Time, the immobiliser

We are responsible about our obstacles, because we create it.

Time can be our biggest enemy, we try to reclaim the past. We avoid the pressures and the challenges of today, and we worry about what the future may bring. Time flies it is like ” the guy who’s still pining to his ex wife, waiting for day she returns ( it has been ten years). ”

All we truly have is now — today! The past is gone, and the future has yet to arrive. Living in either the past or future causes you to lose the now.

Now is when you can make a difference in your life, not the past or future. Now is where you find happiness and inner peace. Now is where you enjoy what the universe has given you — family, friends, and whatever brings you joy. They may not be there tomorrow. NOW is the place to plant seeds for tomorrow’s success.

Finally, make your notes, write down your thoughts and then, revise it. because it will help you succeed to live your present and your now.

11 thoughts on “Time, the immobiliser

    1. Hooray welcome back for visiting my blog again, happy to read your words again, hope you doing great so far. I think you are busy these days. Thank you for passing by and putting your nice compliment over here😊

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    1. Hi Mainpaperpusher, how are you? Glad to see you in here again. I am so flattered by being here once again. Yeah you right we have to live it by this, or else we gunna lose a lot of great opportunities 😉😌 stay blessed

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  1. Living in closed rooms is the best inddeed…
    The past has gone..the future is unknown..the present is a gift..we should thank God for it..
    Nice post..

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