That light already exists in you

Waiting will turn off the light inside you. So make a quick move for achieving your goals, before that enthusiasm will gradually come down and fades away.

Each one of us has a diamond inside, act and make it reflect outside of you, not keeping that for you only, it won’t work at all . It is like the real diamond when it was not displayed, it won’t be sold, so it has to be displayed and making it visible to customers for the purpose of attraction. You can not come and tell them ” I have a diamond inside” because if it was not visible, they will think ” you don’t have it” as a result, they will leave you away.

Remember, indoor sales men have to take care of making their all products visible in professional way.

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Random Six Words

I have just got this random thought in my mind, Therefore I directly went through WP to jot it down before I forgot it. However, I don’t know if it is either funny or plausible, it will be for you. But as for me, I felt that it has a big meaning, as a result I am not hesitated to share it with you guys.

Build rather than ride and drive.

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Life’s cost

The lesson which you can possibly learn it from others, is much better than learning it at your own.

Because, learning things from our own could cost us a lot. However, find opportunities for yourself for listening to others, definitely it will relieve you and let you avoid different kinds of obstacles. As you should expand your perspective to life and how hard it is.


I don’t wanna be as what others want me to be!I am different!I am unique!Iam who I am!am the best copy of myself!No finger print is the same!Never change as what they want me to be!No more!Just be you!And I wanna be ” me “!Don’t try hard to convince me!I have my own mindset!Don’t push my button! If you made me upset!I am sure!You will get what you never expected!And we have limits!I shape my mind the way I need! Not you! It’s done..