TV is good and makes more enjoyable! 

Some people believe that watching TV is good and makes life more enjoyable; others, however, think it is a waste of time. Do you agree or disagree? Give your own opinion.

There are a number of people believe that watching TV is something good and it makes life more interesting, while others counted it as a waste of time. I totally disagree with this Statement, therefore, I will explain in details why watching TV is important nowadays.

To begin, watching TV is one of means that makes people know about what is happening around them not just locally but around the world though. For example, there have been some channels introduce news about other countries such as; CNN, and BBC, these two are presenting daily international news from all the world. As it updates people about the progress of  countries, either economically or culturally. In addition, it gives opportunities to people to recognize traditions of other people.

However, it can’t be counted as waste of time, TV might be used to distribute education in Histroy as well. Furthermore, it has provided some special programs for children’s education, it could be like cartoon programs, as it encourages immature to adapt with the outside atmosphere.

Additionally, Some channels might build the thought of children to improve their ability needs in such fields. However, there are a number of channels have integral part in distributing people’s opinion to the world, so that other individuals could take it as advantages. Whereas, there would be special programs to develop mom’s ability about how to take care of their immature by sharing other people’s experiences alive via TV.

In brief, channels have more advantages than disadvantages.


9 thoughts on “TV is good and makes more enjoyable! 

  1. I believe TV is mainly for entertainment and to stay updated with current things that are happening around the world. I feel certain channels are more informative and there are others that are solely for entertainment. I think watching tv is okay if done in moderation. I think we can all sense when we’ve watched enough television to be able to shut it off when necessary.

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  2. I have stopped watching TV for the past 8 years I believe. Same goes with my wife as well, we spent our life with talking with each other.

    And we both scratch our time, I don’t know how people waste their energy, time and money on TV

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    1. Your views are utterly amazing, I guess that it is the best way you do! In turn, you can make a strong relationship with your family and maintain a good type of mutual thoughts between both sides, in addition discussing about how life goes between each of you, which it may stimulate into positive prospects! However, I am so grateful for your comment over here, colors of my life!🙂

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