Professional management 

Some people think that the only way to have success in business is to have a unique product.What factors, do you think, influence the success of a company?
There are a group of people believe that success of a certain company involved of having a unique products. However. I do not think that success comes to this point.

To begin, there are mutiple points could be built over successful company. Firstly, the structure of the company is very important to be organized well. To clarify more, each staff should have a strong communications between each other. Secondly, having an excellent team would help the company for growth. Furthermore, experience individuals who have good experience in such areas would increase the profit of the company and its success. As they have a strong relations with other customers outside to market their products. Lastly, if one company look for success, they should treat their teams professionally as a family, because they are integral part in the company, they are the backbone of the company. So success does not involve on monopolising one product to one company. If so, failure will happen apparently. 

There are lots of compnies focus only on monoplising products to achieve success. Unfortunately, they fail at the end. They rise the cost of products, as a result, people stopped buying it. On other words, it has failed and led to loss. Even they shut down due to the loss which it has happened for them. It is invevitable that companies with no plans, as they look for obtaining success only, they will lose their customers in the market. They should be aware about all the other parts, which it might consolidate success in the distributing their products. So professional management knowledge about strategies could assist for success. 

In brief, companies should not concentrate on having exclusive products, in turn to achieve its advantages, whereas, there are other sides need to be taken into considertion. 


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