Self talk!!!

Don’t be a quitter, and quit whenever the going gets tough.

When it happens to you, just remember a great achievement which you have done it in the past and got congratulated by people. By this means, you will be able to have the strength to face everything, recording nice and big achievements into your notes, it will give a tremendous positive results and know how to finish things via your experience from the past which you passed on. On this way, it gives the motivation of proving to yourself to achieve what you have set out to achieve.

So, shut off the negative self-talk which it always tells you to stop, it could occur when you are in pain, and your mind get filled with negatives and then it overwhelms you to stop again. Hence, you have to maintain a positive self-talk and let your mind focus on success only. Just imagine how you will feel after you finished the task successfully. However, don’t be easy for giving up towards your future, do the impossible and go beyond your limits.

Finally, i am going to share you something through my experience. It is all about state of mind, if you convince your mind that you can do something, you will do it. But if you can not do it, just deceive your mind that you can do it and then you will do it though. It is just alteration process, change negative with positive, i know it is not an easy task, but with practice you can adapt accordingly.

Remember! Pain is temporary but glory is forever. And everything in life that is worth something requires hard work to achieve it. Many things seem are impossible to achieve, but they are actually not. So it requires a lot of efforts so that it can be done. Get out of the comfort zone, nothing is easy, but if you believe it, then you can achieve it.


Filthy Friends

Don’t get saddened when your friend has left you alone, make sure that you are the king and those who left you, they are filthy nothing else, and they are looking for filthy like them. As they don’t deserve you as well.

However, not all of your friends are the same with their kindness, that’s why you don’t need to make a strong relationship, try to keep it on surface relationship. So when they leave you, you won’t feel that much in pain. in that light, you will be able to control your emotions towards that person. And be selective while choosing such a friend for whom you want to be with. Our life is not a game anymore. Consequently, It all comes by experience, make sure that you are not bad, but you became much be careful when choosing your friends due to your previous relationships.

Finally, nothing is worthy to feel sad on, live your life, and make it beautiful. Awesome friends are there, but it takes time to happen.

Trash truck

There are some people when they are in a bad mood, they talk to you politely, even they are full of disappointment, full of anger, and those type of people whom we should respect and deserve our respect. While others are like trash truck, they try to drain it on you. Be careful, to be that trash truck and throw it in your home, streets, and your colleagues. Because you are not the only one in the whole world has this garbage, there are a large number of people have what they have. And it is enough!!!!

Listening is an art

When it is hard to talk…

It is up to us to listen…

There was a one lady called 911 after she felt that there was a strange entered her home in the midnight. During the call, one of the policemen has picked up the call, and she ordered Pizza with pepperoni. Therefore, the officer answered “mom you are calling the wrong number” she repeated the order again, “i need to order pizza with pepperoni”. Asked her” if is there any something threat your live” and told her to answer by ” yes or no only” she said ” yes and see you soon” as a result, he asked her ” to act normal” as he is going to check around any police officer near by her home immediately. And she ended the call.

So listening is an art, we have to develop our listening skills, as it is going to help us solving a lot of problems. During that conversation, look how the officer has managed the situation without going to deep details and understood her. I think, we have to learn how we could go through this situation and managing it as well in our daily life!

Taking decision!

When we need to take a decision either as an individual or in a group, we have to educate ourselves extremely about a certain type of an issue. Or else it will be thrown over our shoulders passively and it may affect our life though. So Going deeply through it, and find an alternative solutions for the problem as per its importance. It would help to surpass the problem itself. However, acquiring skills for taking any decision through education is required. Or it could be through practical experience. Finally, We have to revise our decision before we submit it

Don’t you ever take a decision through your emotions, but go through what’s required for find a neutral solutions, it could satisfy you individually and others who are with you while taking decision.