Specific character and size at same the moment! 

Each person has a specific character and specific size in real life. therefore, don’t give ones more than his/her size and character, if it happens, they will show off, like they are out of kind. 

They feel like that there is no anyone like them on earth. 

Deal with them as per their character and size. 


15 thoughts on “Specific character and size at same the moment! 

  1. For a second there, I got truly captivated by what I’ve read.
    So much wisdom in one post.
    Tell me, how come you can word your thoughts like this? Is it something you observe and take mental notes on throughout your day?

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    1. I am extremely happy that you liked it, as i always appreciate your comment, my answer to your respective question is that these words were built in previous experience through my life, as l have lived abroad and dealt with different types of people bad and good , I learned a lot, I fall in so many troubles, some people do not the concept of pity or mercy though, thanks for sharing your awesome comment, it is kinda fantastic encouragement from your end, please if you have any link similar of this topic, provide it here, i will have a look on it., IIlya!🌹

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      1. See, the thing here is that I don’t believe I’ve ever (not yet anyway) read anything similar to how you string your words.
        You playfully use metaphors and it resonates with me, I have a clear picture and emotive feelings, when reading your pieces, which is a rare thing.
        If I happen to write something similar to your on my little writing blog, I’ll surely share a link with you.
        For now in my writings I keep getting something like this (I’ll appreciate it if you read the links below, they are short):
        and this:

        Upon reading, please tell me what you think.
        PS should I address you Hussein? is that alright with you? or is there any specific way in your culture which you would like me to use? If so, please tell me, I am curious to learn

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      2. Thanks for your sincere feelings towards my blogs, i respectfully feel glad that share your links over here, i promise you that i will have to look on it throughly, as a consequence, i will let know the results while i am done from reading it, for the addressing me, you have the green light to address me whenever and wherever you like🙂, however the name of your site pieceandpapers is so impressive, i believe that there is something hidden behind that name, something relates to the pain of that past, pieces of hard conditions you may have passed in the past, truly amazing, while i see your name site named in that, i keep staring on it, liked it from the heart, trust me, i surely liked it so much than any other blog due to its uniqueness. Once again, i promise that i will be on daily basis check your updates within your writing, keep the great work up, IIlya!🌹


  2. The ability to “measure one up” require great insight. Having this capacity is acquired only through experience. This would explain your skill in sizing other individuals up. Great post Hussein.

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  3. “They feel like that there is no anyone like them on earth.”
    I don’t know about this one. If you keep putting all this unique perspective and posts on the internet, you will prove yourself wrong. 🙂
    Great job!

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment, it is highly appreciated, but i have a doubt pertaining to this comment specially ” i will prove myself wrong” may you go deeply for explaining it for me, sorry to say, that i did not get what you mean exactly?!

      Thanks and regards, Daodeqi!🙂

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      1. Don’t apologize. I too find myself lost in translation quite frequently. So I try to figure out where a person was coming from when they wrote it and not get confused by the way they put the words together.
        I keep typing things and I don’t think I can put it quite right.
        All I meant was that through your own writing, you are showing that you do deserve to be given a special unique status. As you are in fact writing things like no other, in a different way. You are proving yourself to be a true original; and that is a good thing!

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      2. Hhhh, that’s fine, if you saying the true is also fine for me, no one gets bothered of truth, because the truth is the truth in all face and types, thanks so much for your comment, Doadeqi! 😉👍

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  4. I love how all the comments echo each other, writing the type of comments that I don’t see on other pages.
    That you have a brilliant mind and the ability to say things differently than everyone else and that there is no one else like you on WordPress. (I don’t mean to imply that you are all alone, only that your posts unique and profound)
    I’m so glad I stumbled upon your page.

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    1. I don’t know how to thank you about this golden comment, but you have too the same touch, because I did read some of your blogs, it was also fantastic, it depicts the reality, once again thank you for taking the time reading blog, and giving the feedback about it, Daodeqi!🙂

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