Extra Something can change your life

I can believe that there are many successful individuals do things what separates them from the average. I have just read a short story about a farmer and his two sons; so I am going to write it here for gaining some benefits while reading it , it is really simple and inspiring story, therefore,  you will change your life when you just dive deep to understand it. here we go:

A certain farmer had become old and ready to pass his farm down to one of his two sons. When he brought his sons together to speak about it, he told them: The farm will go to the younger son.

The older son was furious! “What are you talking about?!” he fumed.

The father sat patiently, thinking.

“Okay,” the father said, “I need you to do something for me. We need more stocks. Will you go to Cibi’s farm and see if he has any cows for sale?”

The older son shortly returned and reported, “Father, Cibi has 6 cows for sale.”

The father graciously thanked the older son for his work. He then turned to the younger son and said, “I need you to do something for me. We need more stocks. Will you go to Cibi’s farm and see if he has any cows for sale?”

The younger son did as he was asked. A short while later, he returned and reported, “Father, Cibi has 6 cows for sale. Each cow will cost 2,000 rupees. If we are thinking about buying more than 6 cows, Cibi said he would be willing to reduce the price 100 rupees. Cibi also said they are getting special jersey cows next week if we aren’t in a hurry, it may be good to wait. However, if we need the cows urgently, Cibi said he could deliver the cows tomorrow.”

The father graciously thanked the younger son for his work. He then turned to the older son and said, “That’s why your younger brother is getting the farm.”

from the story we can conclude that successful persons are initiative and do go beyond the limitation, they do not do just the job but they do it right and complete unlike those most people who they do only what they are asked like exactly what it had happened for the older son in the mentioned story when he just followed the instructions, whereas the younger brother was enough initiative and intelligent, as he got out of the comfort area, and started turning everything around until he got something good. therefore, his initiation was fulfilled reason that pushed his father to let him handle it. bear it in mind, that most importantly, those who become successful initiate, they reach out to people, ask questions, and turning a lot of ideas until they come with stunning ideas, which it will lead to an effective applications in their life.

In connection with that story,  i would like to add one more thing to,  you know                    “serendipity” lol , I just remembered one of a plenty questions that i have been asked by the interviewer when i intended to work in their organisation as an outdoor sales man lol, the interviewer asked me ” are you aggressive?” i flinched why i have to be aggressive and offensive for this job, i think i have to be polite with my potential customer in increase the sales and hit the target, I then hold a loud laughter inside myself  Ha Ha Ha. head back to the question, i answered him”yes”, i remember that i tried all the way to convince them to hire me for the job, i turned every idea in my mind, and kept trying to run away of that question, after i got lost between my ideas which it was rounding in my mind, i came out with “initiative” Ha Ha Ha, but i explained them how should be a sales person an initiative person and why he should be like that. Oh my God, the interview took so long done from it, i finally got hired for the job after a conversation went for so long,  but you know, it was so worthy to work with them a good reputation, and well established company in the market has. but now to remind you, that i am not working in sales field anymore.

in conclusion, are you initiator? you absolutely can be. but if not! one thing is for certain ” life is not going to wait for you”

so sorry for getting too long in this piece, but it is really worthy to read.

thanks for reading.


15 thoughts on “Extra Something can change your life

    1. Such a wise words you always say here. Hhh very true. Giving things try is better than leaving it away, our ability and stamina will sure rise up to the sky, but when we never give things a try, we will always be in one place frozen. Thank you so much for your insightful comment and stunning words, have Saturday too dear Ortensia😊👍😉🌹

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  1. To be initiator is needed not only to have a good job or career…it is needed in every field in life…when I deal with the school of my daughter I visit them nearly every week to discuss the passive things I see with the school stuff..I discuss it in a way to make a change to the better…
    This is just an example I wanted to put here.
    Great post Hussein.
    I am proud of u.
    Keep going 😊✌👏

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  2. You are right, it can be applied in all areas of our life. Thats purpose of publishing it through WP. Very great tactics you go through, you are a responsible person, because this merit is attached with successful people inevitably. I judge that toward your action of taking responsibility toward your children. Thank you so much for your support, dear Sohair. Appreciate your visit as always. I am proud of you too🙂😊🌹By the way, i spent last night three hours writing this piece. Hope you liked it instinctively.👍

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      1. I am flattered by your comment and compliments, it is just amazing. But i have one thing need to clarify it up here. Would you please just to highlight it here kindly. Because i am lost in between where to go in education curriculum and psychology. So by your highlights could find something help me to go beyond. Because people can see what i can not see actually, you also can criticize anything, i will not get bothered because if i found my mistakes where they are, i will be able to pass it by practicing over it. Please, determine when you free. Thank you dear. Other people comments will help to determine my direction too. Thanks in advance, Sohair! You too kind and generous too.

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      2. Sorry Hussein dear i did not get it exactly…i understand that u have two ways and u r not sure which of them to choose …am i right ?
        If so …i think u have to choose the field that u r highly qualified in it….so ur step will be based on a previous step…ur way will be clearer and easier…u will also achieve more success….
        If i did not get the point…please tell me my friend.
        I appreciate ur trust in my opinion…i hope to be at ur expectations.
        Best wishes dear.:-)

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  3. Just go for it. And do your homework well. If self esteem isn’t based on knowledge but on vanity, that person will sink before he takes off. We are drowning in agression. I believe that kindness followed by intellectual superiority can do wonders. If we live in ego-free world, which we don’t. Agression and shouting are disguise for lacking in valid arguments department.

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    1. Very nice logic perspective, you right about it. But being an aggressive in sales field is a must, aggression is connected with initiation when we need to get deeper into details. But you points are well too😉

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      1. That’s why God created men and women, to keep the balance. But today, more and more women are more agressive than men… Just keep your spirit high and laugh😁


    2. I meant in aggression is not something that represent an offence itself, but how we could be turned to smart and intelligent to round things and get controlled over the situations. 🙂👍


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