Telling lies to achieve their purpose

After you hear someone in trouble, you turn on your five senses in the purpose of getting some solutions, but later on you found it out, it is a fake story, it was discovered by meeting one of his nearest accidentally, it was unexpected for him to reveal his simulative story later.

I believe that some people use it as their haven to get whatever they want, as they need you to sympathize with them until they get their purpose.

Hhhhh, this good trick is used for fulfilling their needs. However, manipulation is not good one to play with others feelings and thoughts, because lies will not stay long, it has short ropes. Sooner or later, it will be discovered, and your truth will appear, and then how sad you will be!

finally, I agree with you , you got what you want, but to remind you, that you lost the meaning of friendship, and lost me forever too.

A circle

Well, when you needa think about a circle- real circle, completely rounded and closed well from all sides. And, imagine that there are some people try to pull you in it, after they have done it on you, they success in trapping you, if you look all the way around, you won’t find a way to get out of it.

This world needs smarter people more than you think, hearts have already turned to stone, no emotions, not mercy even exist but to be honest,. very few people have it unfortunately.

In a nutshell, don’t let people wear you as a ring on their hands. Be yourself only. remember! your own decisions reflect who you are.

Here, I wanna wrap it because i don’t wanna make this discussion long.

Bye for now!

You create a vision

You create a vision what you want to be, plan for it. Don’t wait until you receive it. You create one. In other words, make it up.

Need actions, why you always lock up your thoughts?! Just release it and make the change that you are looking for.

Don’t wait for the moment when you get older, and begin to say, i wish could’ve done that, and could’ve done this.

Remember, it’s never been too late to start now.


Subconscious Trick

Get it that way, malicious individuals are idiot, when they pretend, they don’t know, but basically, they know everything.

I went through a conversation with someone this day, the discussion was done clearly at my end, but the person whom I am talking with, replied to me that” I do not understand you” I repeated it again to him, then he said the same thing ” I don’t understand you” I told him ” I am not talking about science for inventing something , simply it is the way how it is” quickly after few seconds later, he got what he has got to reply. I got the answer. Then I wondered why did he react that way?! I was so much confused about how his reaction was! I then talked to my subconscious I said hey! This situation is familiar to me. I then remembered that this way of his repeating– pretending that he did not understand me was enough time to him for searching in his mind for an answer. Although, I got the answer but i still was not fully satisfied, because for what he did was not right at all.

My conversation was all about something wrong he committed. As a result, his pretence and wasting of my time was trying to get an idiot answer like him exactly for the purpose of protecting his back. Therefore, I was not looking for destroying him, all I wanted just to adjust for what he did only.

Finally, If I were him, I would be honest, answer the other person clearly without going to use this game, what it applies on him, it does not apply on others.

This strategic is an old game, I would let him play another game, that it could fit my level 😉.

Thank you for reading, peace!!