Government should give money to creative people who work in arts! 

Some people think that the government should give money to creative people, such as artists and musicians. To what extent do you agree?

There are a certain number of people believe that government should invest money to art, therefore, i disagree with this statement. I will come with details as following;

On the first hand, government should have make a balance between arts and other parts . As it should classify things as per the importance. For example, science is the most inportant field that conutry should take care about. Creating methods by using science field to helps us to improve the enviroment of the country. It was mentioned that there are scientists, they have come with inventing devices which it can support to clear air pollution which it results from fossil fuel. Unfortunately, their ideas have not been supported to invent it. However, government must have set an eye for them because they can be counted as creative people as well. So keeping a proportion of money to be invested for them is a good idea. So it has to work to adopt their inventions for the future for getting better situation and enviroment. In addition, if it did not work on them to take them as advantage, undoudtedly, their thoughts and ideas would be burried forever. As a consequence, there will be a reason for leaving the origin country. As a result, the country will lose them as well. However, government should make a balance, not by giving attention only on art and ignoring other important sides.

On the second hand, arts are also an essential area, so making another proportion of money investment to this domain, it would motivate artists and musicians to do something for the country, As they can be counted as talents people. In addition, arts play an integral role  in reflecting the image of the country. Therefore, it reflects about traditions of the country and its civilisation.

In brief, making a balance between both sides will assist the country from losing them in future. As a result, they might be a useful asset. Notably, it should not take care of one part, and neglect anothor part.

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