Childcare centers compared to grandparent’s care! 

Some parents think that childcare centres provide the best services for children of pre-school age. Other working parents think that family members such as grandparents will be better carers for their kids.
Discuss both views and give your opinion.

There two different perspectives with regards to parents and childcare centre. On the first hand, parents believe that childcare centres are the best choice for children of preschool age.on the second hand, parents believe that grandparents will be better carers for their children. Therefore, I will argue here the two different point of views accordingly.

Nowadays, parents get busy with work whole day running to fullfil life requirements, as they don’t have time to stay at home due to work pressure. However, most of the fathers and mothers are working to gain money to continue up their life naturally, due to high cost of living, as they have other responsibilities that they need to cover it up such home rent, school fees, and other home staff. Therefore, they found that childcare centers are the best place to leave them in it in their absence, but we believe that this centers request money for the purpose of taking care of their children, it will be added as extra expenditures for parents . In addition, it has passive consequences when leaving children at the care center, hence children look for compassion and love which it can not be found in these centers. For example, child care community showed in recent reports that immatures might be isolated and get more tough while staying far away of their families. As a result, the relation ship between children and parents are getting less effective.

On the contrary, parents who prefer to leave children with grandparents are the best means to take care of children, they saw it as an effective way. As a consequence, they save money as they will be rest of assured that their children in a safe place, as they provide the most important aspect which it is love, as it can be given to kids, which it is not available in the care center, so grandparents may give extra care to children, and controlling their behaviors, and updating their parents about it when they come back from work. However, grandparents’ care has positive side which they can not feel that they are isolated while they are at home, because the environment which it has been provided to them is totally familiar, as they can be more effective.

In brief, we believe that childcare centers have pros and cons, but we believe that grandparent’s care is more efficient and positive.

Shops should be allowd to sell products which it is not scientifically proven! 

Some people think that shops should not be allowed to sell food and drinks that are scientifically proven to be bad for people’s health. Do you agree or disagree?

There are a number of people who suggest that supermarkets should not be allowed to sell food and other kinds of beverages that are proven to be bad for for people’s health. So i totally agree with this statement, as i will argue this point in details as following;

Nowadays, we believe that traders do not concentrate on people’s health, but they are only focus on strartegies how to heap up money, and this is what they care about. However, their priority is the money, as they look for consumers’s health as a secondary condition.

In addition, there is a recent reports came out from the ministry of food and health, that market sell products such as; some of canned fruits, and canned beans, it has approved that it should not be sold to consumers, as it contains on high chemical conservatives, which it will lead to destroy human’s health, as a result, it may cause a dangerous disease in stomach which it is cancer ailment. Although the ministry warn them from selling it to people, but they still display on shelves. They become careless to human health, because they focus on money. Recently, it was notified that few supermarkets were caught selling these products, as a consequence, it was closed because they violated rules of health equality.

In adition, health food controller is working strictly against those shops to ensure food quality, hence, any shops violate the rule, they will be exposed to pay fine and closing the concerned supermarket. Furthermore, the rule is applied on beverages as well. It should be there a test done in the lab for new items before distributing it to retailers. In case, items do not match human’s consumption standards, it should be damaged accordingly. In recent researches showed that some people were poisoned due to eating corned beef, after it was checked, they had found that it manufactured and canned by dogs meat instead of cows meat. They added that they found raw tunas and it contained on high percentage of bacteria , as it was not cooked well.

To conclude, food quality controller should take a strict actions against retailers who sell unregistered items, As it should undergo tests and analysis into depth before selling it to consumers.” Human Health IS FIRST”

Aim of university education is not only to help graduates get better jobs! 

Some people believe the aim of university education is to help graduates get better jobs. Others believe there are much wider benefits of university education for both individuals and society.
Discuss both views and give your opinion.

