Fake Advice

Missing you guys!

hope you are all doing well.

This is one my post, I have posted it in my facebook, as I would like to share it here with you guys too, at the same time to notify you that I am still around between in WP. I am sorry for leaving this web without further notice at my end to you. Here we go for the piece of my writing.

If you wanna advise me, go ahead…
But do not create a fantasy story to convince me…

I don’t know If you guys believe that there kinda people are trying to convince us through creating a story from their own imagination in the purpose of making us believe them. Just wrote this from what I felt. Meanwhile, it is funny to remember that our parents had used this way before, but when we grew up, we found out, it was fabricated just to lend them our silence in certain things we needed it at that time. For those, stop doing this,what it was applied in the past, it was applied. Now, it is not working at all.

Just liked Sharing this thought here.

Hussein Allam

Aladdin’s magic lamp and 2019

Every year I put plans before I welcome the new year, but at first of this year 2019, I did not set goals for achieving anything.

You know what the reason is, because I am not achieving anything except of getting older year by year, responsibilities are increasing and thrown over my own shoulders. Nevertheless, I am not such a type of person who is easy to give up, but things are running in a different way. I know that it would be sometimes for our own best, it could be something there that it turns us away from our directions for something we are not aware of it, in other words, it might be for our own good.

However, plans and goals you put must be there something to support for what you have already set without it we can not do anything except one thing to find “Aladdin’s the magic lamp” and rubbing it and then later ask for our wishes. If I found Aladdin the magic lamp, I would ask for my wish to send me to another country where I can find out my future there and seek for better life, I would have three wishes, I asked for one and the two left, I don’t want them.

The truth is when resources are available, we will be ready to do whatever we want for growth. Though, I am still dreaming, my dreams have never turned out to reality.

Life lesson

I wish, I had learned this lesson in life since long long time.

“Not to strictly be attached to anyone at all” but anyway, thanks for them, because I learned it now. So in the future, i can avoid many big consequences, it may happen! I believe that we sometimes pay costs for what we have been through in the past.

It really guys painful!


Consistency is not to change yourself under any circumstances, even when other persons have changed their behaviours towards you. Right?!

When you need to say ” consistency ” you have to mean it, as you claimed, Even others changed, you have to stay the way you are. It is not worthy to reflect bad if others went bad against you.

Thank you for reading


If you are unable to get answers for questions you have it in your head, and it is still really moving back and forth in your mind, therefore I completely know how much headache it may bring to us when some questions were left unanswered to us.

Hence, Strengthen your backbone by reading more books which it relates to your interests. Spontaneously, your questions will be answered. It really happens, when I sometimes read a book very useful and it suits me extremely though, I feel like I found a rare treasure, because of getting some answers for my questions at the same moment.

Finally, I would love to end this post by saying it in short; happiness is to go for what you want, not what you don’t want. I wrote this post in the purpose of keeping it as a reminder that not everything could be gained by other people easily. Another hint “No pain, No gain.!”

Equation result is 👇

(Treasure+knowledge) = HAPPINESS.

Bye for now.