Imperfect Vs Ego

I don’t wanna be in the spotlight.

neither wanna be in the centre of focus.

neither gunna put myself on a show for others what I make.

neither gunna get drawn to the circle of egos.

I hate it.

But I would like tell you that there are some of mistakes are acceptable when are committed by others, and some of mistakes we would be unable to accpet it. So please, don’t label me by any other passive words, or labling me just to thrive being perfect. No! Because simply some are acceptable and some are not.

I’m not perfect too..



Dialogue between “Ego and true self”

Ego; how are you, true self?!

True self; I am ok.

Ego; how life goes with you?!

True self; i am not so bad. But have some problems at some points.

Ego; the solution I think you would better be, lazy, envious, irritable, prone to lie.

True self; no you are not me.

True self; i can not change myself, these are primitive behaviors.

Ego; ok! it is your choice, but i approached you because i felt in your weakness. And I came to check out if you need some help that’s why i appeared.

True self; I have my personality, and i will not allow you to change it. No need your help, I am what I am. I observe when you were trying to destroy other people’s lives. You made them feel ok that by anger can tackle a lot of personal issues. When you won, you put them in more troubles instead of solving it. And what you now telling ” help” what kinda help you are talking about ha?!! I can you tell more examples if you want.

Ego; yes, tell me more.

True self; I will tell you one more thing and it would be enough, I guess! I observe when you create illusions about fear, and prevent some people from getting more steps forward in their lives, you restrained them from achieving their goals. And you put them in obstacles that they may can sort it out without you easily but because of appearance, you hold them back by making things more complicated. And you now you telling me. You are here to provide any help. What kinda help you are talking about. I think, you are in the wring place. Just get away, it’s enough what did for others?!

Ego; now, you ordered me to leave. Are you sure?!

True self; Yes, definitely I am.

Ego; you defeated me, i think your mind is fulfilled enough. You get more satisfaction about the way how you live your life. And left far away.

True self; won the conversation, and have better life between her family, friends, and relative, and love to help others too.

*** this dialogue is about a conversation happened between true self and Ego. So stop identifying yourself with behaviors that it can come out from the brain. We are so sure that we are able to win, if we have a full satisfaction about the stuff we have it in life. Hence, our true self is better than that. As deception and illusions we can rid it off. If we want, we are able not to be influenced by these primitive. Each person are able to come free of negative, and be able to control himself. Not giving his or her feeling power over himself or herself. So everyone is able to do. ” don’t say , I can not” no of course ” YOU CAN”

Thanks for reading.