You don’t necessarily get to choose your thoughts.

You do not need to get any single thought too seriously. Why?! Because your mind is a lot like a mental playground constantly generating and experimenting with new solutions and new ideas. Therefore, no single thought can possibly define you. So you had a scary and negative ideas, or image or dream. No big deal!!! It is just your mind playing around with new ideas.

You have to remember !!! You do not necessarily get to choose your thoughts. Our mind has plenty of ideas why we always try to choose the bad one. Hence, we are the only one who would choose whatever we want which we want to act on and reflect.



Thoughts and abilities

We sometimes feel people that they need to take us wherever they want, it is like they need to take us into the direction which they really like or they what they believe in honestly.

Humans have different mindset which it differs from person to person either in abilities or thoughts. So we don’t have to allow them to manipulate with our thoughts and perspectives. As we have our own character, i think if we want an independent life with our actions, we shall eliminate them from our life, they might be a reason for holding us back instead of progress.

However, believing in yourself would change your life into better and your path would be seen in a clear vision, i could count those who are trying to control us by their thoughts like a fog as a result, they will block our vision from what we want to see.

Finally, if they find that their actions and thoughts helped them to success into their life, it does not mean, it would support us to success, because human’s mind, abilities , and power differs, that’s how we have been created. By the way, if we act with other people’s interference , what’s our role will be?

Be you, the world will adjust.

Guys! Want your valued views with regards to this post, and thank you so much to all of you.


The mission of success


Stop overanalysing things which it is useless. It is just waste of time and energy, as you have to work out on things which it gives positive results. In addition, you have to stay away of negative thoughts that tell how bad your ideas are. So work on minimising procrastination, which it may affect on your personal potential and expanding your imaginations. Do not postpone your life’s work…Ok?!!

Focus on getting stuff done, and getting results. Progress is the ultimate motivation, the real world rewards are those who get things done not the perfectionist. It is ok, make mistakes, and fall in obstacles, we are not perfect. The most important is that we need our goal to be progress not perfection. Remember, our obstacles will guide us definitely. By the way, if you have something extra ordinary, share it with the rest of the world, don’t be afraid!!. But be ready and adapt yourself that you will get criticised a lot, because people judge what they don’t understand and can not comprehend. Not everyone see the thing the way you do, you have to add this note into your account ok?!! So it is ok if they don’t accept it,,because you are not seeking for their approval for your stuff, however don’t let them stop you from thinking, so act bigger and get closer to your life’s calling. What about if i fail?

It is ok, fear of fail is inevitable but it is not fatal, so you are not your failure. Don’t get stuck!!! The more new situations you expose yourself, the more opportunities you have. It is a way to discover unknown aptitudes. Finally, failure is not a sign of permanent trouble, but merely as a sidestep on the path to success.

Do not stop due to the passive thoughts.






I really need to share you something is a bit funny here.

I encountered a situation that one of my colleagues told me “I am a loser “. I answered him easily in a simple way ” yes, i am a loser 😁i was not angry, because he has so limited thoughts and the way of his thinking is quite narrow, that’s what i really felt about him, therefore, my guess might be in the position. However, head back to the point, i continually kept talking with him in a very low stress, and told him that “if i have the enough resources to get whatever i want, i won’t be here and be your colleague though”. one point to add, i told him” i am also a loser because i am talking to you too😁”. furthermore, “i will be in a position better than you in thousands times” Oh was too aggressive, aren’t I?!!😀 by the way, he is in the three-decade lol, i am also younger than him, in addition, i told him ” if i were at the age of yours, i would have my own business😂 it means he is loser than me in much more.

finally,Be humble and grateful for whatever you have, people’s opinions would be a poison, if we will not know how to deal with it.



True behaviours are so rare these days!!

The pretense sometimes is connected with imitating others. But remember! When people behave naturally, it will be attached with them permanently either in positive or negative. If behaviours are negative, it can not be changed, unless you want to imitate others in a positive way like *(pretending). And be notified, that it will be for a short period of time, and after you will get bored. Therefore, you will directly turn back to your natural behaviours, you know why?!!! Simply, Because it is your nature. While people who own positive behaviours, they will act through it positively in perpetual way, you know why??! The answer would be the same for the mentioned question above #because_it_is_his_ or_her nature.

what do you think about it, guys?!

I need your valuable discussion over this.

Real behaviours are so rare these days.

Thanks to all, and stay blessed. 🙂

Conquer your mind!!!

Th reason why we fail is to unlock our inner power is because of our limited knowledge of who we really are. And how our mind could block our vision and create obstacles which it does not exist at all.

It is so sad to see how our minds can mess with us. What fear, worry and doubt does to us. What losing our power does to us. What losing our spirit does to us.

It robs us of our success, it robs us of our confidence, it robs us of our joy.

But, remember nothing can stop you from anything you want in life except your own MIND. So what is the solution?!!!

The answer is simply and easy; access your inner power so you can conquer your mind.

Warning!!! Don’t be the victim of your mind.

Search for your deep inner peace.

And peace!!😉<<<<<

Uncomfortable choice

If you look for a room to grow , life has two choices. Firstly, comfortable choice–safe. Secondly, uncomfortable choice–risky. You always choose the risky choice, because it is the one will teach us the most, and the most will make us grow. That’s the one you have to choose, as it will change our life to better. By the way, taking a step for making a decision does not have to be a life or death, simply it is just choice that it helps us to gain self-trust, so just do it to get it . However, don’t pick up the safe choice, and get out of your comfort zone to boost your life much better, as a result, further positive results will come later, and then you notice how your life will be better in your in transition.

Finally, do it without overthinking. Remember that our mind is the lazy one not our body, it depends on how you look to things from different views.

Your comfort zone➡️where your magic happens.


Invisible success

Hey Everyone,

Hope you doing all well!

I am Hussein Allam, i have not been blogging for a while, because i was really busy.

Success always hugs you in private, but failure slaps you in public that’s life unfortunately.

I don’t know why we would not be thanked for the success which we have achieved, it looks like something is invisible, but when it comes to failure, it comes visible to everyone who is around you. It is something contradictory. But never mind, be honest and true for what you doing, that’s only how we could reinforce our abilities by thinking positively, it is a way which it keeps us alive, so the aspect of hope is there but know how to live with it.


Get Active!!!

Doing something is almost always better than not doing anything. If we fail, it is Ok, no worries Of course, we know 100% that doing something could lead to mistakes,but mistakes are a part of life. It’s how we learn. Without mistakes, we would never get better and reach our determined destination. So don’t worry about those. Just do something. Get off your butt😉. and get active physically, or active by taking steps to accomplish something.

But be careful, i did not mean to wear Nike or Adidas’ shoes for fitting your feet to make you ready for healthier running. 😉