The years we spend # poem

We put plans

We work hard for those plans

We spend many years for achieving it

And then we spent those years

But the main question

Did we really achieve?’

Not yet

Oh My God

Not yet

It is true

Now wait

We got too old

Look behind

What you have built?’

Still nothing


What you waiting for?

Go ahead and act on small things first

Do your effort that suits your abilities now

Step by step

Look higher and higher

Now, don’t let the years of your life pass easily

Dramatically, you will have it

It will take time I know

But make it happen now at least for little things

Don’t waste time, it is enough!

Happiness with small things you achieve

It is great work though

Hopeless no

Disappointed no

You still better than everyone else

You don’t believe it

No, you have to believe it

If you believe it, wonders will happen




Small tree takes time until it gives you though

Yes, it takes time but it gives later

We never lose our hope in a tree

Sooner or later

It will give us but until it is completely grown

this is How it is

But you need to give for the tree some of your care

Pay little attention for the years you spend

Just give some care too

Your age is important

Every single day we spend is important

Sad when look behind and see nothing

Don’t wait for that moment

What it passed never come back

let it Stick in your head like a glue

It is done

Thank for reading this random free verse.