We have two groups of people have different point of views, the first group believe the goal of university education is to support graduaters for having suitable jobs, and the second group believe that there are enormous of advantages when completing higher education either for matures or community. Therefore, I will discuss here the two perspectives in details as following;

First of all, the first group who find out that continuing up university education gives more opportunities for obtaining jobs which it relates to the field which they have studied at the universty. Recently, students are aware of selecting what to study in the university, as each student has different interest in such field. For example, some students go through labour market requirments, so that they study a field which it is possibly to be paid more wages in the market, which it has also constant vacancies to avoid unemployment features. However, they look for a workplace where they can achieve comfortness and relaxation environment. In addition, they like to work in an environment where open minded people work. As it could be counted as self advantage relates to the person himself or herself only.

And the second view, there are a group of people believe that finishing university eduation, it will be there a kind of mutual benefits for individuals and the society as well, because a country needs to have different professions in different fields. For example, it is important that the country should have doctor practioners whicg it is an essential part that it should be existed in it, when people got sick, they will have to visit the doctor to diagnose one’s case and prescribe for them the medicine to be cured from a certain type of disease. In addition, community requires teachers to teach other pupils. However, when graduaters focus only to study specific fileds, certainly it will cause lack of professions in the society. As a result, we can see some organisations have shortage of employees, they can not find people to work with them. It really happened in some countries with the ministry of education, they could not find teachers to hire them, because there no one apply for it due to the weakness of salaries.

I think, education does not involve individuals for achieving their goals only, but the society has to have a balance between all majors to fulfill needs of society for the best of the conutry.

In brief, it is very necessary to make a parallel in professions for the purpose of having a better society not only to look for self interest, because we are part of the community, we should take care of this point.

Government should give money to creative people who work in arts! 

Some people think that the government should give money to creative people, such as artists and musicians. To what extent do you agree?

There are a certain number of people believe that government should invest money to art, therefore, i disagree with this statement. I will come with details as following;

On the first hand, government should have make a balance between arts and other parts . As it should classify things as per the importance. For example, science is the most inportant field that conutry should take care about. Creating methods by using science field to helps us to improve the enviroment of the country. It was mentioned that there are scientists, they have come with inventing devices which it can support to clear air pollution which it results from fossil fuel. Unfortunately, their ideas have not been supported to invent it. However, government must have set an eye for them because they can be counted as creative people as well. So keeping a proportion of money to be invested for them is a good idea. So it has to work to adopt their inventions for the future for getting better situation and enviroment. In addition, if it did not work on them to take them as advantage, undoudtedly, their thoughts and ideas would be burried forever. As a consequence, there will be a reason for leaving the origin country. As a result, the country will lose them as well. However, government should make a balance, not by giving attention only on art and ignoring other important sides.

On the second hand, arts are also an essential area, so making another proportion of money investment to this domain, it would motivate artists and musicians to do something for the country, As they can be counted as talents people. In addition, arts play an integral role  in reflecting the image of the country. Therefore, it reflects about traditions of the country and its civilisation.

In brief, making a balance between both sides will assist the country from losing them in future. As a result, they might be a useful asset. Notably, it should not take care of one part, and neglect anothor part.

Aid to poorer countries 

It is a moral duty of developed countries to provide aid to poorer countries. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of aiding poorer countries?

Aid is a pure moral task of developed contries to provide it to poorer conutries. Therefore, i will argue here pros and cons of aiding poorer conutries as following;

On the first hand, aid is a positive thing that it could be provided to help weak countries, which they have a short of medical staff, and modernized equipment to supply them. For example, one of the most famous organisation which it works in aiding, it is red crescent organisation which it has a lot of members around the world. It works to save people health either from nature disasters such as; earthquake, and floods, or wars. In addition, the source of this idea is western, and the greatest thing that it has covered non western countries as well, it was marked by red crescent symbol to protect them during wars. Notably, this symbol is sticked behind medics team’s jackets, or in ambulances, so that they can be recognised easily. Furthermore, this organisation has offered full assistance to give treatment to serious injuries, and recollcate them to safer places in the country. It has also provided free ambulances to serve poorer countries. As well as it has employed a professional team to provide the help perfectly. Knowing, medics team should be neautral regardless, race, religion, language, and sex.

