Brain’s muscles

Reading books is a good way to train your mind to become stronger, brain has muscles too, it is like other parts of your body, when it needs some exercises to build that muscles and obtain a great shape. So if you want to strengthen that muscles, you have to read.

Remember, read to lead!



If you are unable to get answers for questions you have it in your head, and it is still really moving back and forth in your mind, therefore I completely know how much headache it may bring to us when some questions were left unanswered to us.

Hence, Strengthen your backbone by reading more books which it relates to your interests. Spontaneously, your questions will be answered. It really happens, when I sometimes read a book very useful and it suits me extremely though, I feel like I found a rare treasure, because of getting some answers for my questions at the same moment.

Finally, I would love to end this post by saying it in short; happiness is to go for what you want, not what you don’t want. I wrote this post in the purpose of keeping it as a reminder that not everything could be gained by other people easily. Another hint “No pain, No gain.!”

Equation result is 👇

(Treasure+knowledge) = HAPPINESS.

Bye for now.