Beware! Internal promotions to current employees. 

Some people think that only staff who worked in a company for a long time should be promoted to higher positions. Do you agree or disagree? Give your opinion and examples.

There are enormous number of people think that employees who serve for a long period in such company, they should solely get the promotion to higher positions. So i agree with statement. And here, i will discuss in details as following; 

First of all, it is necessary to companies to promote people into higher positions within their current employee. Hence, there will be a kind of motivation among employees inside company, so employers will show a value of their workers who work in the company. Individuals who deserve peromotion, in particular, thise who are hard workers, honest, and loyal to the organisation which they are serving in it. 

Furthermore, internal promotion to its employees themselves will reinforce them to work harder, as they will show their intergrity to the organisation which they work in it. So comapnies who follow internal promotion policy, they are more successful in in making their staff more productive, compared to other companies which they hire new people with higher positions from outside the company, to illustrate more, there is a study, it came out from employees’s rights protection community in France, it showed that companies who follow external promotion by hiring new workers with higher positions. As a result, it affected on existing staff, who serve for a long time in the compnay, as they became less productive. However, neglecting their current employees will encourage them to leave one’s comany as soon as possible to search for better companies. 

In addition, in case, if their existed staff stay in a company who have external promotion, they will show their passion against their company, as well as they may be disloyal. 

In brief, following internal promotion would help in sloving a number of problems, which organisations may encounter it in the future for the characteristics which i have mentioned it earlier. Notably, this technique will help companies from losing their employees, whereas    New staff need to be trained as well, even they have a good expereience in such field, while current employees know much better than new hired staff. 

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