What i have learnt! Part 1

After, i had worked in different companies, and i passed in a very tough situations, i could come out with ” the more you get successful, the more you have to watch your back” because for every back, there is a knife.

Leave envious people away, just ignore them, and do your job naturally. But you have to avoid trusting them, sharing your mistakes would definitely ruin your personal life and and professional life alike.

Seriously, when i was assistant manager in a company deals with retail business, i got ruined by by manager, although i was doing my job professionally and meeting the deadlines of my job tasks, But the manager never left me alone, he was creating up problems to me. The struggle starts when my area manager was always appreciating my job, after i had done it perfectly, and staff was always appreciating me too , because i was giving for them a hand to help them finish the job as well as i understand the pressure of work that’s how i won their sincerity. Head back to the point, when manager noticed the appreciation of my area manager to me, the manager starts to push poison words to the area manager’s head. Later on, i found out that area manger started changing his attitude against me, anything positive he had about me, it was turned to negative. But how?! I asked myself why and how?! Therefore, my mind began to turn the things out. And i then found that manager is the reason. However, when i got this feeling toward that manager, i started to think how to protect myself from him, because he was trying to get any mistakes and let me get involved in it and report it to the area manager, you know it will be enough approve for the big boss to let him approve the image of what he heard it about me. My team were doing their job, but due to new joiners with low experience, they were corrupting the excellency of job in the store, as for me, i was creating for them excuses, because they still new training staff, but the manager was taking them as an advantage, as a result he was taking photo shots of their job by his cell phone and reporting it directly to the head boss by email, in addition he put me in Cc in the email with the attachment, but due to getting my team staff’s trust, they were informing me in advance that the current manager was taking photos for the shelves of the storage area, consequently i know what he will do with it, and due to his negative behaviours, i was thinking how to protect myself and what to reply by email in case the area manager how he will react when he opens the inbox and sees the photos, overall i made myself ready for further replying in case if he replied. I will end up here to prevent this post from getting too long.

The message; you have to protect yourself from envious people when you have them around at your workplace. To be continued!

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Stop building horrifying mental scenarios about what it might happen if you fail.

I believe that fear has a positive side in our life, if we think precisely that it takes away from dangerous situations that it might put us at risk. Remember! We should have balanced fear, because too much fear leads to limit our thinking and limit our life too. And it can turn into major obstacles and difficulties to success.

Well, at the beginning of one stage of my life stages, i was too careless through my school’s matters, never care about my studying, never did my homework which it had been assigned by our teachers on daily basis , noting that i was in 5th grade. Therefore, i was not doing my homework when I go to school next day, while teachers were checking out students’ assignments during the class. Later, they found out that i did not do my homework as per requested for the whole year not for one or two days only, Definitely, it has affected on me a lot, led me to stay at the same grade for the next year, not getting to next grade which I shall be in 6th grade, i got crying too much, when i got the results at the end of that year, as my ex classmates had passed the grade successfully, and promoted to sixth grade, but for me i stayed at the same class. However, at this point, i decided to change everything in my life to prevent this situation from happening again to me.

In that light, the concept of fear did not exist in my life’s dictionary, and do not know what kind of feeling, I will get when fear comes to me. But because of fear of failure that feeling started emerging, in a result, i took this fear as a positive means to support me for going to next levels of my life. As i began to have my responsibilities seriously and not to try be careless anymore due to what it had happened to me previously. Of course, i promised myself not make it happen again. Hence, i started studying hard because i do not want that bad feelings to come back again, it was really disturbing me and it has affected me negatively. Anyway, i use fear in my studying period and get it into my side positively until i succeeded in all stages of my studying. And i finally did it.

That’s why i counted fear is a great technique to help me success. As Fear should not be too much, but in a feasible way is acceptable. But you need to know that you can take fear in every field not specifically in studying, i know you know that, but i just wanted to remind you!

Finally, think always about how fear could block many paths from passing it and put us at risk as well, if we did not use it efficiently. I remember just a comment from one of my favourite readers here in WP my dear Ortensia said “Always look at the glass half full my friend and always start thinking we can do it but if we won’t it’s not the end of the world……something good will come up anyway” you can check out her blog is full of amazing, and realistic stories from the heart and it exists in her site. Here we go for her site


Replace negative fear into positive fear, and enjoy your success. As i mentioned in one of my previous posts, thoughts are choices.

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The way you think!

What i have learnt in my life!

Well, we sometimes have our thoughts, and we believe that our thoughts are our own choices, we act it according to specific people only , so we should not take it personally, if i meant to criticise anyone, it does not mean, i had criticised the whole people, it has just involved for group of people not going further the whole population.! I believe that there are people better than me around the world. So we are not allowed to restrain thoughts of others, they might have messages to certain people only, in addition, we have the freedom of expressing our thoughts,Get it?!!

However, judging others from their posts according to your perspectives, it is not a professional way, so be open minded and not try to take it personally, and get hurt from nothing as long as you are not the mentioned in the post so who is concerned about it?! If you like it, just express your opinions, if you don’t like it, just throw it away. Hell! I am not responsible about how the way you the think, i am just responsible about what i wrote it only. Hence, making yourself smart enough, and start analysing things the way you like, it means you are not looking for things from different lens, furthermore, analysing things from one angle, will reflect that you have a narrowed mind. I think, we have to train ourselves to get a look on things widely from different angles to avoid judging others in bad for no reasons.

