Offenders after serving the first punishment 

Many offenders commit more crimes after serving the first punishment. Why is this happening, and what measures can be taken to tackle this problem?

In the modern world, there are a number of crimes happen around the world. Which it has been committed by human. Consequently, They will be imprisoned in jail for a period. So, there have been recorded different cases. That people who committed crimes against human or other types of offensive conditions such race issue, killing, robbery. After realsing them, they will become more offensive. So here details and how it can be resolved. 

First of all, criminals are everywhere in the world. It can not be tackled easily. As it takes time to decrease it. In addition, it needs to be studied carefully with hard work. We somtimes feel. That punishment is not a good technique to solve problems. As Criminals require a kind of support and cooperation to direct through the correct path, they need to be treated proffesionally with their cases. When they get prisoned for over a period with regards to their committed crimes, they may be mixed with other criminals who have bad thoughts about life. So the possibly of breaking rules would be increase, it means that Government did not solve any issues. Instead of correction, they might be destroyed. Hence, they will have mutual passive thoughts bewteen each other. For example, there is a study in Germany. It shows, while it was taken disciplinary action against like punishment for offenders, the percentage of building passive mentalities will increase dramatically due to experienced criminal who are in the prisoned. 

However, government should use proper methods instead of punishment. They must deal ethically. As a restult they still human. On other words. For example, segregating as per crime rate. It can encourage to learn sorts of jobs, while they are at the prison. Furthermore, educating them with different courses. To be more specific, once they learn such a proffessional work, after they got released, they will look for job. So keeping them busy with thinking about work and how to learn new skills, it will take them away from doing bad deeds. Moreover, it can provide to put them on rehabilitation cells. So that they can spend years in it, while they are in it. They will have the ability to be taught other fields related to market jobs. 

To conclude, crimes can be tackled, if we convert punishment to something positive. Offering for them opportunities to learn new skills. In addition, they can give them the chance to correct themselves instead of wasting years in jails. Besides, they can have benefits while they are out of prison. However, neglecting them will increase crimes in countries. 

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