It is incredibly amazing to see those people with a sharp mind are using a golden technique by expressing and covering much in few words. Those like to highlight the important points and hate long explanations. I can figure out, they have sort of a rare merits in their personalities. In addition, brief and concise forms are their natural behaviours. Let it alone for those who gained it beyond years are totally amazing.

One word or two words are enough to let you understand.

Building a personal philosophy part 1-1

I would say in a formal way not everyone has the opportunity to become a philosopher, as it needs to have a sharp mind. Hhh, just kidding but it is the truth. I confused you, right?!🙂

Honestly, we are all philosophers to some degree. We all speculate about the nature of life, the forces that govern our world, and the mysteries of the universe. For a balanced life with minimal internal conflicts, it is important to develop your personal philosophy that is consistent with everyday activities and with your interpretation of the meaning of life. Analysing, organising, and integrating your own thoughts into philosophy of life, is a very productive processes. A personal philosophy provides with a framework for thinking about the human conditions, just as a route map provides you with information about the location you want to go through it for reaching your final destination without wasting your time. You may ask how?! Later, I will mention here specific features that provide you a basic foundation for building your personal philosophy.

To be continued. Bye for now!

Round Table in a cafe shop

I was sitting alone in a cafe shop nearby of my area as the time was in the after noon. At the same cafe, there was a man sitting in a table next to mine, he was also alone. Suddenly, he came towards me and asked me for a permission if he can join me on the table. And i then allowed him to sit with me.

Later, he looked at me and started talking about how tough life goes with him! I started listening because i know sometimes we need to share negative things with others to release the pressure which we get from our daily life. Although, sometimes i could not find a person to share with my own passive stuff to reduce my stress. But inspite of that i kept listening. While interacting with him, i found that guy is a sincere person, as he does not look like he has a black heart — trust me if you find a person talks from all heart about his personal issues– you will find him/her honest and sincere: And i then energized him with postive words to let him throw away his passive issues , and i told him just to keep going a head in his life normally becasue these things could happen to anyone. So he was impressed by my discussion to him, as a result i got a positive response from his end, because he was glad to sit with me.

However, We continued up our converstaion for 20 minutes and then he thanked me warmly and left the location….

Finally, we as human need each other sometimes, so do not keep yourself isolated, knock all doors, finally you will find the right person to share with whatever you want..
Earth without human is nothing , it is like heaven without people is useless.

I would say.. do not be shy and ask around, i am sure you will have no problem by being welcomed by someone else who you do not know. 

There are a lot of people write with goals to benefit others while others write with no goals as they are only looking for gaining likes!

Are you looking for benefiting yourself while reading other people’s posts or you just hit likes to others blogs for paying attention of others blogs to return the favour for hitting back like to their post?!!

It is weird, I can find a lot of people hit likes to others blogs, in turn to gain more likes pages from the people who are being got likes by them.

One more thing, I see people only giving likes without reading the blog and even they don’t know what does the blog content talk about.
Interaction for others blogs is useful, while you are interacting, people can get more ideas, as it would support writers to write more.

If you look for gaining more likes without benefiting the other, it means your blog is useles, as you will fail for conveying the right message to readers about what you write. So blogs with no goals are useless. However, write with passion, make a goal for what you writing, make your writing with a goal to increase people’s awareness for things we may not know about., So that you will find more lovers more likes and readers on your page spontaneously.

If you look for gaining likes on your blogs, in no any particular order, quit writing immediately.

I don’t know, if I am the only one who noticed that ?!!

a person can never understand the culture of a country unless they speak the language.

Some people think that a person can never understand the culture of a country unless they speak the language.
Do you agree with this opinion?

There are enormous of people believe that a person can never understand the culture of a country, if he/she don’t speak the language. Therefore, I agree with this statement, I will argue in details about it as following;

First of all, language can be counted as a method to people for transferring mutual discussion and ideas between each other, however we can not live naturally in a country if we don’t know its language, in addition, that we might have passive consequences while dealing with other individuals as well as we will not be able to adapt in a country in different situations, hence we believe in recent days that a large number of people prefer to travel to another countries either for studying of working due to the unemployment which it exists in their country, in this case, one’s has to learn the language before leaving his original country, so that they can have the ability to adapt in as per the culture requirements, furthermore, knowledge of country’s language is an essential for individuals to learn it.

Notably, there are a lot of matures faild to reach their destination goal, because they don’t know the mother language of a country that they need to move into it. For example, there are people tend to shift to Germany for settling over there, unfortunately, they don’t know the language, as a consequence, they found a numeric of difficulties, such as not finding job, even in simple jobs’ tasks like stewart in a restaurant, I believe that they can not work in an organisation without knowing the language, because how they can work in a place that they don’t know the language of it. However, language is basic aspect to have known it, so that they continued their work naturally, in addition we believe that there are a lot of persons left their country to work western countries, but they lost many chances, as a result, they have come back to original country, we believe that they spent a huge amount of money to cross miles seeking for job, but they lost a lot of chances due to their disabilities of talking the language of concerned countries. In the modern age, there are a number of countries request Ielts or Toefl for traveling procedures for example USA, and UK, as individuals can’t travel or apply in the embassy without completing the test’s requirements successfully, this one is approved by the embassy for English proficieny, and after they have done, they can continue to next steps to file up an application for the concernd embassy. In addition, this procedure is applied on education, if someone wants to continue master, BA degrees, and Phd.

In brief, language plays an integrate part in a country, if you don’t speak it, you will encounter some difficulties, as it will lead to failure.

Mobiles phones have transformed the way we live

The increase in mobile phone use in recent years has transformed the way we live, communicate and do business. Mobile phones can also be the cause of social or medical problems. What forms do these problems take? Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of mobile phones? 

Nowadays, people depend largely on cell phones. Despite using mobiles will be beneficial for business communication. But it still has some bad effectives, which it goes back to users. In addition, it may create social struggles and ailment as well. So i will argue here the pros and cons of cell phones. 

Recently, there are enormous of people believe that cell phones would help them. As it has solved their problem in so many cases. Specifically, people who stay far away of their bussiness as well as their family. They can keep on touch with them via this means. In addition, phones have merits like text services, as they could function it by doing other communication instead of calling conversation through ths apparatus. For example, there is one busniess man , and his name is Jack Philip the owner of Iffco company in dubai. He was doing managment by his device while he was away of the country for family business. Moreover, he was answering calls for urgent reasons. In opposite, he was following up his business and checking each single point about what is happening in the company when he is out. Whereas, there are a number of people who travel out of their home country for studying. And others who get abroad for working. So they will always be in touch with their family or parents. Hence, these people prefer to be constantly updated about their family conditions. So, this device helped a large number of people. It was a reason for problem decreasing. 

On the contrary, mobiles could be an issue for presenting social broblems and other medical aspects. Cell phones would create health diseaes. Hence, there are a number of people who are being addicted of mobile using. As a result, it may increase the pecentage of making cancer in brain. in addition, ear problems. There are reports posted in health journal in UK. As it showed people who peresistently use cell phones. They were exposed to cancers in brain cells and ears impaired alike. Whereas, a study shows that people who overuse these devices, they could fall into love relation suspense. There was a family had problem with their duaghter, as she was caught by making a relationship with mature. As that mature had a previous criminal records. Whereas, her family have not known him before. Although, family’s daughter was immature which it led to illegal relation. In addition, it might be a victim without her parents guidance. 

To sum up, cell phones have pros and cons. We use these mobiles in good things, it will return to us with better things. So mobile phones have a positive purposes, if we use it in positive way.