A circle

Well, when you needa think about a circle- real circle, completely rounded and closed well from all sides. And, imagine that there are some people try to pull you in it, after they have done it on you, they success in trapping you, if you look all the way around, you won’t find a way to get out of it.

This world needs smarter people more than you think, hearts have already turned to stone, no emotions, not mercy even exist but to be honest,. very few people have it unfortunately.

In a nutshell, don’t let people wear you as a ring on their hands. Be yourself only. remember! your own decisions reflect who you are.

Here, I wanna wrap it because i don’t wanna make this discussion long.

Bye for now!

17 thoughts on “A circle

  1. Absolutely correct! We live our own lives and should not be manipulated by others. Though in the working world, sometimes it is hard as one needs to play ball or we call it office politics. Awful really! Anyway, ignore and be happy…happy Friday and weekend ahead Hussein. You must be busy as your posts are not as frequent as before. Take care 🙂

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    1. Exactly, thats what it is wandering back and forth in mind, you hit the top of my nails. It is reall awful to find these kinds of people around. As you said, we have to ” ignore” but we should not forget how they hurt us since the beginning. Ignoring is a good technique to heal from any suffering, but it should be listed to avoid big consequences later. In other words, keep our eyes widely open, as well as increase our self awareness for whats happening around through watching to protect your back in the working world, this is how it should be according to me. Yeah, I am a bit busy these days, but i try as much as i can, not to give up writing, because it helps a lot to drain off the thoughts which i usually have in my mind. I think, i have to compress all the posts in wordpress’s list and put it in a book. 😁 thank you dear my dear garfield for sharing your thoughts here with me, you got exactly what i mean fortunately😉👍


  2. Few words many thoughts.yesssss,once you reach peace with yourself ,accept who you are and live accordingly that’s when you can gravitate around that circle😉have a good week end my friend

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    1. At some point, I can adapt myself, when i have no choice to resist, i then can go through your suggestion😉. Thank you so much for you kind comment, have a wonderful weekend too. Dear Ortensia👍😊❤️🌹

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  3. Hi Hussein, sorry to hear about this unfortunate dilemma. I am thankful that you described it as a circle and not a cylinder 🙂 because we would have a longer climb to get out.
    The workplace is often tricky to navigate as most people are always on some agenda so we must be vigilant and not allow ourselves to be blinded by words but observe actions and people’s character.
    Whatever place you find yourself in never lose hope and never let go of your integrity. When we lose ourselves to the manipulation of others we could end up losing our souls. Stay strong and be encouraged that YOU are strong and wise to stay true to yourself. Have a wonderful weekend.


    1. Hi Cherylene, i am so thankful for participating in this post! What you mentioned here are all true, you know you were right about we have to be ” vigilant and not to allow ourselves to be blinded by words” so powerful comment. Particularly the final part of your comment was fascinating too, the message which i got was wrapped by wise and advice alike. We should be strong, and stay always true. Thank you for your wise comment, dear Cherylene. Stay blessed 🙂👍


      1. I’m so glad to hear that you were reassured and comforted by it. We must always use our words to build ourselves and others up. The world is already filled with so much negativity we must strive to be better. Have a great weekend!😊

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