Listening is an art

When it is hard to talk…

It is up to us to listen…

There was a one lady called 911 after she felt that there was a strange entered her home in the midnight. During the call, one of the policemen has picked up the call, and she ordered Pizza with pepperoni. Therefore, the officer answered “mom you are calling the wrong number” she repeated the order again, “i need to order pizza with pepperoni”. Asked her” if is there any something threat your live” and told her to answer by ” yes or no only” she said ” yes and see you soon” as a result, he asked her ” to act normal” as he is going to check around any police officer near by her home immediately. And she ended the call.

So listening is an art, we have to develop our listening skills, as it is going to help us solving a lot of problems. During that conversation, look how the officer has managed the situation without going to deep details and understood her. I think, we have to learn how we could go through this situation and managing it as well.


Taking decision!

When we need to take a decision either as an individual or in a group, we have to educate ourselves extremely about a certain type of an issue. Or else it will be thrown over our shoulders passively and it may affect our life though. So Going deeply through it, and find an alternative solutions for the problem as per its importance. It would help to surpass the problem itself. However, acquiring skills for taking any decision through education is required. Or it could be through practical experience. Finally, We have to revise our decision before we submit it

Don’t you ever take a decision through your emotions, but go through what’s required for find a neutral solutions, it could satisfy you individually and others who are with you while taking decision.


They say that silence is a sign for accepting other people’s opinion.

As for me, No! It should not be like that, your hand five fingers’ are not equal by its size. So the size of each finger of your hand is different from one to another. Hence, this would be applied on human thoughts, people are not the same by thoughts. In that light, if someone tend to say his opinion, and other party might keep silent, but we should not judge that he accept it. Smartly, other individuals refuse to share their ideas, even you said right, they might have different perspectives, so they might not agree for what you have discussed it.

Finally, silence is not always a sign for accepting. It could be refused but they don’t want to tell, because other stupids comprehend it that you are against them. Or they might not have the enough words to convey it to you nicely.

Please, you don’t force them to accept, make them free to say if they want only.

Inner sound

A: are you ok?

B: yes i am completely ok.

B’s inner sound: no i am not ok, i am too tired.

B: what about you, A?!

A: I am ok too.

B’s inner sound says: i wish, i could be like A

A’s inner sound says: i wish, i can feel like you when i am ok.

This is the truth unfortunately, we act like we are ok. but actually, we don’t. At the end, they are equal by results.

But keep it in mind, to whom we love, we can feel them. Even they did not say the truth to us. Look, how our beloved ones do not want to share us their pain to avoid disturbing us. As a result, we lie on each other.