Ideal supervisor 

What are some important qualities of a good supervisor?

There are several points that it should be in the positive supervisor.

To begin, supervisor are not only involved in getting salary specifically. But they must be wise and intelligent enough to manage their teams, ideal superviors should be. Fisrtly, they should be creative in creating strategies to be followed in the companies. Secondly, they must be initiative, as they should not wait until they will be ordered what to do, so they have to finish their work perfectly before leaving the workplace. Thirdly, they should also be self motivated toward the job, as they could be an example for the other employees who they work with. They have to avoid a kind of routine while doing their job. Or else, it’s invetable, they will get bored from the job easily. Fouthly, ambitious supervisor work hardly to track good positions in the company, for this reason, other individuals will strive to reach higher position, once they see their supervisor were promoted in the company. Fifthly, they should have the ability to solve problems and creating other solution alternatively. Sixthly, another point could be added to supervisor qualities which it is attention to details aspect, as it may help them develop the system of the company that they work in. Lastly, fairness between all the staff that they work with. To be more specific, they must neutral away from gender, race, religion, and nationality.

In brief, supervisors must wise and smart in dealing with their colleagues. In addition, Positive supervisors would support the development of the company itself, and the other employees themselves. Notably, the successful supervisor has respect by his staff due to mutual cooperation between each other. As they work hand in hand as family, as a result, it has built a kind of trust between each individual.

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