Don’t be that bucket when it comes to a man wants to fill it in whatever he wants and leave.



I don’t wanna be as what others want me to be!I am different!I am unique!Iam who I am!am the best copy of myself!No finger print is the same!Never change as what they want me to be!No more!Just be you!And I wanna be ” me “!Don’t try hard to convince me!I have my own mindset!Don’t push my button! If you made me upset!I am sure!You will get what you never expected!And we have limits!I shape my mind the way I need! Not you! It’s done..

What I have learned

For the past three days, I have learned a very big lesson.

Whoever are afraid to move on, is the same one who afraid to take the decision to move on. The concept of fear is responsible for holding us back and reject the concept of development of ourselves at the same moment.

Only once!!

We sometimes feel that strongest answer for any kinds of discussions and questions comes after the first answer in few seconds. But unfortunately, what it has been said, it can not be taken back. ( it’s done) it is like the bullet when it gets out of the gun and it goes away.

Life lesson

I wish, I had learned this lesson in life since long long time.

“Not to strictly be attached to anyone at all” but anyway, thanks for them, because I learned it now. So in the future, i can avoid many big consequences, it may happen! I believe that we sometimes pay costs for what we have been through in the past.

It really guys painful!