On the contrary, medics are exposed to dangerous situation, and it is poosible to be killed during catastrophe. As a result, it will be there a kind of loss for the number of medics during disasters.

In brief, aid is the best method to help poorer countries to survive from death. However, aid does not stand only on medics, but it could be food, and medicines supplying.


The threat of nuclear weapons maintains the world peace. Nuclear power provides cheap and clean energy. The benefits of nuclear technology far out-weight the disadvantages.

Nuclear is modern science in the development countries. So we believe that nuclear can be used as alternative clean source instead of fossil fuel which it is used by human around constantly. In contrast, other countries can use it in creating advanced weapons, which it leads to threaten other countries by destroying human-kind and plants while using it. In the following essay, i will discuss that nuclear outweigh positive sides than its negatives.

First of all, it can be used as alternative resources which human can depend on it instead of wasting and burning fossil fuel and coal. As a consequence, fossil fuels will increase air pollution as well as global warming will be developed gradually. When human go through nuclear energy by using it to function cars, which it can work on electricity will help to diminish from polluted air and global warming as well. Hence, nuclear energy is much better to enviromen than consuming non renewable resources. It is interesting to note, this renewable energies are cheaper. To illustrate more, there is a study in USA authorities show that they are working currently on dereasing taxes on renewable resources, so people can convert to this energy than non renewable powers. 

On the contrary, nuclear is one of the methods can put the world on risks. If there is sny single mistake, it may happen in functioning it. It may destroy the lands. For example, Hiroshima and nagasaki had affected plants and humankind. So far, it is still being a reason in poisoning human genetics and plants at the sane time due to radiation which it comes out from the effected parts. notably, it had been killed thousands of people with severe of explosion nuclear radiation moreover, plants have never been grown so far. In addition, it is undeniable, that dominant countries can dominate weaker countries to occupy them, as they are ready to exploit it as advantage to kill people and dominate their conutry. The misuse of it will create destruction instead of getting benefits of it undoubtedly. 

In berief, we believe nuclear’s advantages can outweigh its negative sides. As if it is used in proper way. Although, it can create risks to countries, but it create a kind of peace between populations and its habitants alike. As a result, peace will spread around world. 

Obesity can affect not only adults but to children as well

Modern children are suffering from the diseases that were once considered to be meant for adults only. Obesity is a major disease prevalent among children. What are its causes and what solutions can be offered?

We thought first, that ailment could be accompanied by elderly ages. But nowadays, we can see it from different perspective. Immatures have a chance to have a certain type of diseases such as obesity. As it is the principal issue that it could happen to children. So, i will exaplain in details effects and stick here some suggestion in how to tackle this problem. 

On the one hand, this phenomenon started from technology point. Whereas, we believe that technologies have become an essential part in our life, as it has brought a number of benefits to us, but it also created some passive prospects. Hence, it has influnced on us by causing obesity not only to adults but to children as well. When children overuse these means, it will affect on them respectively. For example, Computer games or other methods like tablet, so that they can download games on it, and play with it. While they are playing many hours with it, they will become obese. So the less movement during day due to games playing. The more will get a kind of obesity. So getting one’s fat is one of the most dangerous diseases ever. There a report came out from medical journsl from USA in 2006 showed, when children spend numeric hours in playing games, they will have more opportunity to get fat, which it will affect on their health in the future. However, obesity might lead to digestive stomach problems, and heart attack even if they are in early ages. For this reason, when they became adults, they will encounter like these diseases. 
On the second hand, unless schedules have been organised by parents, they would get chances for getting more fat. As it should be there a kind of surveillance done by their familly regularly. There was a study analysis issued from health commuinty for controlling obesity from sweden showed. The pecentage of obesity to children has been dropped to 50% in 2008 compared to 2000-2006. And that’s virtues return to their  parents with benefits. Lastly, this strict control is useful way to derease from the proportion of one’s gets fat. Besides, teaching immature about how to array their hours during the day. In addition, making exercises will help them to avoid it. So they can be more healthy, and full of energy alike. If they do exercises. 