So why i need to insult others as long as i don’t know them, or even they don’t know me. Finally, i behave according to the person who is in front of me, i deal with only, as per the person’s outcomes, i reflect, that’s it. Bear it in mind, i am not responsible about the way you think. Or else, you are going to be counted as sick mentally, if you take everything personally. In that light , I hate to deal to deal these kinds of mentalities, also they judge before clarifying things up. That’s what it makes sick. I think, those kinds have to be switched off from our life. Or else, they have to change their way of thinking.

Understand others before you JUDGE!!


Share carefully with selective individuals!!

Be careful you guys when you need to share something with your colleagues at your workplace about certain thing you intend to do it in the future to score higher place in your work. Because the ideas which you have it, they might not think about it all or it did not come into their mind, as a result they may fed you up, because they don’t want you to change, as it may look inconvenient for them, In this view, they may see it brilliant thoughts comes out from you, consequently, it may lead to a better transformation at your career. However, if you really need to share it, try to engage it, no problems, but you need to be carefully while choosing the proper people who you really feel that they really want to support you in that, let’s say that it would be sort of like small circle of supporters, this will probably look like conversations with mentors and close friends.

In addition, give yourself the freedom to brainstorm and to not commit to any particular new direction immediately.

Finally, be very careful to whom you share your ideas and how much you share with colleagues if you are not thoroughly committed to a shift. Envious persons are a lot, they will try to set you back, if they found out that you are going to do better than them.


Never give up, you might be closer to achieve your goal.

Never give up, you might be closer to achieve your goal.

Don’t be too quick for giving up and take the easy out. Reaching ones goal needs a hard work. If you still want something, keep fighting for it. That doesn’t mean that you can’t change your goals. If you decide you don’t want something anymore — truly change your desires it’s acceptable to move on to fight another battle instead. Do mistakes but never quit. Kindly, see the attached photo It’s the story of two men who stopped just three feet from finding the gold they were digging for, and you then can understand what i mean exactly.

Lastly, Don’t give up just because you’re tired and yearning for something easier to do. Don’t betray yourself. Feel your desire. Plan and work toward your goal. Show persistence. Don’t recognize failure. Ignore failure. Keep fighting. Persist until you win.

Never Quit.


You don’t necessarily get to choose your thoughts.

You do not need to get any single thought too seriously. Why?! Because your mind is a lot like a mental playground constantly generating and experimenting with new solutions and new ideas. Therefore, no single thought can possibly define you. So you had a scary and negative ideas, or image or dream. No big deal!!! It is just your mind playing around with new ideas.

You have to remember !!! You do not necessarily get to choose your thoughts. Our mind has plenty of ideas why we always try to choose the bad one. Hence, we are the only one who would choose whatever we want which we want to act on and reflect.


Thoughts and abilities

We sometimes feel people that they need to take us wherever they want, it is like they need to take us into the direction which they really like or they what they believe in honestly.

Humans have different mindset which it differs from person to person either in abilities or thoughts. So we don’t have to allow them to manipulate with our thoughts and perspectives. As we have our own character, i think if we want an independent life with our actions, we shall eliminate them from our life, they might be a reason for holding us back instead of progress.

However, believing in yourself would change your life into better and your path would be seen in a clear vision, i could count those who are trying to control us by their thoughts like a fog as a result, they will block our vision from what we want to see.

Finally, if they find that their actions and thoughts helped them to success into their life, it does not mean, it would support us to success, because human’s mind, abilities , and power differs, that’s how we have been created. By the way, if we act with other people’s interference , what’s our role will be?

Be you, the world will adjust.

Guys! Want your valued views with regards to this post, and thank you so much to all of you.


The mission of success


Stop overanalysing things which it is useless. It is just waste of time and energy, as you have to work out on things which it gives positive results. In addition, you have to stay away of negative thoughts that tell how bad your ideas are. So work on minimising procrastination, which it may affect on your personal potential and expanding your imaginations. Do not postpone your life’s work…Ok?!!

Focus on getting stuff done, and getting results. Progress is the ultimate motivation, the real world rewards are those who get things done not the perfectionist. It is ok, make mistakes, and fall in obstacles, we are not perfect. The most important is that we need our goal to be progress not perfection. Remember, our obstacles will guide us definitely. By the way, if you have something extra ordinary, share it with the rest of the world, don’t be afraid!!. But be ready and adapt yourself that you will get criticised a lot, because people judge what they don’t understand and can not comprehend. Not everyone see the thing the way you do, you have to add this note into your account ok?!! So it is ok if they don’t accept it,,because you are not seeking for their approval for your stuff, however don’t let them stop you from thinking, so act bigger and get closer to your life’s calling. What about if i fail?

It is ok, fear of fail is inevitable but it is not fatal, so you are not your failure. Don’t get stuck!!! The more new situations you expose yourself, the more opportunities you have. It is a way to discover unknown aptitudes. Finally, failure is not a sign of permanent trouble, but merely as a sidestep on the path to success.

Do not stop due to the passive thoughts.