Teacher’s Character 

Unfortunately, Most of the teachers follow one system in teaching methodologies which we call it “mimics” as a consequence, teachers complain why students do not interact in the class effectively. So if you go beyond this question, you will find a multiple answers. Firstly, you have to look for better techniques in teaching time, specifically, in these materials; science, English, history, math, and computer science. Scondly, make a qiuet atmosphere in the class, not by making a brutal character among pupils, as result, they will get scared of you, notably, there are a number of teachers try to create powerful attitude in the class to achieve respect, in way that they try to make them fear from their teachers. Thirdly, show your kindness to your students in turn to botain respect, because not all students may get scared of you if use a brutal character in the class , they will make you suffer more undoubtedly. Lastly, try to explain each lesson precisely by making it simple and easy to understand, be initiative, and creative, in that light, children will listen to each single word, you utter in the class, as a result, they will interact with you positively, if they comprehend the lesson. Whereas, there are some signs, for example, students will create such a mess within the class in case if they did not understand what you are saying. so that they may disturb and interrupt you while you are giving them lesson explanation. In addition, advance preparation of your materials at home, it will help to control pupils, so that they can act smoothly in your class. If you do not follow the structures which i have mention above. If you do not follow a modern way in teaching , so no need to ask yourself, why students do not interact in your class. Keep in mind that ” I do not force you to use these techniques, but it really  helps you, if you take it into consideration”. 

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