The summit of a mountain.

If you saw a man cry, you have to make sure that man’s pain has reached the summit of a mountain.


14 thoughts on “The summit of a mountain.

  1. Pain is our fate …we can’t escape it…but time can help overcome it gradually..
    It will come to an end will vanish insha Allah..
    Flowers of happiness for ur soul my bro…

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    1. Unfortunately, people see you smile, and wearing a good clothes and looks elegant, but they dont know what they hide from pain. Heart bleeds but no one can feel it except you. And others believe in what they see outside of you physically. Thanks um abdo for the blessings, and your support! Your comment could survive me a bit❤️

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      1. Do not care for what people think..let them know that u r doing well…let them know that u r happy…
        And always tell urself that everything will be okay and it will be for sure God willing .
        Best wishes ♥♡♥

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      2. To be honest, um abdo! People think themselves are smarter than you, i know what they want, even they dont tell for what they look for. I can read their body language. But i still keep it for myself until they reveal for what they need. It is contradictory when you see others try to exploit you for their advantage, in a nutshell, they wanna use you, but they dont wanna you use them

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      3. I have a different point of view here…
        If u have the ability to help people….first of all this is a gift of God.
        Second try to help them for the sake of God and thank God that he made u a reason to help others…
        Help them and wait for nothing from them.
        I respect ur point of view …I hope I got ur point exactly…
        But if u mean emotional exploit…this is another issue ..

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      4. I mean in exploitation, they have but they dont give, they like to take, to save theirs. I please the way you think, but it can be taken from different conception, for example you give what other people don’t have, if you are able, you conclude that from the person you deal with. 👍not emotional but it materialistic leads to emotional exploitation👍

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      5. I got it…they r greedy..I met this type of people and sadly was one of the relatives..
        Let them go to hell…
        May Allah grant us patience to go safely through life ..
        Thanks Hussein….

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      6. I actually dont like to say something offensive for them, although i knew as you say said (. They are greedy) but could not tell them that, i try to convey the message for them smartly, but they might take it wrong, because we deal with stupids. And stupids always think negative, because they look for their advantage, can not share his name here, he may be one out of my followers. Or even they might not be one of followers, but they can read it via Facebook. Mine was connected to facebook whatever i post here. I keep it symbolic story. But glad you knew what i meant in what i posted. Um Abdo! Stay blessed. Thanks for the support😊 do you have facebook?

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