Teacher’s pain

One of the hardest job all over the world is being a teacher, because you give your students all what you have, you provide them all what they need, you teach them reading, writing, and how they can talk, or even it goes beyond education, they give them love and care and treat them as one of their children too. in spite of all that they disrespect you in return. Teachers were born as givers, they don’t wait for favours from their students because they teach them.

Although, teachers teach them how to write , read and speak, students become rude for teachers. Tools are used in an opposite way by students instead of they write compliments and thankful letters for their teachers, they insult them by writing gross words in piece of papers and leave it in the middle of nowhere until others find it and open it and read what’s inside it, after that piece of paper take a round between all students, and finally it reached the final destination which it is the teacher and then the teacher picked it up to read what’s in it too, as a result he was shocked but he did not appear his physical impressions to his pupils, because these shits should not influence him by any means, because one of the important aspect should be available in teachers is self confident, as his personality mustn’t shake in front of them, they must stand tall and be proud either, if weaknesses got known by the students, will happen what’s not expected, as students will know how to exploit them and manipulate with their nerves whenever they need to waste teacher’s energy when enter the classroom and this is the challenge, it should be taken seriously and end this problem from its roots to avoid it from happening once again.

Look! How it is, teachers teach children writing style but at the end their students fed them up and use it against them. So look for what they do, it goes against teachers their writing in an offensive way. Is this should be the way how it is.?!

Is this teachers’ rewards that they should get it from pupils in return?!

Wait! Teachers don’t wait for sort of like gifts or something like that, but lovely words as thankful letters are enough to be written for them for keeping them energised.

Finally, teacher’s fuel is beautiful written words, or even to be said verbally for them not written only.