In brief, technology and computer are not that much bad, if they use smartly. Otherwise, it can develop their mental stages in process of growing. In addition, it can eradicate them from ignorance to become educated a well as brain can work properly due to the huge number if strategic games whichbit is available in computer networks. 

Studying International language in English-speaking countries 

Nowadays, more and more foreign students are going to English-Speaking countries to learn the “international language – English”. It is undoubtedly true that studying English in an English-speaking country is the best way, but it is not the only way to learn it.Do you agree or disagree with the above statement?

Recently, There are an enormous number of adults prefer to study English abroad to western conutries which it is the mother of this language.  So i agree that learning it from the source of native speakers, it is the perferct way to acquire it correctly. However, it is not the only method that you can obtain it. i will explain here in details as following. 

Due to the development of technology merits in the world. There are a growing number of people have inclination with full of statisfaction for going to study abroad English Language for achieving it perfectly. As a result , It has been used by large number of people. As it can be counted as business and technology language as well. I will put a prime example, There are many schools located in Dubai. So HR recruitments prefer to hire Arabs who hold a bachelor from English speakers countries. So that they can ensure better education and learning pure language in their country. As they think that those who graduate from western countries, they are the most professional in using it. We believe that in UK  or America provide high standard techniques included in their systems. As they have functioned a developed equipment stuff. In addition, those who have studied, they have the ability to produce the word pronunciation purely and perfectly alike. While they were there, they have interacted with native speakers, as they got more experience in functioning it. So their scond languaged will be developed unconsciously during their staying over there. 

To sum up, we believe that English language can be learned in home country. But it is much better to be learned in English countries to ensure high level of English proffeciency. Furthermore, i could mention, that we can take an adavantage from those who hold western certificates, so that , they will be an asset in the country instead of going to study abroad. But we can not deny that interaction in native conutries is something useful. In addition, it will consolidate to learn the language professionally.

Offenders after serving the first punishment 

Many offenders commit more crimes after serving the first punishment. Why is this happening, and what measures can be taken to tackle this problem?

In the modern world, there are a number of crimes happen around the world. Which it has been committed by human. Consequently, They will be imprisoned in jail for a period. So, there have been recorded different cases. That people who committed crimes against human or other types of offensive conditions such race issue, killing, robbery. After realsing them, they will become more offensive. So here details and how it can be resolved. 

First of all, criminals are everywhere in the world. It can not be tackled easily. As it takes time to decrease it. In addition, it needs to be studied carefully with hard work. We somtimes feel. That punishment is not a good technique to solve problems. As Criminals require a kind of support and cooperation to direct through the correct path, they need to be treated proffesionally with their cases. When they get prisoned for over a period with regards to their committed crimes, they may be mixed with other criminals who have bad thoughts about life. So the possibly of breaking rules would be increase, it means that Government did not solve any issues. Instead of correction, they might be destroyed. Hence, they will have mutual passive thoughts bewteen each other. For example, there is a study in Germany. It shows, while it was taken disciplinary action against like punishment for offenders, the percentage of building passive mentalities will increase dramatically due to experienced criminal who are in the prisoned. 

However, government should use proper methods instead of punishment. They must deal ethically. As a restult they still human. On other words. For example, segregating as per crime rate. It can encourage to learn sorts of jobs, while they are at the prison. Furthermore, educating them with different courses. To be more specific, once they learn such a proffessional work, after they got released, they will look for job. So keeping them busy with thinking about work and how to learn new skills, it will take them away from doing bad deeds. Moreover, it can provide to put them on rehabilitation cells. So that they can spend years in it, while they are in it. They will have the ability to be taught other fields related to market jobs. 

To conclude, crimes can be tackled, if we convert punishment to something positive. Offering for them opportunities to learn new skills. In addition, they can give them the chance to correct themselves instead of wasting years in jails. Besides, they can have benefits while they are out of prison. However, neglecting them will increase crimes in countries.