Aid to poorer countries 

It is a moral duty of developed countries to provide aid to poorer countries. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of aiding poorer countries?

Aid is a pure moral task of developed contries to provide it to poorer conutries. Therefore, i will argue here pros and cons of aiding poorer conutries as following;

On the first hand, aid is a positive thing that it could be provided to help weak countries, which they have a short of medical staff, and modernized equipment to supply them. For example, one of the most famous organisation which it works in aiding, it is red crescent organisation which it has a lot of members around the world. It works to save people health either from nature disasters such as; earthquake, and floods, or wars. In addition, the source of this idea is western, and the greatest thing that it has covered non western countries as well, it was marked by red crescent symbol to protect them during wars. Notably, this symbol is sticked behind medics team’s jackets, or in ambulances, so that they can be recognised easily. Furthermore, this organisation has offered full assistance to give treatment to serious injuries, and recollcate them to safer places in the country. It has also provided free ambulances to serve poorer countries. As well as it has employed a professional team to provide the help perfectly. Knowing, medics team should be neautral regardless, race, religion, language, and sex.

On the contrary, medics are exposed to dangerous situation, and it is poosible to be killed during catastrophe. As a result, it will be there a kind of loss for the number of medics during disasters.

In brief, aid is the best method to help poorer countries to survive from death. However, aid does not stand only on medics, but it could be food, and medicines supplying.

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