The threat of nuclear weapons maintains the world peace. Nuclear power provides cheap and clean energy. The benefits of nuclear technology far out-weight the disadvantages.

Nuclear is modern science in the development countries. So we believe that nuclear can be used as alternative clean source instead of fossil fuel which it is used by human around constantly. In contrast, other countries can use it in creating advanced weapons, which it leads to threaten other countries by destroying human-kind and plants while using it. In the following essay, i will discuss that nuclear outweigh positive sides than its negatives.

First of all, it can be used as alternative resources which human can depend on it instead of wasting and burning fossil fuel and coal. As a consequence, fossil fuels will increase air pollution as well as global warming will be developed gradually. When human go through nuclear energy by using it to function cars, which it can work on electricity will help to diminish from polluted air and global warming as well. Hence, nuclear energy is much better to enviromen than consuming non renewable resources. It is interesting to note, this renewable energies are cheaper. To illustrate more, there is a study in USA authorities show that they are working currently on dereasing taxes on renewable resources, so people can convert to this energy than non renewable powers. 

On the contrary, nuclear is one of the methods can put the world on risks. If there is sny single mistake, it may happen in functioning it. It may destroy the lands. For example, Hiroshima and nagasaki had affected plants and humankind. So far, it is still being a reason in poisoning human genetics and plants at the sane time due to radiation which it comes out from the effected parts. notably, it had been killed thousands of people with severe of explosion nuclear radiation moreover, plants have never been grown so far. In addition, it is undeniable, that dominant countries can dominate weaker countries to occupy them, as they are ready to exploit it as advantage to kill people and dominate their conutry. The misuse of it will create destruction instead of getting benefits of it undoubtedly. 

In berief, we believe nuclear’s advantages can outweigh its negative sides. As if it is used in proper way. Although, it can create risks to countries, but it create a kind of peace between populations and its habitants alike. As a result, peace will spread around world. 

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