Eliminate your depression within seconds only

Because of depression you can see this world in black and white. and by optimiscism you can see the world with its beautiful brightful real colors. do not be the victim of your damn thoughts, find a hole in the middle of nowhere and burry it, don’t even try to get back to think of it over again, when it happens, make yourself busy with anything else. directly your mind will shift the way of your thinking quickly within seconds, you will gain good results If you try it. In brief, believe me It is easy to manipulate with your mind. you all need just a kind of determination.

The recipe is just to mix that step with determination and practice.

I wrote this from my own experience, please let me know, it works with you too.

Thanks for reading.

Children’s Satisfaction

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When children has one dollar only, they got satisfied about what they have,  when you need to give them more money, they will not take it, as a result, they will tell you ” it’s enough”.

I hope to reach that children’s full satisfaction.

Shops should be allowd to sell products which it is not scientifically proven! 

Some people think that shops should not be allowed to sell food and drinks that are scientifically proven to be bad for people’s health. Do you agree or disagree?

There are a number of people who suggest that supermarkets should not be allowed to sell food and other kinds of beverages that are proven to be bad for for people’s health. So i totally agree with this statement, as i will argue this point in details as following;

Nowadays, we believe that traders do not concentrate on people’s health, but they are only focus on strartegies how to heap up money, and this is what they care about. However, their priority is the money, as they look for consumers’s health as a secondary condition.

In addition, there is a recent reports came out from the ministry of food and health, that market sell products such as; some of canned fruits, and canned beans, it has approved that it should not be sold to consumers, as it contains on high chemical conservatives, which it will lead to destroy human’s health, as a result, it may cause a dangerous disease in stomach which it is cancer ailment. Although the ministry warn them from selling it to people, but they still display on shelves. They become careless to human health, because they focus on money. Recently, it was notified that few supermarkets were caught selling these products, as a consequence, it was closed because they violated rules of health equality.

In adition, health food controller is working strictly against those shops to ensure food quality, hence, any shops violate the rule, they will be exposed to pay fine and closing the concerned supermarket. Furthermore, the rule is applied on beverages as well. It should be there a test done in the lab for new items before distributing it to retailers. In case, items do not match human’s consumption standards, it should be damaged accordingly. In recent researches showed that some people were poisoned due to eating corned beef, after it was checked, they had found that it manufactured and canned by dogs meat instead of cows meat. They added that they found raw tunas and it contained on high percentage of bacteria , as it was not cooked well.

To conclude, food quality controller should take a strict actions against retailers who sell unregistered items, As it should undergo tests and analysis into depth before selling it to consumers.” Human Health IS FIRST”


Nowadays many people are diagnosed with anorexia. What are the causes of this? What can be done to improve the situation?

Nowadays, there are enormous number of people are exposed to anorexia. Here I will explain in details what are the causes and providing some suggestions to reduce from it as following,
So there are number of people are diagnosed with anorexia disease. Reasons could result from aspects. Firstly, cigarette’s smokers suffer from this effect. When they smoke more, their inclination to food become less, as a result, they will become slimmer due to having cigarettes, so it could be a reason increase from the percentage of acidity in the stomach, which it will lead to anorexia. Secondly, having caffeine drinks on empty stomach will affect unfoubtedly. Lastly, eating oily foods will also present another problem to stomach as well. For example, there is doctor specialised in internal medicine said that ” most of people who are diagnosed with anorexia effect, they smoke too much, in consequence, it will lead to block their inclination to food due to acidity increased in the stomach.”
Furthermore, this phenomenon is not a permanent issue, as it could be treated by taking some medicine, as it can be prescribed by doctors to patients and following a few structures to eradicate it easily. So patients should pursue the given prescription which it was given by the concerned doctor, in this case, patients will be able to reduce from anorexia. Another solution could be suggested, eating vegetables and fruits could decrease from anorexia, it can turn the stomach to work into normal condition.
In brief, individuals who suffer from anorexia must control themselves by avoiding bad habits. Anorexia is very dangerous phenomenon, as it will be a reason for losing weight, in turn i will weaken the system immune in the human’s body. Consequently, numeric diseases may encounter them. 

Fast food and health problems 

In some countries an increasing number of people are suffering from health problems as a result of eating too much fast food. It is therefore necessary for governments to impose a higher tax on this kind of food. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?
There are some countries are being addicted from eating fast meals, which it causes health problems to human. So government should take an immediate to reduce from this passive habit, by increasing taxes on fast food companies. Therefore, I agree with this point, and I will explain in details as following;

Nowadays, fast food restaurants has dominant impact around the world, hence people stop cooking due to spending many hours at work, as they do not have time to cook at home, so they prefer to eat ready meals from restaurants. Notably, they extremely know about the consequences which it may happen to them. For example, pizza hut company introduces a different kind of ready meals which it contains on high cholaries, which it will lead to obesity, and increasing from the proportion of cholestrol in blood. As we found a recent studies from health community in UK that there are enormous number of people have been addicted on eating this unhealthy food, as it showed those kind of people had a digestive problems in their stomach, therefore, the percentage of acid was increased for them. 

So, government has vitale role by increasing levies on fast food companies to reduce from this effectiveness. I tend to believe that decision is right to be taken against them to secure human’s health from being destroyed. 

In brief, fast food should think by including a healthy food added to their menu, as result of avoiding loss of profits and it’s customers alike. However, it should not have looked to their advantages only, as they have to work to reach customer’s satisfaction, in this case, each customer will be satisfied with their service, and what kind of food they present to customers.