Shops should be allowd to sell products which it is not scientifically proven! 

Some people think that shops should not be allowed to sell food and drinks that are scientifically proven to be bad for people’s health. Do you agree or disagree?

There are a number of people who suggest that supermarkets should not be allowed to sell food and other kinds of beverages that are proven to be bad for for people’s health. So i totally agree with this statement, as i will argue this point in details as following;

Nowadays, we believe that traders do not concentrate on people’s health, but they are only focus on strartegies how to heap up money, and this is what they care about. However, their priority is the money, as they look for consumers’s health as a secondary condition.

In addition, there is a recent reports came out from the ministry of food and health, that market sell products such as; some of canned fruits, and canned beans, it has approved that it should not be sold to consumers, as it contains on high chemical conservatives, which it will lead to destroy human’s health, as a result, it may cause a dangerous disease in stomach which it is cancer ailment. Although the ministry warn them from selling it to people, but they still display on shelves. They become careless to human health, because they focus on money. Recently, it was notified that few supermarkets were caught selling these products, as a consequence, it was closed because they violated rules of health equality.

In adition, health food controller is working strictly against those shops to ensure food quality, hence, any shops violate the rule, they will be exposed to pay fine and closing the concerned supermarket. Furthermore, the rule is applied on beverages as well. It should be there a test done in the lab for new items before distributing it to retailers. In case, items do not match human’s consumption standards, it should be damaged accordingly. In recent researches showed that some people were poisoned due to eating corned beef, after it was checked, they had found that it manufactured and canned by dogs meat instead of cows meat. They added that they found raw tunas and it contained on high percentage of bacteria , as it was not cooked well.

To conclude, food quality controller should take a strict actions against retailers who sell unregistered items, As it should undergo tests and analysis into depth before selling it to consumers.” Human Health IS FIRST”

25 thoughts on “Shops should be allowd to sell products which it is not scientifically proven! 

  1. I would say, why traders should be penalised, why not the source of these? The Ministry of Trade and Commerce should be 1st point.

    Not to let something come in from the manufacturing and Import side.

    If their is a ban, the trader won’t trade, if inspite of this they proceed, than one need to impose fine.

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    1. Traders should be penalised, because they are responsible about bringing like these items to the country from abroad, as they do not check out products before importing it. By the way, if they do not get penalised, sure, it will be a loss for them, because it did not match the specifications of health ministry requirement. As a result, they will not be allowed to sell it in the market. Even traders themselves know this one is illegal, but they deal with smugglers, at the end, they have been caught lately!
      Thanks to have your comment here, colors of life 🙂

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      1. The Govt has a bigger role to play to enforce the law. Illegal trading through smuggler can easily be stopped, if the justice is served.

        No one dares to bypass the law, if they fear the law of the land is just and quick.

        But I am talking about wonderland. So, it’s useless to talk sense these days. The smugglers have links with border guards, the traders too have with police and municipality. So we the common folk have to be sensible in buying

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  2. I agree with you and you make good points. Carcinogens causing cancer is one danger, poison and death is another, and then there is the danger of possible birth defects to consider. In North America the sale of thalidomide was a disaster we’ve never forgotten.

    I hope you won’t mind if I make a few corrections in your first paragraph. I hope it will help you get a better handle on some English phrases:
    There are a number of people suggest that supermarkets should not be allowed to sell food and other kind of beverages that are proven to be bad for for human’s health. So i totally agree with this statement, as i will argue this point in details as following…
    There are a number of people suggesting (as in they are suggesting) or people who suggest</strong)……..other kinds of beverages…bad for human health. (Or people’s health.)

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  3. Thanks for your point, means a lot, what it has paid my attention that nowadays, we see inedible items are being sold in the market unfortunately. However, about grammar correction, I don’t have any objections to receive your correction, as this one helps me improve my writing way. You have the green light to correct me once you see grammar mistakes, it is my pleasure to have it and correct it asap, Christine! 😊👍, comments encourage me to write other blogs professionally! Thanks in advance

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    1. You asked me what things you should work on to shift your blog from a good rank to a brilliant one. So I must ask in turn, “How do you define brilliant?” By numbers or by quality?
      In other words, do you want to increase the number of readers and followers, or do you want to write more brilliant articles? 🙂
      As to corrections, I s tried to learn French when we lived in Montreal, so I know what it’s like to learn another language. there are so many little things that make no sense to a non-francophone. I asked one man, “How are you supposed to know it’s le plancher (floor) and la planche (plank) and not la plancher and le planche?”
      He said, “It just sounds right.” Ha! It only sounds right because he grew up hearing it that way.
      This is why I know it’s correct to say, “There are people who…” and not “There are people that…”

      I floored a young ESL student of mine one day when I did the verb “to take”. Centuries ago the Dutch lent the English all their prepositions. So we have “Take in, take out, take up, uptake, intake, take down, take someone down a notch, take it out on, take up with, etc.”


      1. If you want your blog to reach more people, you should use more tags on your post, but also, fill in you About page so people get some idea who and where you are. You probably know about this site. It’s good for ideas about tags to use:
        Also people from “western” society like to read about culture and customs more than they like to read essays. So you could write more about your childhood, your home life, your town, some customs of your country, as well as essays. But it’s you blog, so it’s up to you what you want to post.

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      2. Your excellent points make me stronger , I totally respect what you said. Hats off! Christine😊, as you turned me to points which I have not paid attention for it. I will come up with new things sooner! Thanks for your advice, Christine, it means a lot. I appreciated too much. My gratitude has no bounds. You filled my heart! Can’t wait to wait to improve it as soon as possible!


  4. Hussein what a great essay you wrote! I am agreeing with you all the way.
    In reality – most of the things in our everday supermarkets are posion. There is a reason why the life expectancy of humans is decreasing and one of the reasons is foods which are artifically made. If you look at the lifestyles of humans with the average life expectancy of 100 which was like 2500 years, what they consumed was ‘real’ food, no posion or artifical chemicals sprayed into crops, food was made naturally – well more naturally than now!
    Retailers and food and beverage providers don’t care about their effect on their customers – like you said – generating profits and sales is their objective. Ethics is not important to them although it may state it is important to them on their business annual reports! I think businesses these days are hypocrites, they show the world they are ‘morally upright’ or ethically upright but their actions contradict this!
    Good on you for writing this article, may this article open everyone’s eyes and make them reason that what we eat now is not good!

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    1. Thanks for visiting my blog, Doni! 🙂 I completely believe that life in the past is much better than now! No artificial, chemical added to food, whereas food was taken directly from farms to homes! Very excellent point! 👍

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