Enemies of your success

Ok right now, I could not just think for at least one minute, i would find individuals that they want to get you out of the right track under the name of advice, wow! That’s so disgusting. You know, before i was unaware of it, the enemies of your success will start getting nervous, when they see you flattering and shining due to your success which you gained during your work times. It is like your good work have left good marks behind you to be talked by people.

However, you know already that everybody is in the world has his/her own character, people are different in everything and that’s what it makes the universe unique, So if everybody was the same, life would be boring.

Mainly, I am talking about some characters who want to change their attitude and characters and even their deeds to satisfy others, therefore this is so wrong, and then it means you lost your self confidence, because you care a lot of what other people say about you. I would say to you, that let them say whatever they like about you, either you change or not, they will keep talking about you, and either you walk in the straight path or not, they will continue to talk about you though. So why you need to change and losing your original identity for the purpose of reaching other individuals’ satisfactions. Yes! Tell me what then?!!

In that light, you have to make sure from whom you get your advice if provided, analyse it, if it is for example destructive or constructive, and then confirm, if it is logic, thank them, in the meantime if it does not make sense, don’t argue them, just easily throw it away.

Envious people would provide such a cruel advice to drag you the way they you want you to be, because they do not literally want you to reach higher levels and block your success and create for you an illusional walls that what you are doing is totally wrong, if you listen to them, they won, and you lost the competition which you have set it for achieving it.

The criticisms never end, and the storm of difficulties inevitably you will encounter it, just keep moving and dont take their trash to yourself..

Thank you for reading.


Do not imitate anyone in your life, imitation is a kind of switching off the capability in your mind from creativity.

It is hard when you work so bad on something, and try to create your own way to turn out bad to better. And easily, someone comes and steal your technique and function it on his field.

But no problem, find new ways and dig deeper until you discover your road, and make others who are unfamiliar to it, make it their own way after you. Thats how you leave a great mark to be remembered.

Thank you for reading.

Unreliable Sites!!

This is so ridiculous when reading some pieces from professional network sources and surfing through internet. Finally you get what you are looking for, and then you start reading a number of articles, and got convinced about what professionals have said in their articles. Later, we contemplate about their words, after few days, you need to go deeply through the specific topic you were searching for.

Accidentally, your eyes fell off on another sources, you keep reading and then you found out the content contradicts what you have read it via reading previous sources which it relates to another professional writers.

Internet has tremendously negative impact on our lives, and it could be an even the worst place, we rely on if we go read articles from unreliable networks, because if you get influenced and your mindset programmed for what they have mentioned, it is not easy to change your habits and eradicate the negative energy you gain from that sources unfortunately. That’s why before we think to make some searches for what we need and begin to read. Wait and ask yourself if this source is trusted or not!! Do some researches about the author for where he or she belongs to. And then you can build your thoughts and your assessment from viewers while reviewing their comments about the same article that you wish to read. Or you can go through other searches from different sites to get information about the author.

What it has happened to me is that I read an article someday and I then decided to make other searches for self knowledge in a certain study. damn! I later got shocked that what i have read in the past few days compared to wha i read today, it was all contradicted. At the beginning, i was happy because i obtained what i wanted, but i am now upset, because i get a little chaotic.

In a nutshell, you may know what i have encountered and it could be even familiar to all of you, but just wanted to share you this to remind you again about such a type of this situations. My advice, do a research about the author if trustworthy or not, if a trustworthy persons , go for reading their articles and enjoy reading it

Thanks for reading.

Time, the immobiliser

We are responsible about our obstacles, because we create it.

Time can be our biggest enemy, we try to reclaim the past. We avoid the pressures and the challenges of today, and we worry about what the future may bring. Time flies it is like ” the guy who’s still pining to his ex wife, waiting for day she returns ( it has been ten years). ”

All we truly have is now — today! The past is gone, and the future has yet to arrive. Living in either the past or future causes you to lose the now.

Now is when you can make a difference in your life, not the past or future. Now is where you find happiness and inner peace. Now is where you enjoy what the universe has given you — family, friends, and whatever brings you joy. They may not be there tomorrow. NOW is the place to plant seeds for tomorrow’s success.

Finally, make your notes, write down your thoughts and then, revise it. because it will help you succeed to live your present and your now.

Smiles becomes unfamiliar

Hopefully, we can still find people smile and laugh at the same moment.

Although we are encountering difficulties of life but we can still smile and this the only thing that it can help us pretend we are happy, therefore we might forget life’s pain.

However, when I planned for shopping today to buy some stuff, i accidentally saw my friend, i have not seen him since we graduated from high school. My react was making a soft smile in my face, and i then started asking about how he is doing in his life and what he has been up to now. Consequently, he made a joke, i laughed on it, suddenly there was an old man was selling fresh fruit next to us where we stand and talking. He was looking at me, he said ” why you smile and laugh, nothing in life is worthy” i asked my friend, if he knows this guy or not?! He answered me he is a crazy man, let him alone, but as for me the old man was not looking insane as he said as long as he is working in shop for selling fresh fruit, if he was really crazy how he could work in a shop and most of his time involves in interacting with so many customers in a day dealing with money and so forth. Anyway, back to the point, i insisted to answer his question at that time, i replied, ” life is worthy and i am so optimistic” in addition, i told him ” you have to be optimistic too” what span of time have remained in your life so no need, be happy and let everything alone work”

So i am not weird he is the one is weird, because smile and laugh are the world language familiar to everybody in the whole world, and then it becomes so unfamiliar to him. My valued fellows, who is now weird ?! 😁