One Year Gap

In some countries young people are encouraged to work or travel for a year between finishing high school and starting university.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this?!


Nowadays, There are an amount of people prefer to search for a job after they have done their studies in high school, as a result, they need to help their family in paying the fees of their selected course in the future  such university due to the high cost of study in the universities as their familly can’t afford the whole amount themselves, as well as there are a large number of people prefered to travel to enjoy themselves for a foreign countries instead of going to register at the university direclty. So there are pros and cons for those students, which it will be argued as following:
On the one hand, Universities are absolute expensive to study for a specific subject currently, therefore the students will decide to work to save some money to cover one’s fees from the side of books, and paying other costs for such a university, for example if students confirmed to study  medicine  field, it will cost he / she a lot, because it is so costly, hence they they start to collect money for a one year duration so that they can survive to follow their ambitions by going throug what they like to be in the future, as well as student who want to study Engineers are expensive too. Furthermore, the family of students don’t have the ability to pay for them all the fees, due to their other basic demands in life.

In addition, leaving the country or working for at least one year will lead for late graduation compared to one’s colleagues, consequently, they might be affected on them psychology after they find that their mates have graduated earlier than them, and they will join the careers early which it will help them to seize the opportunites in the market, moreover they have one year experience in advance attached to their background in which  realted to their domains.

To sum up, having had one year vacation before studying at the university is useful, but you have to comprehend that there will be passive effects, it will come over you. So think into depths before taking this decision for the purpose of avoiding blaming anyone in the coming days.

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