A Dull World

people are inventing things more friendly to enviroment. on the other hand, other people come to corrupt what the other people had come to fix. it is too funny, so when will all work for the same goal and strive for best. anyway, we live in a dull world full of contradictions. This case is not only mine, it relates to all people, we should strictly go under what it is the best for good enviroment. One hand can’t clap by its own. As good enviroment is the right for all.

Imperfect Vs Ego

I don’t wanna be in the spotlight.

neither wanna be in the centre of focus.

neither gunna put myself on a show for others what I make.

neither gunna get drawn to the circle of egos.

I hate it.

But I would like tell you that there are some of mistakes are acceptable when are committed by others, and some of mistakes we would be unable to accpet it. So please, don’t label me by any other passive words, or labling me just to thrive being perfect. No! Because simply some are acceptable and some are not.

I’m not perfect too..