Telling lies to achieve their purpose

After you hear someone in trouble, you turn on your five senses in the purpose of getting some solutions, but later on you found it out, it is a fake story, it was discovered by meeting one of his nearest accidentally, it was unexpected for him to reveal his simulative story later.

I believe that some people use it as their haven to get whatever they want, as they need you to sympathize with them until they get their purpose.

Hhhhh, this good trick is used for fulfilling their needs. However, manipulation is not good one to play with others feelings and thoughts, because lies will not stay long, it has short ropes. Sooner or later, it will be discovered, and your truth will appear, and then how sad you will be!

finally, I agree with you , you got what you want, but to remind you, that you lost the meaning of friendship, and lost me forever too.

11 thoughts on “Telling lies to achieve their purpose

  1. Great story indeed..
    We always look at other peopke’s faults and ignore our defects…we see ourselves as angels with no errors and concentrate at other people’s faults…
    Let’s stop looking at ourselves as victims all the time…
    Let’s face our problems instead of escaping them…let’s be clear …life is too short to spend it acting as victims all the time..
    People make mistakes and we do mistakes …all humans mistake…
    Forgiveness is the only solution..
    Forgive your friend even if you will not consider him a friend any more…face him …talk with him and then judge him …
    Best wishes Hussein dear.

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    1. First of all thank you so much for your comment, it is informative, and grateful for it. We human make mistakes definitely, it is the truth, and no one denies it, as it is human’s nature. But at least, we have to stay true according to our principle, no need to change your color for getting whatever you want, and thats the main topic, i am talking about it. However, faults are there, therefore we have to forgive others in order to relieve our souls from bottling up our pain due to that situation or you might say similar to it. By the way, i did not mention that there is someone is escaping from the real problems. Anyway, thank you! Have a good day

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      1. Yes
        I agree with need to change your color for getting whatever you need.
        Same to you …have a good day .

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