Convince your mind! 

Take it easy, don’t take everything serious, if it happens, it will be more complicated and even worse, our life’s destiny is short, be happy, invest your time by doing things make you happy, spend most of your time with whom you love, share your honest feelings to a trusted person to heal your soul and mind from the pain and suffering of life.

Life is only one chance, it can not be two, so live it as the way it is. Moreover, if you get storm of difficulties, treat it as a simple one not difficult one, convince your mind that it is easy issues, as a  result, if you succeed in convincing your mind that it is simple matters, you will find it easier to sort it out, in opposite, if you convince that it is difficult, it will be more complicated, so you will not know how to tackle it.

Don’t worry if you stuck in constant obstacles, obstacles are like fog, it must be there one day and that fog gets vanished. Like the night when the sun of the dawn start rising until it becomes pretty shiny during the day gradually.

Don’t pull the trigger and shoot your head when you get depressed for silly things. In this case, you will not solve it, but you end your life, when it is not the time. 

Life is so sweet, if we understand it well. Life needs people how to deal with. 


12 thoughts on “Convince your mind! 

    1. True, specifically to the points of self harm, and that’s my main topic which it was presented here peratining to deal with hard things in simple way, thank you very much for your comment, means a lot , Celestialk!🙂

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