Obesity can affect not only adults but to children as well

Modern children are suffering from the diseases that were once considered to be meant for adults only. Obesity is a major disease prevalent among children. What are its causes and what solutions can be offered?

We thought first, that ailment could be accompanied by elderly ages. But nowadays, we can see it from different perspective. Immatures have a chance to have a certain type of diseases such as obesity. As it is the principal issue that it could happen to children. So, i will exaplain in details effects and stick here some suggestion in how to tackle this problem. 

On the one hand, this phenomenon started from technology point. Whereas, we believe that technologies have become an essential part in our life, as it has brought a number of benefits to us, but it also created some passive prospects. Hence, it has influnced on us by causing obesity not only to adults but to children as well. When children overuse these means, it will affect on them respectively. For example, Computer games or other methods like tablet, so that they can download games on it, and play with it. While they are playing many hours with it, they will become obese. So the less movement during day due to games playing. The more will get a kind of obesity. So getting one’s fat is one of the most dangerous diseases ever. There a report came out from medical journsl from USA in 2006 showed, when children spend numeric hours in playing games, they will have more opportunity to get fat, which it will affect on their health in the future. However, obesity might lead to digestive stomach problems, and heart attack even if they are in early ages. For this reason, when they became adults, they will encounter like these diseases. 
On the second hand, unless schedules have been organised by parents, they would get chances for getting more fat. As it should be there a kind of surveillance done by their familly regularly. There was a study analysis issued from health commuinty for controlling obesity from sweden showed. The pecentage of obesity to children has been dropped to 50% in 2008 compared to 2000-2006. And that’s virtues return to their  parents with benefits. Lastly, this strict control is useful way to derease from the proportion of one’s gets fat. Besides, teaching immature about how to array their hours during the day. In addition, making exercises will help them to avoid it. So they can be more healthy, and full of energy alike. If they do exercises. 

In brief, technology and computer are not that much bad, if they use smartly. Otherwise, it can develop their mental stages in process of growing. In addition, it can eradicate them from ignorance to become educated a well as brain can work properly due to the huge number if strategic games whichbit is available in computer networks. 


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