them develop the system of the company that they work in. Lastly, fairness between all the staff that they work with. To be more specific, they must neutral away from gender, race, religion, and nationality.

In brief, supervisors must wise and smart in dealing with their colleagues. In addition, Positive supervisors would support the development of the company itself, and the other employees themselves. Notably, the successful supervisor has respect by his staff due to mutual cooperation between each other. As they work hand in hand as family, as a result, it has built a kind of trust between each individual.

Professional management 

Some people think that the only way to have success in business is to have a unique product.What factors, do you think, influence the success of a company?
There are a group of people believe that success of a certain company involved of having a unique products. However. I do not think that success comes to this point.

To begin, there are mutiple points could be built over successful company. Firstly, the structure of the company is very important to be organized well. To clarify more, each staff should have a strong communications between each other. Secondly, having an excellent team would help the company for growth. Furthermore, experience individuals who have good experience in such areas would increase the profit of the company and its success. As they have a strong relations with other customers outside to market their products. Lastly, if one company look for success, they should treat their teams professionally as a family, because they are integral part in the company, they are the backbone of the company. So success does not involve on monopolising one product to one company. If so, failure will happen apparently. 

There are lots of compnies focus only on monoplising products to achieve success. Unfortunately, they fail at the end. They rise the cost of products, as a result, people stopped buying it. On other words, it has failed and led to loss. Even they shut down due to the loss which it has happened for them. It is invevitable that companies with no plans, as they look for obtaining success only, they will lose their customers in the market. They should be aware about all the other parts, which it might consolidate success in the distributing their products. So professional management knowledge about strategies could assist for success. 

In brief, companies should not concentrate on having exclusive products, in turn to achieve its advantages, whereas, there are other sides need to be taken into considertion. 

A number of people who earn extremely high salary

In many countries, a small number of people earn extremely high salaries. Some people believe that this is good for the country, but others think that governments should not allow salaries above a certain level.Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Nowadays, there are a numeric number of conutries offer high salaries to individuals, whereas there are a number of people this way is beneficial for the country, while others think that governoment should restrict high salaries to go under a specific level, it needn’t to go over that limit.

On the one hand, there are a number of companies provide an excellent salary package to its employees. Hence, this is not bad to give a larg amount of money to staff. For example, i was told by one of my friends that there was a company in KSA has replaced one employee who worked in the top managment, as his salary was in average level no that much, so the company decided to replace him by someone else who has more experience than him, furtheremore, it had offered him a good package to work in its company. So this man had graduated from Western university in marketing field, he has worked hardly to increased company’s profits. In addition, he had provided a good strategies to market their products out of the region, intead of being their items to be distributed in local districts only. For this reason, the company gave him that good salary due to the improvements which he brought to it. On other words, he deserved this sakary, isn’t it?! 

On the other hand, the idea of salary should be limited, it is not fair. Whereas, there are a lot of people deserve to get salary in a large scale, some people work a hard work, at the end, they should be rewarded for the achievement which they have done it for the adavantage of one’s company. Other benefits that they may bring to their companies. In addition, other difficult professions need a good a salary to be paid for them, as a result, it will encourage them to do harder and solving complicated issues and putting a good plans to sort out a different problems at work. 

In brief, putting a rule to specify the salary level is not successful one, as it will affect the employees who have a proffesional experience in different fields. 

Beware! Internal promotions to current employees. 

Some people think that only staff who worked in a company for a long time should be promoted to higher positions. Do you agree or disagree? Give your opinion and examples.

There are enormous number of people think that employees who serve for a long period in such company, they should solely get the promotion to higher positions. So i agree with statement. And here, i will discuss in details as following; 

First of all, it is necessary to companies to promote people into higher positions within their current employee. Hence, there will be a kind of motivation among employees inside company, so employers will show a value of their workers who work in the company. Individuals who deserve peromotion, in particular, thise who are hard workers, honest, and loyal to the organisation which they are serving in it. 

Furthermore, internal promotion to its employees themselves will reinforce them to work harder, as they will show their intergrity to the organisation which they work in it. So comapnies who follow internal promotion policy, they are more successful in in making their staff more productive, compared to other companies which they hire new people with higher positions from outside the company, to illustrate more, there is a study, it came out from employees’s rights protection community in France, it showed that companies who follow external promotion by hiring new workers with higher positions. As a result, it affected on existing staff, who serve for a long time in the compnay, as they became less productive. However, neglecting their current employees will encourage them to leave one’s comany as soon as possible to search for better companies. 

In addition, in case, if their existed staff stay in a company who have external promotion, they will show their passion against their company, as well as they may be disloyal. 

In brief, following internal promotion would help in sloving a number of problems, which organisations may encounter it in the future for the characteristics which i have mentioned it earlier. Notably, this technique will help companies from losing their employees, whereas    New staff need to be trained as well, even they have a good expereience in such field, while current employees know much better than new hired staff.