Bliss behind every trouble.

Everything happens to us in life, there would be a reason behind it.

You don’t need to act angrily, if you stuck in a heavy traffic. You need to think about further consequences positively, because the reason of being stuck in heavy traffic, it might get you away of something negative, it could happen to you. And other example, if you woke up too late, as a result you will be late to attend your job on time, also don’t be bothered, because if you reached on time, you might encounter something unacceptable from your boss, or getting involved with troubles with some customers if you work in retail business. In general, any negative consequences you may face in every organisation. I experienced that of course, i could say it here and no issues for me to mention it to my valued readers, so that they can take some of positive benefits from it. , and get healed from stress, or any negative thoughts it may come to our minds. So this discussion will help you throw your negatives too far away. I hope so! However, I just remembered a situation someday, i woke up too late, regarding that time was my second day of my duty in the company. Oh i got stressed a lot, and started getting so angry oh what i did?!! I got up out of my bed in rush to reach my workplace on time. At the same moment, i took a deep breath, i said to myself, hold up for seconds, what i am doing?!! What about if i reached late, whatever it could happen to me, i will accept it, because it is my fault. I then accepted it because it must be there a bliss behind it. once i started thinking about it positively, i got so calm, directly the stress and angriness faded away. Remember, this technique, it can help you get out of troubles and tress.

Later, i reached the workplace late, the boss asked me to come to his office to discuss about the reason of getting late, and he told me ” you are new employee” and ” you do that” i answered him nicely “what shall i do?!” It was out of my control. He got so upset to me, and told me ” if you did it once again, i will report it to the HR department, that you are not so efficient to work in this store” i was so upset about his reactions, because it might occur like to everyone else, even i am new.

Although, the boss don’t know me well, and do I. It was such a warm deep discussions happened in the office, i studied his reactions at the same while, i could find out that he is good from inside, and i was thinking, that i should not blame him because he was doing his duties as well. I later got fine. However, that moment was a bliss, because i knew what kind of character he has. He is kind and helpful and that’s what it makes me to be aware next time. By the way, i was having a trouble of wakening up too early at that time. Because of that reason, i extremely do not want this to happen to me again, i started practicing to wake up early each day until I overcame it. And now don’t have this issue anymore, it was three blisses in one shot, knowing his character, practicing to wake up early everyday, and feeling the responsibility of my work.

Finally, falling in troubles could be a bliss left behind it. Accept it and act accordingly.

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What i have learnt! Part 1

After, i had worked in different companies, and i passed in a very tough situations, i could come out with ” the more you get successful, the more you have to watch your back” because for every back, there is a knife.

Leave envious people away, just ignore them, and do your job naturally. But you have to avoid trusting them, sharing your mistakes would definitely ruin your personal life and and professional life alike.

Seriously, when i was assistant manager in a company deals with retail business, i got ruined by by manager, although i was doing my job professionally and meeting the deadlines of my job tasks, But the manager never left me alone, he was creating up problems to me. The struggle starts when my area manager was always appreciating my job, after i had done it perfectly, and staff was always appreciating me too , because i was giving for them a hand to help them finish the job as well as i understand the pressure of work that’s how i won their sincerity. Head back to the point, when manager noticed the appreciation of my area manager to me, the manager starts to push poison words to the area manager’s head. Later on, i found out that area manger started changing his attitude against me, anything positive he had about me, it was turned to negative. But how?! I asked myself why and how?! Therefore, my mind began to turn the things out. And i then found that manager is the reason. However, when i got this feeling toward that manager, i started to think how to protect myself from him, because he was trying to get any mistakes and let me get involved in it and report it to the area manager, you know it will be enough approve for the big boss to let him approve the image of what he heard it about me. My team were doing their job, but due to new joiners with low experience, they were corrupting the excellency of job in the store, as for me, i was creating for them excuses, because they still new training staff, but the manager was taking them as an advantage, as a result he was taking photo shots of their job by his cell phone and reporting it directly to the head boss by email, in addition he put me in Cc in the email with the attachment, but due to getting my team staff’s trust, they were informing me in advance that the current manager was taking photos for the shelves of the storage area, consequently i know what he will do with it, and due to his negative behaviours, i was thinking how to protect myself and what to reply by email in case the area manager how he will react when he opens the inbox and sees the photos, overall i made myself ready for further replying in case if he replied. I will end up here to prevent this post from getting too long.

The message; you have to protect yourself from envious people when you have them around at your workplace. To be continued!

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The way you think!

What i have learnt in my life!

Well, we sometimes have our thoughts, and we believe that our thoughts are our own choices, we act it according to specific people only , so we should not take it personally, if i meant to criticise anyone, it does not mean, i had criticised the whole people, it has just involved for group of people not going further the whole population.! I believe that there are people better than me around the world. So we are not allowed to restrain thoughts of others, they might have messages to certain people only, in addition, we have the freedom of expressing our thoughts,Get it?!!

However, judging others from their posts according to your perspectives, it is not a professional way, so be open minded and not try to take it personally, and get hurt from nothing as long as you are not the mentioned in the post so who is concerned about it?! If you like it, just express your opinions, if you don’t like it, just throw it away. Hell! I am not responsible about how the way you the think, i am just responsible about what i wrote it only. Hence, making yourself smart enough, and start analysing things the way you like, it means you are not looking for things from different lens, furthermore, analysing things from one angle, will reflect that you have a narrowed mind. I think, we have to train ourselves to get a look on things widely from different angles to avoid judging others in bad for no reasons.

So why i need to insult others as long as i don’t know them, or even they don’t know me. Finally, i behave according to the person who is in front of me, i deal with only, as per the person’s outcomes, i reflect, that’s it. Bear it in mind, i am not responsible about the way you think. Or else, you are going to be counted as sick mentally, if you take everything personally. In that light , I hate to deal to deal these kinds of mentalities, also they judge before clarifying things up. That’s what it makes sick. I think, those kinds have to be switched off from our life. Or else, they have to change their way of thinking.

Understand others before you JUDGE!!


Thoughts and abilities

We sometimes feel people that they need to take us wherever they want, it is like they need to take us into the direction which they really like or they what they believe in honestly.

Humans have different mindset which it differs from person to person either in abilities or thoughts. So we don’t have to allow them to manipulate with our thoughts and perspectives. As we have our own character, i think if we want an independent life with our actions, we shall eliminate them from our life, they might be a reason for holding us back instead of progress.

However, believing in yourself would change your life into better and your path would be seen in a clear vision, i could count those who are trying to control us by their thoughts like a fog as a result, they will block our vision from what we want to see.

Finally, if they find that their actions and thoughts helped them to success into their life, it does not mean, it would support us to success, because human’s mind, abilities , and power differs, that’s how we have been created. By the way, if we act with other people’s interference , what’s our role will be?

Be you, the world will adjust.

Guys! Want your valued views with regards to this post, and thank you so much to all of you.



Losers are divided into two parts;-
The first part;- think without performing.


The second part;- perform without thinking.

No growth in performance can be seen, if you could be classified within the two parts. As a result, performances need actions with executions and not only talk. Talking is easy for us to do it. But actions are hard to find who apply it. In my point of view, performance can be measured by our acitions.

In a nutshell, I am going to get full of hearing empty conversations. But I am hungry to see actions.