Uncomfortable choice

If you look for a room to grow , life has two choices. Firstly, comfortable choice–safe. Secondly, uncomfortable choice–risky. You always choose the risky choice, because it is the one will teach us the most, and the most will make us grow. That’s the one you have to choose, as it will change our life to better. By the way, taking a step for making a decision does not have to be a life or death, simply it is just choice that it helps us to gain self-trust, so just do it to get it . However, don’t pick up the safe choice, and get out of your comfort zone to boost your life much better, as a result, further positive results will come later, and then you notice how your life will be better in your in transition.

Finally, do it without overthinking. Remember that our mind is the lazy one not our body, it depends on how you look to things from different views.

Your comfort zone➡️where your magic happens.


Invisible success

Hey Everyone,

Hope you doing all well!

I am Hussein Allam, i have not been blogging for a while, because i was really busy.

Success always hugs you in private, but failure slaps you in public that’s life unfortunately.

I don’t know why we would not be thanked for the success which we have achieved, it looks like something is invisible, but when it comes to failure, it comes visible to everyone who is around you. It is something contradictory. But never mind, be honest and true for what you doing, that’s only how we could reinforce our abilities by thinking positively, it is a way which it keeps us alive, so the aspect of hope is there but know how to live with it.


Get Active!!!

Doing something is almost always better than not doing anything. If we fail, it is Ok, no worries Of course, we know 100% that doing something could lead to mistakes,but mistakes are a part of life. It’s how we learn. Without mistakes, we would never get better and reach our determined destination. So don’t worry about those. Just do something. Get off your butt😉. and get active physically, or active by taking steps to accomplish something.

But be careful, i did not mean to wear Nike or Adidas’ shoes for fitting your feet to make you ready for healthier running. 😉

Positive people

People whom we work with, they have a big impact in our life either bad or good.

When we surround ourselves with people who work harder, we would change ourselves to be like them accordingly. It is important to have peers in a job who push you succeed, if you found them, hang them around, never try to lose them just keep them.

As for me, i have worked in different environments from retail business to education department in my country, it relates to governmental sector. as i dealt with different kinds of mentalities. In addition, i met people with full of disappointments, but i never hear for what they say, i act like a deaf, silent, because if interacted with them, i will be infected by their diseases, it is human’s nature, you can be infected spontaneously with no awareness of that. But now i work with kids-little boys, having fun all time, i love that feeling when i see the honesty and the innocence appear on their face, and even they dont know how to lie, they always say the truth whatever they say, i believe them , as well as when they show their love to you, and they say “i love you ” i dont know what the type of feelings i get when i hear that word from them. However, be careful of being talkative with those kinds of sick minded people, you might get their negative thoughts and be like them either as i mentioned earlier, it is human’s nature to get infected easily. In that light , i go to my job and stay focused for what i am going to do in a hand for the day since morning until the end of my duty, i try as much as i can never share my decisions with others, if my work requires to work independently. By the way, i look to things from angles not only one, i even can look to harder tasks to easier.

Kid’s trust 



How beautiful to get the trust from young people the same way you get it from little kids.


When kids trust you, they will never have any doubts that you are going to take them to the wrong direction, so when they love you, they will give you love because this is what they all have. Consequently, they will always feel more comfortably towards you, as they will be more careful to keep what bothering you away. Therefore, they will be ready to hide their eyes by a piece of cloth, and hold your hand with an open heart. It is like when you tend to give them a present and you request them to cover their vision, and ask them to open it when you are done from preparing the gift for them. You know why they closed the eyes when it is requested , because they absolutely know, you will take them to the right direction. In addition , they will not get bothered if you ordered them to hide their eyes, but they will keep smiling and the happiness covers all of their face, because they know that you are going to hand them a surprise to make them happier, all of that come from a trust which they have given it to you.

While most of the adults are getting things wrong, they will never think positive, even you are their friend, they think “trust” is just a concept they hear about, but they dont think this word is a practical concept, that we should work on, so why we are friends, if we dont give the trust for each other the same way when children give it to adults.

Finally, if we know what trust is meant for, we will sort out many problem. in addition, we will be closet to each other. Life with no trust, it is like a fire when it burns everything.

Peace, Hussein Allam


Leave what it holds you back, your depression, sadness, angriness, worries. 

All of these are obstacles which it is trying to stop us from moving forward. If you want a successful life, you have to believe that life is not all the time sweet, hence it must be there bitterness. Come on, it does make sense, pain exists in our life without pain, we would not be able to taste happiness. 

However, enjoy your moments of life, as we live in a limit time, remember that pain will not exist permanently, but it is just a temporary emotions, and it is going to be vainshed. So no worries if you hit the wall, but you have to worry in case of if you hit it and stopped, try always to go beyond the wall a little bit, and make your dream comes truth. 

Finally, why you worry when you stop, you should not be. Because if you stop, that’s your limit, and you have done your part. 

Note: i know that i said that you need to go beyond the wall, but if you stop, it does not mean you committed a big mistake. I mean! Why not if you still have the ability to go further.