Listening is an art

When it is hard to talk…

It is up to us to listen…

There was a one lady called 911 after she felt that there was a strange entered her home in the midnight. During the call, one of the policemen has picked up the call, and she ordered Pizza with pepperoni. Therefore, the officer answered “mom you are calling the wrong number” she repeated the order again, “i need to order pizza with pepperoni”. Asked her” if is there any something threat your live” and told her to answer by ” yes or no only” she said ” yes and see you soon” as a result, he asked her ” to act normal” as he is going to check around any police officer near by her home immediately. And she ended the call.

So listening is an art, we have to develop our listening skills, as it is going to help us solving a lot of problems. During that conversation, look how the officer has managed the situation without going to deep details and understood her. I think, we have to learn how we could go through this situation and managing it as well in our daily life!


32 thoughts on “Listening is an art

    1. Thats what we really encounter daily unfortunately. They act like professionals, they know whats rounding in our mind. Foolish are around many, we have to control our nerves though, providing them an advice is useless. I am glad you liked it, thank you so much for stopping dear Soiba❤️

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    1. This is the worst thing ever, if we go through selection for what we would like to hear and focusing on the good part. The true person should listen for both parts either bad or good. But fake people are usually like this, they don’t 👍! Great comment, my Garfield. Have a great day😁

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    1. Very true, listening helps us release the pressure of others. We dont need anything else, just they have to listen, as you said it is remedial and soothing to ones soul. Lovely comment you shared it here. Thank you so much for stopping by, and have a great day👍😊

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      1. We are all guilty of that I am afraid.sometimes is fine some others we will regret we have not listen.have a nice Saturday my friend.
        Today I promise I’ll check fb and look for you😊

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      2. Yes, i am afraid of that too, it is good we discovered it. So next time, we will not allow ourselves to fall to this mistake again. Oh thanks that you do think again for checking out my Facebook profile again, thanks for your concern, it is my pleasure to add you in my friends’ list though. Have a wonderful Saturday too dear Ortensia! 👍😊

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      3. Thanks for sending me friend’s request, it is done adding you😉👍! Glad to have you there too. But please, don’t stop following on this site, your comments make me stronger and encourages for doing more pieces of writings. Ortensia👍😁

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      4. Ah, lovingly! I also your blog too, it is humble and reasonable. Thank you a bunch for the encouragement. You are such an amazing ambitious woman ever, you are too generous, and liked your mentality the way it is. Keep the great works up, waiting for more posts to read very soon, i always enjoy it, can you post a one today, ortensia?😊🌹

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      5. Notes are in your mind, but i think, it is not coming, drink a cup of chamomile, and later your mood will be fixed, and then your information will drop down to your hand for writing😉😁

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