a person can never understand the culture of a country unless they speak the language.

Some people think that a person can never understand the culture of a country unless they speak the language.
Do you agree with this opinion?

There are enormous of people believe that a person can never understand the culture of a country, if he/she don’t speak the language. Therefore, I agree with this statement, I will argue in details about it as following;

First of all, language can be counted as a method to people for transferring mutual discussion and ideas between each other, however we can not live naturally in a country if we don’t know its language, in addition, that we might have passive consequences while dealing with other individuals as well as we will not be able to adapt in a country in different situations, hence we believe in recent days that a large number of people prefer to travel to another countries either for studying of working due to the unemployment which it exists in their country, in this case, one’s has to learn the language before leaving his original country, so that they can have the ability to adapt in as per the culture requirements, furthermore, knowledge of country’s language is an essential for individuals to learn it.

Notably, there are a lot of matures faild to reach their destination goal, because they don’t know the mother language of a country that they need to move into it. For example, there are people tend to shift to Germany for settling over there, unfortunately, they don’t know the language, as a consequence, they found a numeric of difficulties, such as not finding job, even in simple jobs’ tasks like stewart in a restaurant, I believe that they can not work in an organisation without knowing the language, because how they can work in a place that they don’t know the language of it. However, language is basic aspect to have known it, so that they continued their work naturally, in addition we believe that there are a lot of persons left their country to work western countries, but they lost many chances, as a result, they have come back to original country, we believe that they spent a huge amount of money to cross miles seeking for job, but they lost a lot of chances due to their disabilities of talking the language of concerned countries. In the modern age, there are a number of countries request Ielts or Toefl for traveling procedures for example USA, and UK, as individuals can’t travel or apply in the embassy without completing the test’s requirements successfully, this one is approved by the embassy for English proficieny, and after they have done, they can continue to next steps to file up an application for the concernd embassy. In addition, this procedure is applied on education, if someone wants to continue master, BA degrees, and Phd.

In brief, language plays an integrate part in a country, if you don’t speak it, you will encounter some difficulties, as it will lead to failure.

36 thoughts on “a person can never understand the culture of a country unless they speak the language.

    1. Hi Akash, thanks for the time of reading my blog, means a lot, but I have doubt of something, may I know what is the exact part of the article that it pushes you over to say wonderful!, Thank you for your feedback!๐Ÿ˜Š

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  1. Oh..well to sum it up…
    Ur piece has laid an underlined importance on language…it’s undaunting significance…
    Well…keep it up

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    1. Thanks, buddy! Thanks for yout kind words too, and thanks for following by blog, I returned the favour , however I will check it out blog, I am so interested to read your blogs post!๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I agree that language does play a huge part in understanding the culture but I think it really depends on the similarity of the culture. As an English person in Spain, even though I didn’t understand the language, I felt fairly comfortable with the culture because it was so similar to my own. However, in Japan if I hadn’t have known any Japanese I would have felt very out of place and would probably have struggled to adapt.

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    1. Thanks to share your experience here, I am pleased that I knew another person like you who are obsessed about languages .however,it affects on us for not being adapted in a different country which it talks different languages. Very true, it is not easy to get adapted in a country which you can’t speak their language, your real example is Japan is such very difficult and different language totally in all letters and words as well as traditions, as not knowing it or getting familiar of their language, it will put us in troubles and get depressed by losing so many opportunities as well . So, advance arrangements and learning the language before you travel to another country, it will lead to successful condition in your determine destination. Thank for passing by, intensive language! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Love the post!
    Language learning is indeed very important to actually survive in a certain country however I firmly believe that culture is so diverse and complicated, one must live in this country to experience it. Language learning helps but it’s not what defines a culture, it’s so much more….
    Xoxo Timna


  4. Hello Hussein, I agree with this. I am married to someone who speak many languages and we visit his home country as often as we can. There are many words that have no translation in English so he sometimes finds it hard to translate for me. For example in Sweden, there are many different words for ‘snow’ whereas in English we have the one word. This is because we do not experience snow very often. What is your native language Hussein? I love that you are blogging in English. Language acquisition is very interesting and I love that by blogging I can ‘talk’ to different people.

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    1. Hello Sophie, thank you so much for your kind words, means a lot to me. This positive long comment made so glad while reading it. I agree with you too that it is really hard to find translation to every word in a specific language due to some slang words existed in each language. One point to add, my native language is Arabic language. I would like to thank you deeply for your openness in this discussion. Thank you one more time for your kind words, it is a credit to me. Sophie๐Ÿ˜Š

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      1. Aww i am pleased to know that you like our language. You are right, it is a bit difficult to learn. But i can help you if you like. You know the most difficult part in our language is the grammar as well as many synonyms are there. As for you, no need for the grammar. As you can learn basics so that you can understand and talk. Blessings๐Ÿ˜Š

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      2. Nice to meet you, Sophie! Yeah your daughter is really blessed. I think she is like her father interested on learning other languages. As for me, i only know Arabic, English, and little bit french. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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