Aim of university education is not only to help graduates get better jobs! 

Some people believe the aim of university education is to help graduates get better jobs. Others believe there are much wider benefits of university education for both individuals and society.
Discuss both views and give your opinion.

We have two groups of people have different point of views, the first group believe the goal of university education is to support graduaters for having suitable jobs, and the second group believe that there are enormous of advantages when completing higher education either for matures or community. Therefore, I will discuss here the two perspectives in details as following;

First of all, the first group who find out that continuing up university education gives more opportunities for obtaining jobs which it relates to the field which they have studied at the universty. Recently, students are aware of selecting what to study in the university, as each student has different interest in such field. For example, some students go through labour market requirments, so that they study a field which it is possibly to be paid more wages in the market, which it has also constant vacancies to avoid unemployment features. However, they look for a workplace where they can achieve comfortness and relaxation environment. In addition, they like to work in an environment where open minded people work. As it could be counted as self advantage relates to the person himself or herself only.

And the second view, there are a group of people believe that finishing university eduation, it will be there a kind of mutual benefits for individuals and the society as well, because a country needs to have different professions in different fields. For example, it is important that the country should have doctor practioners whicg it is an essential part that it should be existed in it, when people got sick, they will have to visit the doctor to diagnose one’s case and prescribe for them the medicine to be cured from a certain type of disease. In addition, community requires teachers to teach other pupils. However, when graduaters focus only to study specific fileds, certainly it will cause lack of professions in the society. As a result, we can see some organisations have shortage of employees, they can not find people to work with them. It really happened in some countries with the ministry of education, they could not find teachers to hire them, because there no one apply for it due to the weakness of salaries.

I think, education does not involve individuals for achieving their goals only, but the society has to have a balance between all majors to fulfill needs of society for the best of the conutry.

In brief, it is very necessary to make a parallel in professions for the purpose of having a better society not only to look for self interest, because we are part of the community, we should take care of this point.

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